disclamer i do not own spectrobes this is my first fanfic im going to add more to this chapter later on since i dont have all the details to fit in the flashback A figure underground rises and comes out in front of the patrolmen fighting a Rallen lookalike,

the figure has a mask seemingly made of hard spikes with blue coloring covering his face rydrakes horns on top of his head aeros evolved states wings on his back retracting into the figure, spikanors tail spikes on his legs, zozeneros and leozars faces on his sholders, along with some other spectrobe like features on his body but the figure is huminoid.

the figure while in the air says "I awaken" then 2 blue beams come from the figures eyes and hit the spectrobes working for the N.P.P. and they start attacking the patrolmen "so Jeena howve you been" . The figure (the betrayed) then pulls out a sword embedded with all the geos attached to a star like object and begins to attack the Rallen lookalike.

The rallen lookalike blockes with his own sword but is easely beaten however he manages to escape the betrayed.

The npp attempt to escape and the spectrobe master among them goes and tries to buy them time "Your the new spectrobe master dont make me laugh." Said the betrayed the 2 fight the betrayed succeds but they escape all the same he then teleports to a dark place and shoots an orb of blue light into the air and forms an image similar to the northern lights. "let the games begin