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It wasn't my first. He wasn't my first. K.C. was, my ex-boyfriend. I dated him a little in my freshman year and then became the real package in sophomore year. He was very sweet and brought the less studious girl out of me. Although, K.C. was a troubled kid. He lived in a group home. He never told me why. K.C. didn't really like sharing his past. He said the present was all that mattered.

I should have known that he was cheating on me. He would always cut our study dates short saying he had a 7PM curfew at the group home. I kind of always knew he was lying but I guess I just wanted to believe he wasn't. On the outside we were the perfect couple. I guess at the time that was all that mattered to me.

Then Jenna Middleton transferred to our school. I could see in K.C.'s eyes that he already knew her the first day she came. And later I found out that she was the other girl. Or I was. K.C. had cheated on me but I refused to label him untrustworthy. I should have listened to Alli but at the time I was in love.

A week after I found out about K.C.'s scandal we were still together. I gave him my virginity knowing he had cheated on me. I was so stupid. Sex with K.C. was painful especially the first time but I enjoyed the intimacy. The feeling that someone actually loved me. K.C. got caught shop lifting a month later and was sent away. I didn't even break up with him. He broke up with me. Somehow Jenna and me became friends after that. I don't really know how.

Sex with Eli was different. Way different. Unlike with K.C. it was pleasurable and I felt free. Although, after I felt dirty. Like I was just one of those sluts Eli fucks. I'm not denying I had good time and that Eli helped my problems go away. It's just like in the spur of the moment it was fun but the aftermath made you rethink your decision.

I lay next to Eli naked in his bed. We were just inches away and he was breathing deeply. I looked up at ceiling. Man, I was in some really deep shit. I had just slept with my most hated person who also was the man-slut of the school. And not to mention called me a Duff.

"Wow, I mean, wow. That was something." Eli huffed. He turned to look at me and smirked. Ew. I can't believe I slept with him.

"I have to go." I said getting out the bed and rushing to put my clothes on.

"Aw, really? I kind of wanted to go for a round two!" Eli whined. He rolled out the bed and put on his boxers.

"I'm surprised. I thought you be ashamed that you screwed a Duff." I muttered picking up my backpack.

"Never. Sex is sex. Doesn't matter who it is with, it's always enjoyable for me." He said seriously. "But I'm surprised by you. I thought you hated me."

"I do."

"You must not hate me that much. You practically threw yourself at me." Shit. He was right. Was I actually starting to tolerate Eli? May be. But he didn't need to know that.

"I hate you alright. It's just, like I said earlier, I was using you. You of all people would know." Eli's smirk dropped for a second. It was like I had figured him out. I smiled. Man, I was sick. Happy that I almost broke Eli. "I thought I would never say this but I enjoyed it. But if you tell a fucking living soul I will cut your balls off and make you watch! Clear?"

"Ouch. Fine I won't tell anyone but the whole football team, oh, the power squad, and, oh yeah, the whole school." He joked. I kicked him in the shin and whelped.

"Okay, okay. I won't tell anyone, Duffy." He said sincerely.

"So tomorrow then." I said and walked out of his bedroom. I slowly walked down the stairs and looked at the family portraits. There was the one the looked to be taking at the least ten years ago. Eli's hair was like a dirty blonde and he was standing next to this girl. Her hair was cut real short and she had big blue eyes. I never knew Eli had a sister.

I then looked at the two adults in the picture. Eli's mother was a very thin woman with striking green eyes and long blonde hair. She was very pretty. Insanely actually. His dad on the other had was average looking. His hair was curly and black and his eyes were an ocean blue colour. I've actually never seen Eli's parents in real life. I guess there so busy they never attend school plays and concerts.

When I got home Dad was passed out on the couch and broken plates decorated the kitchen floor. My Dad must of gone drinking early tonight. I never thought I say this but thank God I was at Eli's.

I walked into the kitchen a swept up the dismay. I was use to it by now. Cleaning up after my Dad. And in exchange he would not mention his drinking to me. I knew that I should probably call mom but really what could she do. Last time she tried to control Dad's drinking things go out of hand. Way out of hand. And anyways she is the source of the problem.

After cleaning up the mess I went upstairs to my bedroom to read. I had just gotten into a good part of the book when I received a IM on my laptop. I ignored it for a while but then got tired of hearing that bing noise. Er. I opened my laptop up. It was from Alli. Typical. I told her I was going to Eli's afterschool and she wanted the full report. Of course.

NothingLikeAlliB: Hey

NothingLikeAlliB: Clare?

NothingLikeAlliB: Are you there? I want the full report!

NothingLikeAlliB: You better answer me right now Clare!

ClareBearForever: Ok, I'm here.

NothingLikeAlliB: So how was your study date with ?

ClareBearForever: First of all it wasn't a DATE and second of all Eli is not sexy!

NothingLikeAlliB: Sounds like you're in love! So what happened? Did you kiss him again?

ClareBearForever: Wait, how did you know I kissed him a first time?

NothingLikeAlliB: I hear stuff. Eli is a gossip magnet. I'm little upset you didn't tell me though.

ClareBearForever: Sorry. Sorry. I'm just going through a lot of stuff right now.

NothingLikeAlliB: You alright?

ClareBearForever: Yeah, I just don't want to talk about Eli. I hate him.

NothingLikeAlliB: Sure you do. Anyways, let's talk about Drew then.

The real reason why I didn't want to talk about Eli wasn't because I hated him. The exact opposite. I was sort of starting to like him. And if we talked any longer about him I knew Alli would be able to break me down and find out I had sex with him. I couldn't let the happen. Alli would think I'm a slut. So I endured an hour of her rambling on about Drew's "sexiness".

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