The bells rang loudly through the town, many bustled towards the palace. It had been a year since Lukas returned back to the kingdom. It has been a year since Lukas overthrew the king that sat upon the throne by revealing things that shouldn't be in the light. With the help of Andersen and the support of the citizens, Lukas stood up against the tyranny of the king and brought down the cruel reign.

Today was the day he becomes the new king. Many rejoiced the return of their former crowned prince as they had lived in misery under the previous king's rule. Lukas paced the room, worried and nervous. "Lukas…." Andersen said, but his call was unheard by the pacing male. "Lukas," he said again, approaching the male. "Lukas!" Andersen said, laughing, catching the man in mid-pace. "Wh…Huh? Andersen?" Lukas looked up startled, "Since when were you here?" he asked. "A while ago," Andersen laughed, "Calm down. You'll do fine." Andersen kissed the top of Lukas' head. "Mm…" Lukas replied, "If you say so." He replied. Andersen laughed, "I know so, come on, and it's time for us to go." He guided the to-be king to the citadel.

Lukas knelt before the altar as the priest said the vows and oaths. Lukas responded strongly and honestly. The crown was placed upon his head and he slowly stood to turn to the citizens. He opened his eyes and smiled, "Thank you all so much!" he called. There was a loud roar of happiness and gratitude, Lukas was overwhelmed to the point of tears. Andersen, Berwald and the rest of the royal army knelt before Lukas. "We pledge to serve you to the ends of the earth and back. We pledge to stand by your side in the time of need and in the time of crisis. We pledge to forever and always remain loyal to you and only you," Andersen said, his voice ringing through the citadel. To Lukas, hearing Andersen pledge to him was like hearing a marriage proposal. "And I, Lukas Bondevik, pledge to shelter you from any harm, to ensure that you will always return to the kingdom safely and forever and always keep my trust in you." He replied.

The day wore on with celebrations and congratulations. When night fell, Lukas retreated from the celebratory party into his own room. He sighed, kneading the bridge of his nose. "Tired?" Andersen asked, opening the door to join Lukas. Lukas gave him a weary smile, "I've been locked in a tower for a long time…It's been a while since I had been in such a large crowd," he replied, "Its overwhelming,' he continued. "Mm…Yeah, you'll get used to it," Andersen embraced Lukas. Lukas melted into the embrace and stood there, "I hope so," he mumbled. "So, your majesty, what do we do now we're away from the chaos outside?" Andersen asked.

"Mm…I don't know…" Lukas said, looking up at Andersen. Andersen leaned down and placed a light kiss on Lukas' lips. "Are you seducing me, your majesty?" he asked. "No…I believe you are, Sir Kohler," Lukas replied. Another kiss but this time it was deeper. A quiet moan escaped Lukas' lips, a chuckle from Andersen. "Shall we move to the bed, you majesty?" Andersen asked. "Yes…Sir Kohler…" Lukas answered. Lukas was swiftly picked up and moved to the large bed.

Clothes were quickly discarded and frantic kisses were placed. Andersen kissed Lukas' pale neck and left butterfly kisses downwards, leaving small bit marks on the smaller male's chest. He tentatively licked once of Lukas' pink buds, earning a mewl of pleasure from his lover. Andersen tweaked the other bud with his fingers, a gasp escaped Lukas' lips. Andersen smirked and continued downwards to the navel. "An-Andersen…" Lukas breathed. "Yes?" the called man replied. "I love you…" came the response. Andersen smirked, "I love you too, Lukas."

Andersen stroked Lukas' hard member. Lukas arched in his back in surprise. Andersen licked the tip before engulfing the whole thing in his hot cavern. Lukas instinctively gripped Andersen's hair, "A-ahn!" he moaned. Andersen sucked lightly and licked, whenever he received a small tug on the hair, he knew Lukas was enjoying it and begging for more. "I-I'm coming!" Lukas warned, arching his back. "Then come…" Andersen said. Lukas moaned and came in Andersen's mouth. Andersen returned to face Lukas, licking the corner of his lips. He kissed Lukas' deeply before being pushed back.

"Lukas?" Andersen asked in confusion. "Let me do this," Lukas mumbled, he leaned down and licked the tip of Andersen's member. "Lukas, you don't have to do this…" Andersen said, caressing Lukas' face. "Let me do this…." Lukas frowned. "Mm, Lukas…" Andersen breathed as Lukas took his whole length into his mouth. Lukas bobbed his head up and down, trying his best to pleasure his partner. Andersen tangled his hand with his hair, "It feels so good." Andersen said. Lukas hummed and continued to do what he was doing. Lukas licked Andersen's length like a lollipop. Andersen tugged on Lukas' hair, demanding more from his lover. Lukas deep throated Andersen's length causing Andersen to moan.

Andersen leaned to grab and oil off the dresser. He covered his finger thoroughly and slowly slipped a finger into Lukas' entrance. Lukas gasped and stopped what he was doing, opening his mouth to protest which was silenced by Andersen flexing his finger. Lukas moaned and pushed back, trying to get the finger to go deeper. Andersen slipped in a second finger, causing Lukas to groan in pain. Andersen paused before continuing, searching for the sweet spot. He curled his fingers and accidentally brushed against the spot. Lukas called out in pleasure arching his back. Andersen inserted a third finger and stretched the entrance bigger. Lukas pushed on Andersen's arm to have the taller male take out his fingers.

Lukas stopped what he was doing and climbed on to Andersen. "What are you doing?" Andersen asked, amused. "Shush, let me do this…" Lukas said, aligning Andersen's length to his entrance. He slowly sank down, whimpering. "Careful…Take it slowly…" Andersen coaxed, supporting Lukas by wrapping his arm around the hips. Lukas fully sank down on Andersen's member. Andersen cursed, 'Fuck…I want to thrust in to him now…' Andersen took a deep breath, trying to retain patience.

Lukas got up on his knees, lifting himself up and then sheathing Andersen's member again. Andersen groaned in pleasure, Lukas threw his head back, moaning out loud. Lukas moved his hips faster and Andersen thrust up to meet the rhythm. "Ah! Ah!" Lukas cried out, punctuating each thrust with a staccato reply. "I-I…Andersen! I'm…I'm c-coming!" he cried out. "To-together," Andersen groaned. After another few thrusts, they both came. Lukas collapsed onto Andersen's shoulder, Andersen slowly pulled out and laid Lukas onto the bed. Andersen left to get the both of them cleaned up, he wiped Lukas' body gently then he joined his lover in bed.

In the background, fireworks set off. Lukas moved closer to Andersen, smiling, "I love you," he said. Andersen wrapped his arms around the smaller male and pulled the blanket over them, "I love you too, Lukas," he said, kissing Lukas' head. Together, they fell asleep in peace.