A First Year runs down the hall, bumping into James. Normally James would abuse his Head Boy powers and deduct points from the Slytherin who definitely deserves it, but today? Today he doesn't take points. He doesn't even notice.

Lily Evans has always been, and will always be, the most beautiful woman James has ever seen. Sure, there have been some hotties, and even some not-so-hotties after a night of Fire Whiskey with the boys, but Lily is different. She's… she's...









He smiles to himself, which gets her attention. They've been watching the leaves fall from the trees, and the ripples the wind makes on the lake. Somewhere Remus's bones are beginning to pull with the soon-full moon. Sirius is chasing after birds, though whether it's Padfoot the dog after animals or Padfoot the heartbreaker after girls is really anybody's guess. Peter hasn't been seen in days. James has hardly noticed.

The only thing he sees is his Lily. His Lily.

"What?" She bites her lower lip in that nervous way he loves, that nervous way that says he's finally caught her and won. That nervous way that she only lets on to having with him. "Is something wrong?"

"No." He says it a little too breathlessly and his lungs object but he still leans in with the icy wind towards her. "No, everything is just the way it should be."

At first Lily use to taste like strawberries, but someone had told her James loves honey. (Probably Remus. He would remember something girly like that.) Now she tastes like honey whenever he kisses her and he knows that it's all for him. She becomes more perfect every day.

Sirius throws a stick at James's head. He doesn't even notice.