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" Annie being reunited with Walter in the afterlife"

"Where am I?" I groaned and slowly lifted myself off the ground. "Odd, was I just unconscious? Shouldn't my body be hurting?" I rolled my shoulders, checking for creeks that weren't there. "Not perfect?" I shook my head and looked at my milieu.

For some odd reason I was lying in a field of grass and colorful flowers. There were millions of different kinds: corn flowers, orchids, roses, dandelions, and so forth. How could there be so many in one place? I don't even think half of them were in season.

Besides the odd assortment of flowers, there was also a glow all around, as if the whole world was alight. There was an odd feeling all around me, as if there was something missing. But what? It took me a few seconds to realize. Air. There was nothing around to disturb the universe. There was nothing around to sway the erect plants at my sides.

But there had to be air- I was still able to breathe. or the first time, I looked over myself. I was wearing a long, fluid white dress. The cloth felt soft, like silk, but as light as air. My feet were bare and the calluses were gone. I pulled the dress's skirt up a bit and saw that all the scars on my legs and arms were gone. How could that be? If they were gone, then does that mean. . .

I raised a hesitant hand to my head. Brushing away my long hair, I felt both my ears. Even my missing ear had returned. I ran my hand over every inch of my face. All of my wrinkles were gone. I was youthful again. How the heck did that happen? This strange place continued to get creepier and creepier.

How did I get to this place anyways? The last thing I could remember was Ivan just about ready to kill me. "So I'm dead," I realized. For some reason, the prospect didn't bother me. In fact, a feeling of relief over came me. "If I'm dead, then that means I'm in heaven."

"A rather empty heaven," I said aloud, rising to my feet. The grass and flowers felt soft under my toes. Giggling, I wiggled them. Now I was turning into a little kid. I clapped my hand over my mouth and suppressed them. Now was not the time to be childish. I had to guarantee that I was actually in heaven. For all I knew, I was really in limbo, or purgatory, or hell.

When I suppressed the giggles, there was a gay noise in the background. More laughs in the distant, just a little ways ahead. Curiosity took hold of me and I found myself running to it. There were other people here. I wanted to see them. "But what if it's God, or Saint Peter? How could I ever face them?" Something in my mind told me to be at ease.

"There is nothing for me to be afraid of," it whispered. Gladly, I listened to it.

Just as I calmed, I came upon the people. There were four of them in total, two laughing as the others playfully wrestled on the ground. Where they were, there were no grass, only flowers. Small balls of lights- like fireflies -floated in the air around them. The sight made me feel happy, yet sad. It was like a portrait- there, but untouchable.

For a very long time, I just stood there, watching them. They seemed so happy. . . I wished for more than anything to join them. Even if it's just for a minute. Still, I didn't. I could not get my legs to move or my voice to utter a word.

One of the men, their faux fight finished, untangled himself and looked in my general direction. He was too far away to be seen clearly, but he seemed very familiar. The man stared at me for a moment. He said something to his companions before running over to me. As he drew closer, his features became more defined. Slender body, slick black hair, green eyes, rectangular glasses. He was- "Annie!" He immediately hugged me, pressing me close to him. I stood stiff. Since when was Walter so. . . loose?

I was left without words. He was so warm, the opposite of how ghost-Gilbert feels. The doctor took a step back and gave me his signature soft smile. Holding my hands in his, he slid something up my finger. "In my mouth?" he asked, laughing under his breath. I looked down and saw my long lost engagement ring on my finger. "Why would you put something like that in my mouth? If you wanted to have gotten rid of it you should had taken it to a pawn shop."

"You were dead," I replied, fondly twisting the ring between my fingers. Vaguely, I thought about how strange of a greeting this was. If two dead people met the in afterlife, you would expect something a bit more sober. "And I wanted you to get to the right part of hell." I looked up at Walter and smiled. "I'm sorry I took so long to get here-"

He once again took my hand, sternly telling me, "No, don't say that. I'm so proud of you for living such a long life. It could had been longer, but you were happy for most of it. That's what's important."

"Yeah." I looked down at the flowers surrounding us. "So we're dead now, right?" He curtly nodded. That was an action I vividly remembered him doing. I was good to see that he was still the same man. "What do we do now?"

"We can watch what happens on Earth," he said. "All we have to do is close our eyes and think about something we want to see." I immediately did so.

My vision shot down to the Earth and found Ivan. He was briskly walking into the room of a world conference. There was nothing off about him as he mechanically approached Heilrich. The nation placed the Iron Cross in his hands before calling the meeting to order. I brought myself back to Walter just as Lovino stood and loudly demanded where he got that.

"I guess my nano still cares about me," I said, smiling under my breath. I opened my eyes and looked at my fiancé. He looked the exact way I felt: so pure and so strong. "But I guess that he wouldn't want me spying on him," I chuckled. "None of them would. Especially Ludwig-"

Walter stopped my words by wrapping his arm around me. "They wouldn't mind," he said. "but-" He pointed at the other people. "There's a few friends who want to see you."

The three remaining people seem clearer now and I could make out their faces. There was James Fisher, looking younger and completely happy. Hand in hand stood two a couple. The first was a young man with blue eyes and neat blond hair. "Is that . . . my dad?" I asked, squinting for a better view. I have never seen him so young.

Walter nodded. "Yes, it is. The woman next to him is-"

"Mom!" I pushed my fiancé aside and ran to my mother. There she was, alive and dressed angelically in white garments. She turned to me, smiled, and readily allowed me to run into her arms. Her grasp was that long missed home I waited years for. There was never I moment in my life where I felt happier. I even shed tears of it.

Distracted, I never heard Walter when he said, "Welcome home, Annie."

"Prussia having that awesome family union thingy that he never got to have"

Holy Rome stepped inside of the restaurant. It was one of those casual ones with music and half-way-decent food. Yet, there was a warm, cozy feel to the place. "I guess that's why Italy wanted to eat here," he thought. Earlier that week, his ever precious Italy had invited him to lunch.

He didn't question why they were going to a restaurant in Germany, or why they had to keep quiet about it. But the empire didn't care. This date meant that Italy loved him- not Germany. The very thought of having Italy all to himself made his heartbeat quicken.

A waitress, one in her early twenties, approached him. She politely tapped his shoulder, saying, "Excuse me Herr, but are you Herr Heilrich Beilschmidt?" He nodded. "There is a man waiting for you in the private dining room."

Holy Rome's heart jumped even more. A private dining room? Italy reserved for them a private dining room? The possibilities of 'romantic endeavors' just increased. Rather excitedly, he asked, "Can you take me there?"

The waitress lead him through the labyrinth of tables and to a closed door. "He's in here," she said. "Call me or anyone else of the staff if you need anything."

He thanked her and waved her off. Well, here he was. The empire was not going to screw this one up. Italy and him were going to have the time of their lives. He firmly grasped the doorknob and pushed the door open. "Guten Tag, Ita-"

"What in Gott's name are you doing here?" Holy Rome paused in his tracks. That voice . . . it couldn't be. . . But, sure enough, instead of Italy greeting him, it was Germany. By the look on the man's face, he'll say that he also wasn't expecting him.

"What am I doing here?" The elder brother closed the door behind him and pointed a finger. "What are you doing here?"

Germany frowned, saying, "Italy told me to be here. The two of us were-"

"Going for a date?" Dumbly, he nodded. Holy Rome groaned. "That's not possible!" He exclaimed. "He asked me to be here. Not you!" They glared at each other for a long moment, daring the other to claim the impossible: Italy loved him, not the other.

"Guten Tag, my awesome bruders!" Prussia stepped through the wall of the room, throwing his hands up in the air excitedly. There was a large grin on his face and a happy glint in his eyes. "I'm glad you both could make it!"

"Make it for what?" Germany asked irritably. "I swear, if this is one of your pranks-"

Prussia flopped onto one of the dining room chairs. He rested his feet on the table and placed his hand behind his head. "The awesome me did no such thing," he said. "I just asked Italy if he could help me get you two into the same room."

Cute, innocent Italy tricked them? How did Prussia manage that? The answer was actually a lure of taking the other to an all pasta buffet. But they didn't need to know that. It would be much easier to believe that Italy had done it on accident..

Holy Rome remained still in his spot, not daring to join the other two at the table. "Stupid younger bruders," he thought angrily. "Always messing things up." Giving a long sigh, he hunched his shoulders. "And why are you here?" he asked.

The ghosted smiled broadly. "I'm here so that you can keep your awesome promise."

Both blonds gave him a crazy look. "What promise?"

A small notepad appeared in Gilbert's hand. In an intelligent manner, he flipped through the pages, looking for a specific note. "On the date of August 19, 1927, I met my older bruder, the Holy Roman Empire, for the first time since the Napoleonic Wars. Upon the time of his departure, he promised me, the once Great Kingdom of Prussia and later East Germany, that he, Germany, and I will have an awesome family reunion with beer and wurst." With a satisfying flick, the notepad was flipped shut and faded away. "And it will be an awesome one."

Holy Rome felt like an idiot. With everything that had happened, he had forgotten about that promise. How was he expected to remember something so insignificant? After all, not an hour after that promise was he captured and sentenced to twenty years of imprisonment.

"This is not the best time," Germany said, rising to leave. "They're talking about bringing down the wall. I need to be there for the decision-"

"One hour!" There was a desperation in the Prussian's voice. "Just be here for one awesome hour." His red eyes and lips pouted. "Bitte?" How could anyone say no to a look like that?

"Nein." Holy Rome turned and placed his hand firmly on the doorknob. "This is a waste of my time Prussia," he said. "I have better things to do." You could literally hear the ghost's heart breaking.

Maybe that was the reason why the youngest of them all rose to be the better person. He folded his arms and glared at the empire, saying, "I have other things to do as well, but I believe that one hour would not hurt anyone."

"Well you two can stay here and-"

"And what exactly do you have to leave for? What exactly is so important?"

The reason was to find Italy and woo him over. Get him away from someone like Germany. Why would Holy Rome's ever precious Italy love him anyways? He has caused two of the biggest wars in history. But it was not as though he could say any of that a loud. "It's important."

"Like what? Stealing other people's lovers?" Thus, the blond crossed the line and into uncharted territory. The territory of an angry empire.

Prussia's red eyes were wide as he tried to calm them down. "Now guys, this isn't very awesome-" Of course, he was ignored.

"Steal people's lovers?" Holy Rome asked as he marched angrily to the German. He roughly grabbed his shirt collar and pulled him to his feet. "As far as I'm concerned, that's exactly what you are doing!"

Germany ripped his arm away and continued to glare at him. His blue eyes were as dangerous as they were cold. "You forfeited your right to love Italy when you disappeared," he growled. "If you cared, then you would have shone your face."

The words stabbed at his aching heart. The smoldering embers of rage in his breast ignited completely. "I had no choice!" The older brother yelled, tilting his head up at Germany. "I was imprisoned for twenty year-"

"What about before?" The air around them grew silent. Both of them were panting, ready to wring each other's necks. The man went on, continually driving the knife deeper into the empire's guilt. "What about when France 'killed' you? Why didn't you show your face then? Why?" He stomped his foot loudly on the ground, and screamed, 'Why did you let the world believe that I was you? Why?"

Holy Rome stared at him, blue eyes wide with realization and shock. "So that's why he hates me," he thought, eyeing the tears pricking his eyes. "Not because of Italy, but because of me." He could not apologize. He had to maintain his resolve and defeat this sadistic arsch. Stiffly, he once again reached for the doorknob.

"Idiots." They both paused and turned to the middle brother. He was standing, crossing his arms over his chest and glaring at them. There was a glint of hurt and disappointment in his eyes as he pressed his lips together. Both paused to stare at them. Since when did Prussia ever look so. . . defeated.

"You are a bunch of idiots," he shakingly said. "First I lose my older brother to my best friend. For every single country out there that could had died, it had to have been my bruder. Damn, I was so scared . . . so Germany, when you came around, I tried to set the world right and do everything I can to keep you alive. But I screwed everything up to the point where you're nothing but annoyed with me. After years of bearing through the loneliness, I find out that you're still alive and that I was being an ass for no reason. For a moment there, I had really hoped. I hoped that I could hug you both and that we could be this awesome family. But then you- Holy Rome -you disappear again! So years later, I'm no longer a country, West hates me, and I fail as a brother and let him get kidnapped by a bunch of humans.

You want to know something? I thought that I lost both my brothers for good. I thought I lost you all. I never got the chance to hug you or say one last goodbye. But then this great thing happens, you're both still alive. We could be that family we deserved to be. . . But you're both idiots; neither one of you see that. Neither one of you see how lucky you are to have each other." Prussia determinedly marched up to Germany and waved his hand through his head, sending a chill down the brother's spine. "And I can't even touch you. I can't even get that one last hug."

The blonds exchanged shocked glances. When had Prussia ever felt this way? For decades, he had seem so happy- always grinning and laughing at other's misfortunes. How could such a man actually harbor such a tragedy inside of himself for so long and speak not a word of it?

Hunching his shoulders, the ghosted sighed and stuffed his hands in his pockets. "You both can go," he said, defeated as he sulked closer to the door. "It was foolish of the awesome me to believe that you actually would care."

Holy Rome stood like a statue as his younger brother drew closer. His head was hung low, and his platinum blond bangs shielded his face further. He momentarily paused in front of the empire before simply stepping through him.

Prussia was gone before the chill left Holy Rome's body.

The remaining men in the room- one empire and one country -stared at each other. They said nothing, but the look they shared was mutual. They silently agreed on their next move.

Prussia dragged his feet on the ground as he approached Germany's front door. More than anything in the world he wanted to go to some bar and get dead drunk. But bad news for him: he couldn't even grasp a tall glass of nothing. It would be pointless to flirt with some random chick since his hands would just go right through her chest. Literally.

Groaning, he walked right through the closed door and into the living room. Might as well just return to the basement. . .

"You're late!" He glanced up and saw Holy Rome standing at the doorway to the kitchen. There was a ticked, yet humored look on his face. He knew something the ghost didn't. "We've been waiting for you for the past two hours."

Prussia blinked. 'We?" he asked dumbly. "Who's 'we?'"

Right on cue, Germany's voice rang from the kitchen. "Bruders! The wurst is ready!"

Now he was really confused. Germany and Holy Rome were making wurst? And they waited for him? What in Gott's name was going on? Those two never stopped arguing long enough to have a civil conversation, let alone make wurst.

"Come on." Holy Rome smiled and beckoned for him to join them in the kitchen. "We have the best beer possible for this occasional." Prussia stood stock still. Does this mean- "Seriously bruder, you need to hurry your arsch along."

A grin drew on his pale face. "Keseses~!" He exclaimed. "You two are awesome!" He readily walked into the kitchen, thinking only one thought to himself.

"Well Fritz, I guess I got my wish."

MW: I have to explain this to you all. Back when I kept Prussia alive, I had this version of the epilogue where everyone is okay in the end. If this was cannon, then this would had taken the place of the Graveyard scene last chapter. I kept it for the simple fact that there were a few things about this I liked.

We kind of see everyone who was involved in the story one last time. There is also the scene where Annie, Francis, and Lovino and looking through the conquer list and a few funny lines. Overall, this version is a lot happier than the other one, but I wouldn't have done it differently.

Without further ado, here it is.

~Extra: An Epilogue Where Prussia Wasn't Dead~

April 7, 1944

Arthur's Mansion

"I will never be able to look at needles the same way again," David said as Yao drew blood from his lower arm. We all sat in one of Arthur's many richly decorated parlors. The past days have been slow and hectic at the same time. All the nations were either recuperating from the fight, helping the Brit sort out the criminal charges, or fighting their boss to allow a few more days of rest.

Arthur scowled and continued with his embroidery. "You only had your blood drawn once," he snapped. Yao had taken samples from all the captures nations and discovered earlier that day that they all were infected with the poison. We both found it reasonable cause to be in a bad mood. "I had my blood drawn five times. Holy Rome probably had even more."

My brother pouted. "Aw, come on Artie," he whined. "Do you really have to be so mean?"

"Don't call me Artie!"

"Enough- aru!" Yao demanded, placing the syringe on a metal plate. He picked it up and turned to me. I sat at the couches with Lovino and Francis. We were scouring the Frenchman's conquer lists for my family name. "It'll take a few days for the results to come in," he told me. "But I can almost guarantee that David has both their bloods- aru."

I thanked him and returned to the books. Yao had already figured out that David would heal at any injury, though is still susceptible to disease, aging, and (most importantly) death. I was impressed- both he and Vash had worked together all night to create an antidote for the poison and finally distributed it an hour ago. Already, Lovino was looking like his usual grumpy self. I continued to search the pages. It was amazing what the Asian could do.

"Found it!" Francis said. He placed the book at the center of a coffee table and pointed to one name: Elizabeth Mary Aston Henson. I searched for the name on our copy of my family tree. Sure enough, there she was, marrying into my family all the way back in the 1700s.

"Wow, that's a long time ago," I said. "I'm amazed you're blood stayed in my family for that long."

"I'm not." Lovino gave a small huff. "Half of Europe descends from the wine bastard."

The man in question smiled. "And I'm proud of that fact." He leaned into the couch cushion and gave me a mischievous smile. "So Annie, how about you and I have a little grand-père et petite-fille bonding time."

I frowned as Lovino looked ready to burst at the other man. "No thank you," I said. "Your family bonding time probably involves me taking off my clothes."

"It'll be fun~" he sang, giving me a hopeful look. Creep.

David perked up. "Fun?" He reappeared, giving a goofy smile. "I want to have some fun with my Nanos!"

Lovino growled, "Don't fucking call me that."

"Watch your language! Children coming through!" Alfred yelled as he and Kiku arrived. For some odd reason, both men had taken to playing with my niece and nephew. As we speak, Edward sat on the American's shoulders, joyfully playing with his cowlick. Caroline held onto the Asian's hand before she let go and dashed up to Arthur.

"Look what I got Mr. Kirkland!" She exclaimed, holding a daisy for him to see. "Is there any fairies on this one?"

The blond smiled and took the flower from her. "There aren't any fairies on this one," he said. Before she could frown, he added, "However, flying mint bunny does love the smell of daisies. Why don't the two of us go give it to him?" She squealed happily and followed the fatherly man out the door, dragging her poor brother with her.

Alfred watched them go, smiling warmly. He placed a strong arm around Kiku's shoulders and gave a content sigh. "Hey Japan, let's have bastard kids together."

His lover gave a shocked look. "I do not know what you mean America-san," he said. "Could you please explain yourself better?"

The hero gave his obnoxious laugh. "Sure thing! This is all we have to do: we go have sex with two different people. They get pregnant and we hook their children together and voila! We have bastard kids! It's kinda like what France and Romano did."

"Are you implying that I purposely had a child with that bastard?" My Italian grandfather yelled, turning red in the face. It was from anger, not embarrassment. I think.

Francis laughed and slipped his slimy hand where hands should not go. "Why don't we try it the traditional way?" he slurred, leaning in. David covered his eyes, declaring his grandparents to be freaks. He'll get use to it . . .eventually. . .maybe. . .

Before the fight could escalate any further, I stood and made a fake excuse of wanting some sleep. But instead of heading to my quarters, I traveled down the opposite hall with no set destination in mind. Along the way, I ran into nation after nation, each either waving or ignoring me.

I saw Norway recuperating with Matthias. The taller blond smiled and gave me a thumb up before returning his attention to the younger man. I smiled back and continued on.

Sadiq sulked at a door way with Gupta and Heracles at his side. He was not happy on how our fight earlier turned out. When he saw me, the nation tried to raise his fist, but both men held him back. "I'm going to kill you someday jackass!" he yelled as I walked on.

I turned and gave him a small smile. "And I'll be waiting," I returned as I gave a mocking bow. Walking on, I ran into Antonio and Vladimir. Both were on their way to give Lovino a huge box of chocolates each. The Spaniard's form of a gift; the vampire's form of a joke. In order to avoid Ivan in his attempts to find Yao, I found myself heading to the first floor.

Going down the marble stair case, I saw Roderich and Elizaveta sitting on the bottom step. They held each other's hands, tearfully trying to reconcile their broken marriage. The woman smiled at me, but the ex-husband gave me a stern frown. Well, I guess I can't have everything in the world.

I entered the kitchen. Vash was on the phone with Lilli, trying to explain to her what had happened. Matthew was at the stove and- for some reason -cooking a huge stack of pancakes at nine at night. His cousin, Michelle, sat eagerly at one of the counters, waiting for some food to accompany her ruby wine. Tino sat by her, having a one sided conversation on the next Christmas party with Berwald. His husband would give grunts in reply, though I swear there was a smile on his face. In a corner, Feliks was cooing over a sparkly pink outfit he forced on Toris. Poor guy.

At the table, Ludwig and Heilrich (Holy Rome's human name) were having a static filled argument in German. That was one thing I found out: the empire has no idea how to speak English. Lucky for me, he can speak decent Italian, but he often forgets and addressed me in his native tongue anyways. I just found it easier to avoid conversing with him.

Feliciano stood between them, a distressed look painted on his smiling face. I would say that the two men were arguing about him. Still weak, Gilbert sat across from them and gave me a large smile and a wink before returning to his job as referee.

I poured myself a glass of water before taking a step onto the back poach. For once, the weather was not rainy. I could see the night sky and the stars that decorated it clearly. The full moon illuminated the dark grass expanding in front of me. The blades danced at the small breeze. I shivered at the chill before taking a seat on the ground. I lit myself a cigarette and took a long drag.

For a moment, everything was peaceful. The idyllic countryside eased my nerves down to a small dull. "What are you doing out here?" I glanced back and saw Ludwig standing by the door. By his expression, I could tell he lost his argument.

"Reflecting," I replied. "And before you can say it, yes, I know how cliché that sounds."

He chuckled softly and took a seat next to me. He took one of my cigs before asking, "What cliché topic are you reflecting on?" You know, it was nice when we were both too tired to be mad at each other.

"Everything." I took another long drag and looked up at the stars. "I find it hard to believe that it's all over," I elaborated. "Everyone who was involved in this is either dead, serving life terms in prison, or resting in this house."

Ludwig gave a long sigh and rested his chin in his hand. "You get the same feeling after a war," he replied. "After feeling all of your citizen's hardships for years on end, there is only this numbness left when it's over."

"Like you got use to the pain?"

"Ja, in a way."

We sat in silence for a long moment, enjoying the chill air around us. There was this damp smell in the air, like newly scattered dew, that mixed with the tobacco smelling smoke. We heard Michelle laughing at a joke and Gilbert cooing to his 'precious Italy'.

I gave another long sigh. "It makes me wonder what I'm going to do now," I rambled, forgetting who I was talking to. "After all this, how am I ever going to find anything remotely as fulfilling?"

"You can start by keeping to your contract," the blond replied, blowing a puff of smoke from his mouth. I was amazed- he said that with no hesitation.

I stared at him. "You mean-"

"Ja." Ludwig stood. "You are my maid and you will be till your contract runs out. Then you'll receive your exit visa." He smirked and threw his cig to the ground. It smoldered for a moment before he crushed it with his boot. "I'm not just about to let you run out on our contract," he added before returning to the inside.

I quickly called out, "Good luck with your boyfriend!" He gave a 'ja, ja' in reply, but paid no heed to me. I found myself smiling; he was going to kill me later for doing that.

Returning to my thoughts, I looked up at the stars. I could see the big and small dipper- the only two constellations I knew. I had my whole life ahead of me still; there had to be something I could do.

Perhaps when I am no longer a maid, the German would keep me around as an assistant or something. For maybe one of my new grandfathers would. Either David or I would raise Caroline and Edward and we can be a happy family.

Family. What a funny word.

Family is a group of people related to you by blood. In a way, I agreed and didn't agree with it. I use to hate my family. I despised them, but stuck by them since 'that is what families do'. I found a place where I belonged in the nations, just to lose it completely.

And in the end, it was my own family who saved me. David and Dad, they were always behind me. Plus, I was now related to two countries! I could stay.

But I couldn't.

I will age and die. The nations will stay youthful forever. I couldn't stay here and let them see that. I could image how painful it must be to see the flow of time go on without you. It must be terrible. So terrible. Plus there was Ivan's promise I had to uphold.

There really was only one way for this to end. I opened my coat pocket and pulled out my leather bound book. This thing damned and saved me. It almost seemed right to keep it.

"But it felt better ridding the world of it."

With that one thought echoing in my mind, I placed the crisp pages over my lighter. The flame caught easily and spread thickly. I dropped it and watched the fire eat away at the words, destroying the story of the HETA boy and his human friend.

The orange glow it created shadowed my face. I lifted my head up to the stars, trying to stop the tears before they came. "Are you proud of me?" I asked them.

The ghosts Mom and Dad's voices replied, "Are you?"

I poured my water over the fire. For the longest of time, I watched the smoke rise from the ashes and into the sky.

"I don't know yet."

~Questions and Answers~

Q: What WAS the badge that the Hetalia characters show to the officials so they could get by?

A: It was an I.D. with their human names on it. To the side, there was a symbol of a world held in the palm of God's hands. Apparently, when you began an officer, you learned that it you ever saw that symbol, then you better respect them.

Q: Did Grandpa Rome taught the "Heaven and Hell" and "Draw a circle, that's the Earth" to Prussia?

A: Grandpa Rome wrote the song and over time, the rest of the world learned it. "Draw a circle" was written by Austria as a lullaby for Chibitalia. It spread and soon everyone was making their own versions of it.

Q:How are America and Japan these days along with Austria and Hungary?

A: America and Japan are together. During the mid 1900s, they had a bit of a fallout, but they started to repair their relationship with the rise of electronics.

Austria and Hungary were very quickly able to hook back together. They always talk about getting remarried, but both of them are fine with what they have right now.

Q: Why does Germany keep breaking Annie's nose?

A: The first few times was just sheer logic, but over time I thought that it would be funny if it was a reoccurring injury. Poor Annie, her nose probably looks deformed by now.

Q: What is your favorite Hetalia character?

A: I really don't have a favorite. I have a list of likes and dislikes. But if I had to pin one character, it would have to be either Prussia or Romano.

Q: Do you like/read Hetalia yaoi?

A: Yes, but no lemons. And just Hetalia. Yaoi from any other series just does satisfy my needs.

Q: Do you like that heta-oni game?

A: Yes. I actually have watched every Hetalia game except RomaHeta. For any ToH fan, I'm that girl who gets all the top comments :D

Q: You got any in-person friends that watch Hetalia?

A: Yes. I have BFTL, SEK, the ToH girl, two of my sister's friends, three of my other buds, and my drama club president.

Q: If you had to pick, which country would be most like you?

A: Romano. He and I are the same, hence why I'm in therapy.

Q: What's your history grade?

A: Sadly, freshmen don't take history. Next year, I am taking AP European History though. But in an attempt to answer your question, I had an A last year for US history.

Q: Do you listen to vocaloid?

A: I used to be addicted to it, but not so much. Due to sheer laziness, I haven't removed half of my fandubers from my subscriptions, so I listen to the occasional English fandub (actually, as I write this now, Miku-Tan's version of "Romeo and Cinderella" is playing)

Q: What's your favorite place to shop?

A: Either the book store or Bath and Body Works. Clothing stores scare me.

Q: What movie did you go see and wasted your money on cause it completely sucked?

A: Dinner for Shmucks. I saw it two years ago. It didn't get funny until the last twenty minutes and all the jokes were sexual. The worst part is that my sister and cousin loved it to death.

Q: What Hetalia country would you slap?

A: Holy Rome. *slaps* Why did you never come back?

Q: What Hetalia country would you prank call?

A: America. He'll be the only one to fall for it.

Q: What language would you like to learn?

A: I'm currently learning French, though I would also love to learn German, Italian, and Spanish.

Q: What country would you like to go to/live in?

A: Britain. I'm in Europe, yet I don't have to learn another language. Plus, they have Top Gear there.

Q: Your opinion on paint it white?

A: It was cute. The random scene inserts annoyed the crap out of me.


Firstly, I would like to acknowledge SEK for going out of her way to proofread this. You are awesome. Her and Blue also need to be appreciated for dealing with me for the whole 8 months it took me to write this.

Wikipedia and the Hetalia Archives were also a big help in answering questions on history and character personalities. Same goes with Google Images. Oh, how I love you internet.

Thank you mom and dad for not questioning me when I would stay up till late hours in the night to write. You fueled the flames of my fan girl needs. This, I know, is exactly what you didn't want.

Lastly, I would like to thank you, the readers. If you guys didn't review, draw your fan arts, or randomly mention me; then I would had lost faith in my ability to write. You are the reason this story ever came into existence.

I thank you all!

Je vous aime~!

~An Ending Letter~

Dear MidnasWolf of the summer of 2011,

You are sitting in your summer Algebra class, bored out of your mind. SEK just recently showed you the world of Hetalia fan fiction and you were amazed. See? Fan fictions are good. By now, you're boredom has gotten the best of you.

Hetalia. A story starts to formulate in your mind. It's rather cliché, but you write down the basic points anyways. Oh look, SEK is suggesting you write a fan fiction. You should, it's a good idea.

Unsure, you refine that idea you had. First of all, get rid of the freaking romance. Not everyone wants to read an OCXCannon story. After 8 different outlines, you write the story down and post it. You stare at the status option. Maybe someday, you'll be able to press "complete".

First chapter, one review.

Second chapter, a few more.

Don't lose hope because for some odd reason, your day dream is going to be worth it. SEK will start proofreading it and Blue will be supportive. You're writing is going to improve as well.

Oh look, you made a friend.

Hey, fan art!

More reviews.

Why does everyone like this story? There are so many flaws. But you just keep on writing! It'll be worth it.

Last chapter, over 100 reviews and nearing 50. Ha, well looky here. You guessed that this wasn't such a bad idea after all. Actually, you are kind of glad you did this. Now you're at the moment where you will be clicking the complete button. You never thought you will ever get to do that.

Well, everyone reading this is bored and I know you are. By now, you are probably ready to write your next stories. Hopefully, they will all be able to meet the stander this one made.

With Love,

MidnasWolf, March of 2012