One litre of gasoline, siphoned from a broken-down pork bean.

To that, slowly add in pieces of Styrofoam, ripped from the inside of a Pigmask's helmet.

Stir well. Continue adding Styrofoam until it reaches a jelly-like consistency.

Homemade napalm in five minutes. They don't call him Fuel for nothing.

"Now, I just need a lighter," he thought. This simple phrase makes Fuel sad. His dad's name was Lighter. He passed away a year ago.

Fuel finds a box of matches in the kitchen, and hurries back upstairs to continue with his experiment. He strikes the match, and lets it glow brilliantly for a moment before dropping it into his napalm. It explodes into a brilliant orange flame that is reflected in Fuel's brown eyes.

Fuel is home alone. After the pulling of the final needle and the collapse of New Pork City, he'd been living back in his cabin in Sunshine Forest, which had to be repaired multiple times to this date.

One time, nearly four years ago, it'd been burned down by the Pigmask Army.

Another time, about two years ago, it'd been struck by lightning. Also by the Pigmasks.

Fuel remembers the day he was trapped on the second floor of his cabin. Flint had to rescue him, bravely ramming into fallen pieces of wood to free a path to safety. They were both covered in soot afterwards.

He wonders how Flint's kids are doing. Well, kid, in the singular. Claus is dead. He hasn't seen Lucas in ages, either. Ever since Lucas returned to Tazmily, he'd been an emotional wreck.

During his reminiscing, Fuel realizes that the orange flame has spread from his bucket of napalm to the wooden table. He quickly returns to reality.

"Oh, shoot."

The table quickly becomes a bonfire, spreading to the floor and furniture. Panicking, Fuel tries to get to the stairs, but trips. When he gets back on his feet, the stairwell is blocked off by a curtain of fire.

In seconds, the entire room is alit. The air is filled with an acrid, black smoke. Fuel can hardly breathe, and he begins to lose consciousness.

The window. He has to get to the window. Opening it would only fan the flames, but the other option is suffocation. He doesn't make it. His mind fades in and out of focus, and then blanks out.


Fuel opens his eyes. Staring back at him are a pair of bright blue eyes on the face of an angel. The angel has blonde hair.

"Fuel, get up. Hurry."


A hand shakes him on the shoulders.


Everything is slowly returning to focus. The room is black, red and orange, like a fiery hell. Holding Fuel up is Lucas.

"You have to get up! The house will collapse."

Fuel tried. He couldn't. No oxygen, no energy. He shook his head weakly. "…can't."

Lucas looked around them. The house was already smouldering. Pieces of the floor and ceiling were crumbling to bits.

"Okay. I'll carry you. Hop on."

Fuel climbed onto Lucas' back and wrapped his arms tightly around Lucas' neck.


Fuel made some sort of noise to indicate "yes".

"Okay." Lucas gets up, piggy-backs Fuel down the stairs, and then out the door. Occasionally, he has to use his PSI to remove a piece of debris or an obstructing flame. Once outside, the two collapse into a heap onto the forest floor, Fuel on top of Lucas.

The forest air is cool and clean. Fuel takes a deep breath, and looks down to realize that he is lying directly on top of Lucas.

"Um, Fuel… could you…?"

Fuel flushed, but no one can tell. The two boys are covered in soot from head to toe.

"Oh! Sorry." He rolls off.

They lie down for a while, coughing out their smoke-filled lungs until nothing is left.

Fuel spoke first: "Lucas?"


"Thanks a lot. For saving me."

At that moment, looking at Lucas' soot covered face, a couple of feelings stir within Fuel.

The first is déjà vu. He'd been in this exact situation before.

The second is a strange sort of attachment that one feels when another person saves your life. Something like love.

"Oh," Lucas blushes, but once again, no one can tell. "No problem."

A/N: Weird pairing? Nah. According to Earthbound Wiki, Fuel is around 15, and Lucas is 12. That works for me, I guess, so long as I don't visualize Fuel as some pubescent teenager. Anyways, hope you enjoyed. Reviews are nice :)