-8 years later-

"Rex! Don't you run from me!" Shayera yelled as she laughed. This was normal. Rex, running away when it was time for homework, and Shayera running after him. In the house, even though it was big, Shayera still couldn't fly in it.

"Never Mommy!" His laughter spread through the house and tickled Shayera. In reality, Rex didn't mind homework. He was a smart kid and the teachers all adored him. He just loved being chased more. She was about to yell back when Rex made the mistake.

It was the same mistake he made every time they played this game. Rex ran outside.

Ever since J'onn said it was safe for her to fly after giving birth to Rex, Shayera flew as often as she could with him. Being in the air quickly became second nature to him. Sometimes, he would fly with Shayera, sometimes with John, but his favorite time flying was at sunset with both his parents.

Even though he was young, Rex understood love. He saw it in his father's eyes when he looked at his mom. He saw it in his mother's soft smile whenever his father kissed her hand or simply held it. To him, they were the perfect couple. He always heard the same thought whenever his uncles and aunts talked to him about his parents. Uncle Wally said that he got them together; everyone knew he was lying but they all laughed. Aunt Mari would always smile as she stated that his parents were the best example of destiny. Uncle Carter, along with Shayera, would teach Rex about his Thanagarian heritage. When the two adults brought up the first Thanagarians who came to Earth, Katar and Chayera Hol, the two would share a knowing glance. Rex never asked because he knew they wouldn't tell him.

Uncle J'onn and Batman, he refused to be called uncle, spent time with Rex inside the watchtower. They simply taught him things he would never learn in school, such as the locations of various planets, or the correct way to fuse metal and make all sorts of gadgets. Along with Batman, Aunt Diana would almost always be with him. Around Aunt Diana, Batman smiled, whether they were at their house, Wayne Manor, or the watchtower. Uncle Wally would tell Rex about a dark, dark time where Batman was the brooding man he was today, but worse! He never smiled, and worked like mad. He never would give Diana the time of day. But Rex couldn't believe that.

Whenever they were all at Wayne Manor for a holiday or a party, Batman turned to Uncle Bruce, and Rex was exposed to more love. Like his parents, Uncle Bruce and Aunt Diana would sometimes move away from the crowd of guests to a lone corner of a room and simply be together. He'd see Uncle Bruce's smirk and Aunt Diana's full out grin as the two stood closely together.

It seemed that Rex was surrounded by family and love.

As soon as Rex ran outside, Shayera charged out the door. She could hear Rex's shriek of joy as he realized his mother had started flying.

"Hmm." She said. "I wonder where Rex could be." Even though she could see his feet as he attempted to hide behind a bush.

Rex laughed quietly in his hand.

Shayera flew up, up, and up into the air and soon disappeared from Rex's sight. He wanted to move from his hiding spot to see her, but he didn't dare move. If he moved, he lost the game. And Rex hated losing. To his left, he heard a twig snap and he jerked his head in that direction, just as Aunt Mari taught him. As Batman taught him, Rex kept his gaze towards the sound and walked backwards to blend in with the shadows.

In the shadows, Rex was reminded of a time Uncle Wally was babysitting him. To amuse Rex, Uncle Wally had done an impression of Batman. "I am the Dark Knight! He who must brood!" He put his arm horizontally in front of his mouth, acting as if he had a cape. "I hide from Amazons in the shadows so they cannot see me when they are angry I forgot an important date." Rex was laughing even harder now that he saw Batman had joined them in the room. If he weren't laughing so hard, he would've warned his uncle.

Wally laughed with him, still oblivious to the new addition to the room, and continued. "I have pointy ears so that bats will accept me. I use batarangs because I'm too cool for anything else. Who needs to fly when you have grapples?" Wally took on a thoughtful pose. "However, one thing puzzles me. How could anyone brood when they have this awesome stud as a friend?" Wally flexed and showed his muscles as Batman came up behind him.

"They can when they have to hear you talk."

Uncle Wally nearly jumped out of his skin and immediately apologized.

Back in the woods, Shayera decided to swoop down and grab her son. She dived down and aimed for her son. His back was towards her, but at the last moment, he turned and faced her. The grin on his face was contagious. As Shayera grabbed her son, she shot up and flew high into the sky. Rex screamed with joy and wrapped his arms tightly around his mother's neck. All of a sudden, a green flash appeared in Rex's peripheral vision.

"Daddy!" He screamed. His mother looked too. And again, Rex saw that love that was between his parents.

John got closer and flew side by side with his two favorite people in the world. "Hey buddy." John grinned.

"Hey Lantern." Shayera said. Her wing lightly tapped his arm.

"Hey beautiful." Shayera chuckled.

She readjusted Rex and held her hand out towards John. Naturally, he took it and held it as if she were the most delicate thing in the world. The family of three continued to fly as the sun began to set. To them, this was a family tradition that they would never grow tired of.

-3 years later-

"Hey Sweetie. How was school?" Shayera asked as she heard her son come in.

"Hey mom. It was fine. We had to write a paper on what we wanted to be when we grew up."

Shayera dried her hands and faced her son. "Well, what do you want to be when you grow up?"

Rex hung his jacket and reached for a cookie and a mug of hot chocolate his mom had prepared for him. "I want to be a hero. I have to do homework so I'll be in my room, ok?"

Shayera smiled and stopped him. "Any ideas for a superhero name?"

Rex stopped and looked at his mom. "I'm not sure yet." He grabbed a notebook from his book bag. "So far, I've drawn a sketch. I'd have a metal suit, maybe an axe or mace like yours, and the best part? I'd have wings and would be able to fly. The name? I'm still thinking. All I know is that I want the word 'Hawk' in it. Anyway, thanks for the hot chocolate mom." He kissed his mother's cheek and went to his room.

Shayera sat down at the kitchen table and looked at one of the drawings Rex had left behind.

The figure was muscular and in flight. His wings were black with a silver trim and spread in flight. He had long silver boots with a red trim, black pants with more silver, a silver belt, 'He sure likes silver.' , and on the hero's chest, was the symbol that represented Thanagar.

Behind her, Shayera heard someone take in a shocked breath.

"Warhawk." John whispered.

-5 years later-

"Mom! MOM!"

Shayera came crashing into Rex's room. "What?"

Rex shot her a dazzling smile. "It's done."

Over the past 2 years, Rex had become determined to be a hero. He had started to make a suit of his own, but even he didn't have the technological intelligence as the person he desperately wanted help from. Batman.

So, the two worked and worked. Rex refused to let Batman do any of the work. All he needed was advice and guidance when it came to doing something new.

Also, over the years, Rex had grown up so fast. He was 16 now. Captain of the football team, straight A student, and was of the most popular and nicest guy at his school. All the girls wanted him, and all the guys wanted to be him. But popularity wasn't important to him. Becoming a hero like his parents was.

"Oh Rex." Shayera said softly as she put her hand over her mouth. "It's perfect."

John slowly came to the room. "It really is."

There before them, was the suit that was familiar to both. To John, it brought back memories of a certain trip to the future, and to Shayera, it reminded her of that day 5 years ago.

"It's time." John said as he walked towards his son.

"For what?"


-2 years later-

"This is Lois Lane reporting to you live from the metro tower. Today, we have exciting news of a new hero. Warhawk. His identity is unknown, but one thing is certain, he is a hero that we want around for a long time." The camera panned out and stopped at a figure flying in the distance.

"Here he is now!"

The silver figure circled around the press and lightly touched the ground with his feet. Immediately, the press surrounded him.

"Who are you?"

"What does your name come from?"

"What are your powers?"

"Are you a member of the Justice League?"

"Where did you come from?"

The figure laughed. Low and deep. "I'm just a regular, normal guy. My name, Warhawk, comes from a super hero who has been my model my whole life. I know her as Shayera Hol. I-"

"You mean Hawkgirl? The one who betrayed the earth and her own people?"

Warhawk turned to the reporter who had interrupted him.

"I mean Shayera Hol. A member of the Justice League, a member of the original 7. A hero who sacrificed everything to save her adopted home. Anyway, to answer your questions, I'll be around for a long time. You should be able to find out all about my powers and abilities in time. And yes, as of today, I am the newest member of the League."

Behind him, the doors to the Metro Tower opened. Two heroes stepped out and came to stand on either side of Warhawk. The heroes werer the League's very own Shayera Stewart and John Stewart. Shayera put a hand on Warhawk's shoulder.

"It's time for our newest member to fill out reports of his mission and continue his training. Even though he is now a hero, he's still a rookie." She smiled and looked at her husband. "What do you think John?"

John smiled and faced the press. "No comment."

The crowd of reporters laughed and launched more questions.

"Mr. Stewart! Mrs. Stewart! How is your marriage?

"How is Rex?"

"What do you think of the League's new hero?"

John walked over to Shayera and slid his arm around her waist and pulled her close. Then he faced the crowd. "Better than ever."

Then the three heroes turned and walked into the Metro Tower.

"Don't think you're getting away with going on that mission. Your uncle Flash never should've taken you." Shayera said in a stern, but proud voice.

Behind her, John and Rex knuckled touched. John wasn't angry like Shayera. He was about to burst from all the pride. His son had saved the day, sure he snuck out of the tower with Flash, but in the end, he saved people. Just like his parents.

"I am glad that you're safe though. I'm proud of you." Shayera stopped and faced her son.

He was shocked to see tears in her eyes. He put his hands on her shoulders. "Mom."

"Oh!" She grabbed her son and hugged him hard. "I want you to stop growing this instant. But I know that you'll just continue to grow."

"We're proud of you son." John said. He stepped closer to his family and engulfed them into his arms.

Rex laughed. "A family of freaks. A Thanagarian, a Green Lantern, and a Human Thanagarian hybrid."

"No." Shayera pulled out of the hug and wiped her eyes. "We're a family of heroes. Us, and the League. And we'll always be there for each other."

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