"I don't even know you anymore."

John watched as she turned to the sky. 'Do I stay here? Or go after Shayera? Or Mari?' This was hard. Staying meant he didn't care. Going after Shayera meant he didn't care about Mari. Going after Mari meant that he didn't care about Shayera. Looking at the sky he made the same choice as he did in his apartment. He dug in his pocket and pulled out his ring.

Searching the sky before him, he spotted Shayera as she made her descent into some alley. He was still far behind her as the rain began to fall. His heart stopped when he heard her scream and saw a flash of light. "Shayera!" John flew faster. When he made it, all he saw was a van racing away. In a panic he called her name. "Shayera!" He looked around for the van "Shayera! Damn it!" He kicked a trashcan. Touching his com-link he called. "J'onn. Beam me up. I think Shayera was kidnapped." With a flash of blue, he was up in space.

"Uhhhg." She moaned as she woke up in a dark place. "My head." She tried to move but her arms were locked at her side by a metal band. 'What the hell?' Suddenly light flooded the room. From her small bed she was sitting on she could see that the room was not too big and home to a small table and chair. There were no windows. Her breathing hitched. She could feel her claustrophobia begin to set in.

"Shayera! Darling, you're awake."

He looked at her and frowned. She wasn't looking at him. Her eyes were closed and she was hunched over, her head between her knees as she tried to get her breathing back to normal. His face turned to concern. "I'm sorry there're no windows. We'll be moving soon. This is just a quick stop."

Shayera looked up towards her captor. But as she saw his face her sarcastic comment died at her lips. "H...Hro?"

Her captor looked down at her. He was wearing a black leather jacket and black jeans. There was nothing covering his face. She could easily see his scar. His hair was still black, and his eyes were crazy and filled with rage.

"Yes Shayera. It is me. Surprised?" he asked with a sneer.

Shayera was shocked. "You're alive. But how? Where are your wings? And your helmet?"

"After the invasion, we went back to Thanagar. We fought as much as we could, but it didn't matter. To insure that the rest would be able to escape, I sacrificed myself. I didn't think that I would survive. But if I had to die, I'd do it willingly for my home. My wings? They were injured beyond repair in an explosion. My helmet?"

He had a faraway look as he remembered. "I failed Thanagar. I have no right to wear it."

"How are you here?" Shayera asked, her claustrophobia forgotten.

Hro looked back at her as if remembering that she was still here. "I don't remember much after the explosion." he sat down beside her on the bed. "I took refuge on a nearby planet. Then I came here..." he looked at her with a glare full of hate. "...to take back what was and still is mine."

As if someone had flicked a switch, his anger died. He reached out and stroked her cheek. "I had assumed that I would have to fight the lantern again, but clearly, he doesn't want you." Shayera narrowed her eyes at him but said nothing.

"Soon it will be you and me, just how it should've been." He stood up and kissed her cheek. She jerked away from his touch with a look of disgust.

"No one will look for you, they may not talk about it anymore but you are a traitor, and in their eyes you always will be. Tomorrow we leave." Hro turned the lights off and left Shayera.

After he left, Shayera laid herself down on her right side. 'Hro is alive. And he's kidnapped me. I really do have the worst taste in men.' she thought to herself.

"Damn it!" John roared as he hit the keys. "Calm down Lantern." Batman said. John looked at him. "How can I? Some bastard kidnapped her!" Batman had found out that a security camera showed the alley way where Shayera had been taken. Calmly Batman stated all the facts they had. "Obviously he was following her. He was the one that hurt her. And he's Thanagarian." John's head snapped up. "How do you know he's Thanagarian?" Batman clicked some keys and the video showed him attacking her. "His weapon had shocks. And the eagle crest on his chest gives him away." John merely glared at the screen. "I'll find you Shayera. I swear.'

So here's chapter 1 of story 3. What I'm thinking is that this will be the last story, of this series, but it will be longer than the previous 2. Hopefully, you all will stick with me(: Chapter 2 will be up soon(: