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Light cackled maniacally as he wrote down the name. Lind L. Tailor. Too bad you weren't smarter, L. We could have had fun...

The screen flashed to a giant L, the sudden computer-manipulated voice bringing Light's joy to a halt. "I had my suspicions, but... I didn't really believe you could kill without even being there!"

Rarely did anything manage to catch the Shinigami King's eye. He was always monitoring the actions of his Shinigami. He had been the one to create them, and he held the secret to why they even exist.

He couldn't remember his own birth, but he did know that he had once appeared human. Now, however... he was a monster. A truly horrible sight to behold. If he had wanted, he could have retained his human appearance, but no one would respect him if he looked like the prey. So over thousands of years, he had slowly changed until he was an unrecognizable beast.

The first thousand or so years had been interesting. He created new shinigami whenever a worthy death note holder died, or took that death note holder as his pet. He observed his shinigami and killed or punished those that broke rules. He watched the human world with his all-seeing eyes, taking in everything at the same time.

Eventually, it just got boring. That was why he had 'been tricked' into giving Ryuk a second death note. He knew full well it was Sidoh's death note. He also knew that Ryuk wasn't like the other shinigami. Ryuk got bored. And when he got bored, he did whatever had to be done (minus breaking any rules) to alleviate his boredom.

So far Ryuk hadn't disappointed. Light Yagami was an amazing human, and The King was awaiting the day they would meet.

Unfortunately for Light, watching the human write names all the time and mentally babble nonstop, while interesting, was just too repetitive. He could wait for the detective L to make a move, but who's to say Light wouldn't just get caught and sent to prison?

No, The King would not risk his only source of amusement leaving too soon. He just had to figure out a way to make everything last.

He wasn't going to help the boy out if he got stuck in jail, nor would he save him from Death Row. He was not going to give L clues. The King had decided long ago that interfering so directly should not be done.

He went over his many powers in his mind, trying to pin point one that could be used to his advantage at the moment. He could take or restore life (though he only restored life if it was needed to keep the human race from going extinct, and thus the death gods), he could see everything all at once, he could manipulate souls...

As an idea came to him, something that might just classify as a grin tugged at the area called 'his face'. Yes, he knew exactly what to do.

L took a sip from his sugary coffee, staring intently at the screen before him. He sat on the floor before his monitor, examining a chart listing the deaths in the last month. He had checked it again and again, but it never hurt to keep looking. He would stay up all night again and examine everything, over and over and...

He fell onto his side, out cold and in the land of dreams.

Light had planned on staying up a few hours later than usual to jot down names in his death note. However, when his eyes started to burn, he placed his Death Note in his desk drawer and crawled into bed, instantly passing out.

L woke up feeling better than he had in a long time. Keeping his eyes closed, he cuddled into the soft bedding around him.

…bedding? L frowned. No, he had definitely fallen asleep on the hard floor. He was sure of that. Unless this was a strange dream. He pinched himself, wincing at the pain. Yes, definitely awake. Perhaps someone had found out he was L and kidnapped him. But that was impossible with all his precautions. Plus, who kidnapped someone and placed them somewhere nice and comfortable? He opened his eyes, giving up on guessing.

Moonlight filled an unfamiliar room, signifying that he had woken up before dawn yet again. If he had to guess, with the aid of the window's view, he'd say he was in a suburban house on the second floor. The room was spotless, with a desk, computer, and small TV. There was a bookshelf stuffed with nonfiction and classics.

Something was definitely not normal...

L pushed himself to his feet, looking around the room. His eyes landed on a book bag. It might have information on whoever had taken him here...

What an odd place to take someone. It was very difficult to believe he was a captive. But if not that, then what?

He turned the book bag upside down, emptying its contents onto the floor. Paper, a blue notebook, pencils, pens, a couple of books, a folder. He opened the folder, smiling triumphantly as he found homework assignments. The name on the top was Yagami Tsuki. It was a strange name, but he knew that parents sometimes got creative to an absurd extent.

It still didn't make sense. Why would a student kidnap him and leave L alone in the students room, on their own bed?

He stuffed the stuff back into the book bag, approaching the door with caution. He tried the handle... and it opened. He peeked left and right down the dark hallway, before deciding to go to the right. He found a single door cracked open, and peeked in. It was a bathroom.

Maybe he could find something to defend himself with in the medicine cabinet? He entered the bathroom, shutting and locking the door behind him before turning on the light. He turned to the mirror, where he figured the medicine cabinet was located... and paused with his hand in the air.

As he stared at the mirror, the face that stared back was no his own. Was this perhaps not a mirror, but an imposter copying his actions? Or maybe some video feed made by his captors to confuse him? He raised a hand, the teen in the reflection mirroring his actions, running fingers through silky brown hair. L trembled as he lowered his hand from straight, soft strands. That was not his hair. He gazed at his hand...

No, he was way more pale than that. This honey-hued skin couldn't be his! And those eyes reflected back at him...

L screamed.

Light grimaced as he started to wake up. Had he rolled onto the floor in the night? He hadn't done that in years. As it stood, all his body parts seemed to ache in one way or another. He opened his eyes, sitting up, and wondering how in Hell he had ended up in a hotel room, empty aside from a computer and himself.

Had he been kidnapped? Had he been discovered as Kira?

He sat up straight, wincing at the slight pain that caused in his back. He felt an unusual need to hunch, as if his back muscles couldn't handle the exertion of holding his back in his favorite straight position. He ignored the pain, keeping his back straight. He refused to slouch like a common slob.

He reanalyzed the room, taking in the door on the wall opposite to the one he was near. A window took up most of the north wall (Which was way too long. Why was the room so big? Definitely not a bedroom.) An open doorway led to who-knows-where. A cup beside the computer caught his attention. It looked like coffee. He scrunched his nose at the light color of it. Clearly whoever had been drinking it had added a lot of creamer or something. Light preferred black, and didn't see the appeal of coffee when the bitter flavor was lessened.

He was about to get to his feet when the computer screen flashed, a giant L appearing on it. Panic instantly flared within Light's chest. Had L of all people caught him? Impossible! He had given out enough clues to help L narrow it down, but not enough to pinpoint Light himself!

"Sir, the police wish to speak to you."

Light stared, unsure of what he was supposed to do.

"Sir? L, are you there?"

Why was L addressing him, Light, as L? Something seriously wasn't adding up. Was it a test?

"I... have to use the bathroom," he said, then winced. What was wrong with his voice? And what kind of thing to say was that?

In any case, he did have to use the bathroom, so...

"...alright. Just make it quick."

Light rushed to the door on the opposite side of the room, not sure why he was hurrying, just knowing that he wanted to distance himself from that freaky computer. He flipped on the light switch, looking around, back aching as he continued to force it into a straight position. His eyes landed on the mirror...

...and he screamed.

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