They are masters at hiding their gazes. No one ever sees. Just a few quick seconds, nothing more, nothing less. No one could ever know, it would break hearts; it's their secret to keep forever.

They left their hearts buried somewhere in the forest.

And then it happens, one of them slips. It was bound to happen. Ten years of hiding. Ten years of longing. It became too much to keep.

It's her wedding anniversary, a big party was insisted upon. God knows everyone was ecstatic when they reached the milestone (no one would ever have said out loud, but the bet had been on five years or less).

They are careful to stay far away from each other, very careful. But it's Ron's suggestion; "why don't you go dance with Harry." He thinks it's innocent enough, she knows better.

As luck would have it when she pulls him out to the dance floor their song comes on; the one they danced too so long ago, hidden away in the forest, before she suggested that they could stay there forever.

He takes great care not to look her in the eyes, for that would give it all away. They haven't been this close in forever. It was too dangerous, it is too dangerous. He can feel his own wife's eyes on him; they're burning into the back of his head screaming go on, I dare you.

They pull away at the same time and her eyes meet his. Instead of looking away like he knows he should, he holds her gaze. It's only seconds but it seems like hours, days, months…

It could have been us...

The thought dangles in the air between them, taunting them. Someone coughs, they realize all eyes are on them; everyone is looking, everyone knows.

Their hearts aren't buried in the forest anymore.