For a move-in, there isn't much to move. All of Fuel's possessions are reduced to ashes, and he is only left with the clothes on his back. Which, coincidentally, are practically made of ash themselves.

"Stay right there- I'll find something for you to wear," Lucas says.

They are at Lucas' house. Fuel looks around the interior of the home. Everything is disorganized. The fireplace is dusty and unkempt. Clothes, books, and machine parts lay strewn on the floor. Drawers and cabinets hang half-open.

"Here," Lucas says, "This is my Dad's. I think it'll fit."

"Thanks," Fuel replies, taking off his own clothes. Flint's clothes are too big. Two inches of sleeve extend past Fuel's hands. The shirt's hem drops down too his knees. It looks like a dress.

Lucas giggles. "Close enough."

"Hardly. Say, Lucas, isn't your home a little… y'know… messy?"

Lucas tilts his head. "Huh?"

Fuel gestures at the room, raising his eyebrows. "I mean… I could help clean it up a bit if you want."

Lucas blinks twice. "Fuel… what are you talking about? It's spotless. I always make sure it's super clean, in case Dad ever comes home."

Fuel is taken aback. "But…"

Lucas cuts him off. "It's getting late. Let's sleep."


Fuel wakes up to the feeling of something heavy on his chest. His eyelids are heavy with exhaustion.


He opens his eyes and finds himself staring into bright blue ones. It's Lucas.

"Good morning, sleepyhead."


"Time for you to wake up. C'mon, we've got a lot to do today."

It's a beautiful day. The sun is shining brightly, the birds are singing, and off in the distance, the sound of ocean waves can be heard crashing against the cliffs. It is a scene reminiscent of Tazmily's old days – no pig masks or machines.

Many of the original buildings are already up. Lucas and Fuel enter one of them, the bakery, to pick up some nut bread and eggs. Next, they visit the Bazaar to pick up some clothes.

The owner, Thomas, greets them enthusiastically. "Ah, Lucas! I haven't seen you in a while! Like… a long while! In fact, I was almost sure… never mind. And is that you, Fuel?"

Fuel smiles. "Yup."

"Alright then, how can I help you two?"

Lucas steps forward. "Brother Fuel needs some clothes. And some soap."

Thomas raises his eyebrows. "Brother, eh? Brother? Fuel is your brother? Well, you sure like to joke now, right Lucas? Haha… of course, you can't just make anyone your br-"

Thomas stops dead in his tracks. The reason: Lucas is glaring at him with a look of seething, fuming anger.

"Fuel… is my brother. He's always been," Lucas says, barely parting his lips to speak. And yet, Thomas catches every word.

"Ah… well, of course. Haha…"

The rest of the purchase goes by in silence. Fuel buys two shirts, a pair of denim shorts and a set of pyjamas.

"C-come again!"

Lucas' mood lightens up the instant they leave the bazaar. "Yay!" he says, "Now you can finally change out of my Dad's clothes."


Days pass peacefully. Slowly, Fuel get used to his new home and Lucas, who is becoming more and attached to him. The more Fuel gets to know Lucas, the more he realizes that something isn't right. He can't point his finger on what specifically, but he knows something about the younger boy is abnormal.

It has been a week since the day of Fuel's move in, and the two of them decide to go to the beach. Lucas leads Fuel to a secluded beachside on the other side of Sunshine Forest.

"Why don't we just go to the one near town?"

Lucas continues to smile, dragging Fuel by one hand. "That one… that one's no fun."

The spend the day collecting seashells, watching crabs scuttle along the sand, and building a sand castle the vaguely resembles Osohe. By the time it's finished, the sun is high up in the sky and both of them have worked up a sweat.

"Lucas…" Fuel pants, wiping sweat from his forehead, "It's hot. Wanna go for a swim?"

Lucas nods. They remove their clothes, folding them neatly on the sand, and wade out into the blue sea.

"Brrrr! The water is freezing!" Fuel shivers, clutching his elbows.

"Haha. You'll get used to it if you just plunge right in. See, look!" Lucas submerges his entire body into the water and then resurfaces. "See?"

Fuel looks sceptical. "I think… I think I'll just walk in slowly and let my body adjust."

Lucas frowns. "Alright."

But as soon as Fuel is waist deep into the water, Lucas grabs his legs, dragging both of them into the cold ocean. Fuel resurfaces, gasping. "W-what was t-that for! ... hey… it isn't so bad now."

"Told you."

They continue out into the blue ocean, leaving the sandy beach behind them. Eventually, Lucas is up to his chin in the water.

"Want to go back now?" Fuel asks.

Lucas shakes his head. "No… deeper."

"You can hardly stand up as is."

Lucas frowns. "Carry me."


"Let me onto your back."

"Th- that's… I dunno. I probably can't lift you, you're really heavy…"

Lucas completely disregards this, climbing onto Fuel's back. The feeling of Lucas' bare skin on his own makes Fuel blush a little.

"Deeper," Lucas repeats.

So Fuel continues until he too is up to his neck in the water.

"This deep enough? Or should we just both drown?"

Lucas giggles. "No, this is enough. Let's just stay here."

They stay there for a while, the occasional wave gently crashing into both of their faces.

"Hey Fuel…" Lucas begins.

"What is it?"

Lucas wraps his arms more tightly around Fuel and puts his mouth next to Fuel's ear.

"I really love you."

Fuel almost drops Lucas. "Wh-what? Why all of a sudden?"

"I love you," Lucas repeats.

"Oh… you mean like a brother, right? I love you like a brother too," Fuel replies, avoiding dangerous waters.

Lucas is taken aback. "Ah… I guess."


When they return home, the two of them change out of their sweaty day clothes.

"I'm gonna go for a walk," Fuel says.

Lucas nods. "I'm going to take a bath, then."

Fuel leaves the house, letting out a long, drawn out sigh. There are too many thoughts buzzing in his head. Lucas' words still echo in his mind: "I love you." What was that all about? He walks around the grassy fields, letting the cool night air calm his mind.

There's no way he could have meant any other kind of love, is there? I love him too. There's nothing wrong with that. We're brothers. He even said so himself.

Slightly reassured, Fuel decides to return home. Before entering, he peers through one of the windows.

Lucas is naked, having come straight out of the bath. He spots Fuel's dirty, sweaty day clothes lying on the bed and picks them up. Then, Lucas looks around the room, making sure no one is spying on him. Very quickly, Fuel drops out of his line of sight, crouching under the window.

When Fuel decides it is safe to look again, he finds Lucas sitting on the bed, his face buried passionately in Fuel's day clothes.

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