Life Found After

Based on Stargate: SG-1

A follow-up to Finding Life After

- . - - - . -

41 months Post-Earth

He hadn't so much proposed to her as they made a mutual decision that they wanted to get married; they wanted to be married.

It had been the middle of the night and they had just pulled their clothes back on after some sweet love making and were making themselves comfortable. Even after being home for about eight months, they were still in the sleeping-practically-on-top-of-each-other stage of their relationship.

After much moving around to find the exact comfortable position, they just breathed for a moment. "Hey," he had asked, breaking the silence, "Do you want to be married?"


"To me, I mean."

"What?" she repeated. "Where is this coming from?" She sat up, looking at him in the darkness.

Jack didn't sit up, just looked up at her. "You know when we were on -391 last week? Well, Kaylos said something about you. And I said 'Who' and he said 'Your wife.' It didn't occur to me to correct him until later. I mean, we're not married."

It took her a few minutes to answer him. He knew he had just completely shocked her with the topic. "Um," she thought aloud. "You're right," she replied, something akin to confusion in her voice. "Who would do the ceremony? I mean . . . We don't have a priest."

He shrugged. "We can make up a new wedding ceremony. You know, we keep saying that we're trying to invent a new culture and everything."

She smiled and laid back down, her head on his chest. After several minutes, she spoke again, "Are we engaged?

He chuckled. "I think we are."

"Sweet," she said, mocking him slightly.

He kissed the top of her head and fell asleep.

Now he and John were getting ready to go to a bazaar on one of the friendly planets. He stood near the stargate as Sam kissed John goodbye. John then hurried up to him and held both his arms straight up. Jack picked him up, settling him on his left side. He was carrying his gun on his right.

Jack was determined to properly expose his son to firearms. He wasn't going to hide them like he had in the past. He wasn't going to make them a mysterious object that only grown ups got to understand. No, he was going to make sure his son new they were dangerous even with training and instruction. Jack had learned from his mistake and was not going to repeat it.

Jack paused at the event horizon. John reached out and poked it, like he always did. Jack smiled, he always stopped to let John do it because it reminded him of the first time Sam went through the stargate.

He stepped through the stargate with a number of other people, all taking a day trip, of sorts. Their small group headed towards the bazaar not too far from the 'gate. He asked the first vendor he saw where he could find a tailor or a seamstress. He said he was looking for a dress.

The vendor eyed him and his son curiously. Jack smiled nervously. "It's for my wife," he explained. As soon as they were "engaged" they decided to refer to each other as "husband" and "wife" instead of "fiancé." After all, the only reason they weren't married was because Doc and Daniel wanted a huge to-do about the wedding. He agreed when there was talk of cake.

The vendor gave him directions and they went on their way, stopping along the way to look at things that caught John's eye. There were a few particular items which really interested him. The only way Jack could pull him away without too much of a struggle was to remind him that they were getting a dress for Sam.

They found the tailor. He greeted the elderly gentleman. "I'm looking for a dress for dress for my wife," he said.

The tailor smiled. "Excellent. What are you looking for?"

Jack shook his head, setting John down. "I don't really know."

"I've got several examples set up around and there's a sketch book you can look through. If you get an idea, just let me know and we can work out exactly what you want."

Jack nodded and started looking around. There were a few things strung up around, piles of fabric, and several large books. He crouched down next to his son, "Alright, Cadet. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is find something for Mom."

"Pretty dress for Mama?" John asked.

Jack tapped John's nose with his index finger. "Exactly."

Jack started thumbing through one of the piles of fabrics. Nothing really caught his eye. He didn't really know what he was looking for, but he knew it wasn't what he was seeing.

"Daddy!" John called him excitedly. He grabbed his pant leg and tugged.

"Find something?"

John nodded and pulled his father. Jack looked at what his son had found. It was white lace over light blue fabric. It was just what he was looking for. "Good job, Big Man," he ruffled his son's sandy blonde hair.

He called over the tailor and showed him the fabric. They then spent time deciding on the style of the dress. From the extremely vague "fitted up here, loose down here" description Jack gave him, the tailor quickly sketched up something that matched Jack's vision perfectly. A somewhat fitted dress, made mostly of a solid white fabric, but with a big center of the blue and lace his son had found.

"What do you think?" Jack asked John.

John nodded. "Pretty dress for Mama," he decided.

"Okay, when can it be ready?" Jack asked.

"Two things first," the tailor said. "First, there is the matter of payment. Second, I need your wife's measurements."

Jack stared blankly. Measurements? Ohhhhh. "Well," he said, "she's about this tall," he held his hand up.

The tailor gave an exasperated, ever-suffering sigh.

"I've got them," a voice from behind him said. He turned to see Doctor Fraiser.

"Doc to the rescue!" John said.

"That's right, Doc to the rescue." She had in her hand a pad of paper. "I've got her measurements," she said again.

"Thanks, Doc," Jack said sheepishly. How could he have forgotten that? It hadn't even occurred to him that the tailor would have to tailor the dress.

She smiled. "Anytime. Why don't you and John walk around. Then you can settle up after we've figured out the measurements."

"Thanks, Doc," Jack thanked her again. He swept John up into his arms. Doc Fraiser had just made the save. He'd have to make sure to get her something, or something.

- . - - - . -