A.N. Hello again, Beauty Poppers! I had forgotten just how much I love this manga. I know, hard to forget, right? But I was rereading it for the 3rd time and realized, hey, I miss you guys. Especially Narumi, the cutest guy evar. I've always had this idea, ever since I first read it, and have finally written it down. Woot! It'll be a two parter, with Kiri's thoughts next. So...


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The Reasons Why

The reasons why we fall in love.

Narumi tried to think of the reasons why he would ever fall in love with a girl like Puffy Head.

Seriously. All he could think was how was it possible for him to even have feelings for a girl who annoys him so. Much?

He didn't even like girls! This made apparent by the fact that he couldn't even touch one without breaking out in hives. Clearly, since his body couldn't handle them, his mind shouldn't be able to, either.

Girls ask him out all the time. Those girls were cute. They did all the cute things that Narumi never saw in Puffy Head.

(But why was he always waiting for her to do something cute? Ugh!)

Narumi was kept awake at night trying to figure out the reasons.

The reasons.

He only found a few. He could compile pages and pages for other girls, but for her, only a few.

Kazuhiko was right. When she smiled, that made some of the embarrassing things he did for her worth it.

Kazuhiko was right again. He could actually touch (...sigh...) Kiri without having a reaction. He also found that touching her wasn't so awkward. It was like when he was touching a girl to style her hair. It was natural. It was welcomed.

Narumi told himself that those reasons weren't enough for him to like her the way he did. It just wasn't enough!

So he thought of his one last reason. The only reason that would remotely want him to even associate with her in the first place.

Their dream.

They had a shared dream.

It wasn't much of a reason, he knew. Sharing a dream doesn't make you fall in love with someone. It could be a start, but it didn't make you head over heels.

Or so he thought.

Narumi, even if he could touch girls, wouldn't have gone with one anyways because he was always focused on his dream. His goal. It was his life, cutting hair. He didn't have time for frivolous things like dates and girls and such.

But then there was Kiri. Although she always denied it at first, she was just like Narumi. Cutting hair was her life.

Narumi sighed, his exhaustion from thinking about his reasons why coming to a close, he was able to finally fall asleep at night (with a smile on his face, te he).

His list might be short. It might be unreasonable. But it was complete, and it was enough.

Puffy Head (AKA, Kiri Koshiba), was an annoying, not-cute girl who made Narumi feel like touching her was normal. She had a dream, just like his, that takes over her life (just like his).

And, in that process, took over his, making their two lives mold into one.