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Bella POV

Today is a special day; it was ten years ago that my mate bit me, and I was turned. Of course that also means that it is my human birthday. I am now thirty years old, and don't look a day over twenty.

We have had a peaceful ten years. Well, as peaceful as can be with Emmett, Peter, Alayla, and CJ around. With those four there is never a dull moment. They always could find trouble to get into!

The kids are now full grown. It makes me sad in some ways; I should still be having to care for them. Still, Jasper and I are so fucking proud of them.

Alayla is short; she stands at five feet two inches tall. Her hair is long and is honey blonde. It reaches almost down to her waist, and is very curly just like her dads. Her eyes are a beautiful chocolate brown, like mine were when I was human. She was pale but not as pale as we are.

CJ was a foot taller than his sister; he was six feet two inches tall. His hair was dark, brown and wavy. He had the most beautiful blue eyes I had ever seen. They had almost a "crystal" look to the blue color. He was muscular like his dad; I think that it was all of the training that he did as he grew up.

When they turned eight, and were sure they wouldn't grow any more we let them go to public school. We wanted them to have the chance to interact with humans, and have the chance to have friends. They started as juniors, so they would be in school for two years and would graduate.

We knew that CJ wouldn't have much of a problem. He was always quiet, and never one for starting shit. He could, sure follow along with anyone wanting to start it though! Alayla was another matter altogether, both Jasper and I worried over her going and being around humans.

We weren't worried about her biting and draining any of them. What had us worried was that she loved the "boys". When she had been about six years in appearance, we had gone to the store.

They were needing new clothes so Alice had drugged us out to the mall in the nearest town. Alayla often got distracted, and would wander off sometimes. That is what happened on this trip.

When we finally caught up to her, she had a new friend with her. A boy about her age was sitting with her on a bench, and they were holding hands and talking. I asked her who her friend was, and she told me that he was her boyfriend!

She asked me if she could bring him home with her. I explained that his mother was probably wondering where he was, and that we should probably help him find her.

It turned out that his mom had died a couple of years back, and he was there with his dad who had asked him to wait on the bench for him while he ran into the store. I didn't really want just to leave the boy there, so we waited until his dad came back.

His dad, it seems thought that I was single and tried to buy me lunch. Alayla told him that she would love to eat with them. I had to tell the man that my husband was waiting for us, and we had to leave.

Alayla then told me after we had walked away that I would go to hell for lying. I should not have told him that her daddy was waiting for us when I knew he was hunting with his brothers! Leave it to her to point out shit like that.

She was always doing stuff that could have gotten us into trouble or exposed. It wasn't like she set out to do it. She just saw everything in black and white so to speak. It wasn't until she was older that, she really understood how important it was to try keep the secret.

She was also the one to bring home strays. It never mattered what it was. She tried to bring home a mountain lion one time; it was wounded and she just couldn't let it stay out there hurt. Her favorites were the boys she would meet when we were in town.

Jasper always wanted to kill the boy for even looking at his daughter. Most of the time the boy didn't really know what was going on, just that this girl wanted to be his friend. We lived too far away from the town for her actually to manage to bring anyone home.

She is outspoken, and is not afraid to call you out on your shit. I know that she is always confronting her uncles, all three of them! They are actually afraid of her now. She will use her gift on them; the funny part about that is they are so proud of her!

You can see it in their faces when she does confront them. They know that she is not someone who can easily be manipulated, and you don't want to piss her off. She can take care of herself, with no problem.

She absolutely adores her daddy. Even now that she's all grown up, she still has a special sparkle in her eyes when it comes to Jasper. He makes her angry though, as far as he's concerned; she is still his little girl!

Let her look at a nice-looking boy and they both go at it. He wants her to wait until she's older before dating; she wants to find the "love of her life," while she's still young enough to enjoy it!

He keeps telling her that she will not age, and she does understand that she won't age physically. One time, when there had been a really nice boy whom she was interested in, and her dad had scared him off; she cried and told me that all she wanted was to find someone that would love her like her daddy loved me.

I had to really get on to Jasper for that one. We were living in town at that time so that the kids could go to school. The boy was in several of Alayla's classes. He went and talked to the boy and told him he could "see" his daughter, but only at our house.

I think that the funniest memories I have of Jasper with his daughter was when she was starting to fill out and become more of a woman. The two funniest ones happened almost back to back.

She had asked her dad to take her to get some more clothes. She loved having time with him, just the two of them alone. What he didn't think about was the fact that now she appeared to be about fourteen and needed things that all young ladies need when they start to look more like a woman.

She actually took a picture of his face to show me when she got home. We both laughed so hard at that one. She had gone into the young woman's section of a department store, and straight to where all of the bras were.

If he could have blushed, he would have. She then asked him what size he thought she should get. Needless to say he was petrified. The Major had been left speechless!

I have a sneaking suspicion that she did that on purpose. He had embarrassed her several times when she was with her friends, mostly with the male friends. She was laughing too hard for it to have not been on purpose.

The other time had not been done on purpose and she was the one embarrassed. I had decided to have some girl time with Alice, Char, Rose, Lexi, and Esme. We all went shopping.

Jasper had been left with the kids, which was never a problem before. He was in the kitchen fixing lunch for them, and Alayla had gone to the bathroom. He was cooking fries for the kids to go with their hot dogs, when he heard her blood-curdling scream.

He was always careful to knock before entering, with the kids there, but not this time. He threw the door open, and he froze when he saw our daughter standing there. She had been just about to pull her panties down and sit down when she saw it.

There was a tiny stream of blood running down her leg, and her underwear was soaked with blood. Yeah, our little girl had now become a woman. She screamed at her dad to get out, but it was only because she was afraid that the blood would cause his throat to burn.

She never wanted to be the cause of any pain for him. He assured her that he was alright, and went and got some towels for her to clean up with. Once he gave her the towels, and brought her clean underwear; he called me in a panic mode.

We never thought to get any pads or tampons, she was our little girl. I told Jasper to have her take a hot bath and then use a towel until I could get there with some pads. I was glad that I had at least told her about periods. I still had to have the sex talk with her though.

She had been so embarrassed that her daddy knew what was going on. I think it was the first time; she had been truly embarrassed by anything. It was later when he started to embarrass her with her friends.

I say friends but she really only had one close friend. The other girls she found out later only came over so they could try to get close to CJ. I think that just about every girl in that school wanted him to take them out.

Krissy, was her friend's name and she came over a lot. At first Jasper wouldn't stay around when she came over. After a while he seemed to get used to having a human in the house and would talk to the girl.

He made his daughter extremely happy the day he told her that he liked her friend and that maybe they could have a sleep over once a month. She hugged him and told him that he was the best dad a girl could ask for!

Now, she had grown into a beautiful young lady. The thing is that while she is beautiful, and very petite: she can be quite lethal. I had talked Jasper into training both of them to fight, along with me.

We could now take down Peter at least half of the time. Since he is a male, he has the superior strength. I'm no longer a newborn, so he is now stronger than I am. CJ, is a totally different story.

Like I have said before CJ is quiet, and tends to stay in the background. He prefers watching whatever is going on, and yet will follow his sister right into trouble, every single fucking time.

What puzzled me was the fact that even when he knew what she was doing was wrong he would just go along with her. I finally asked him why he didn't try to stop her. He told me she was too scary, to try to get in her way. Great, a daughter that provoked fear in the males of the family!

He became the protective big brother when they started school. There were a lot of girls who were jealous of her because the boys all drooled over her, and because of her looks.

While CJ knew she could take care of herself, he also knew that she sometimes let her anger get the best of her. He would always step in, if it looked like she might lose it.

The biggest problem with him was that he was every girl's dream of a knight in shining armor. It was one of the few times he would not stay in the background. If he saw someone who was being harassed or being treated unfairly; he would step in. It didn't matter if they were male or female.

It also didn't matter if they were family or strangers. I think that's why our family liked Krissy so much. She became Alayla's friend when she was being harassed by some of the kids in school. Both CJ and Alayla stepped in and wanted to be her friend.

You see, Krissy had some scars. Apparently, she had been badly abused when she was younger, and the scars left behind were not pretty. Someone had used her face as an ashtray, and put lit cigarettes to her face.

She had scars on her arms and legs as well. The kids were calling her ugly names, and my son stepped in and made them back off. He also told them if they wanted to call someone names, then do it to him. Leave someone who had no control over their looks, alone.

When the time for the homecoming game came up, CJ asked Krissy if he could escort her to the dance. They were just friends, but he knew that just about every girl in the school was hoping that he would ask them out.

He wanted to make sure that they knew that he didn't care about stupid shit that most kids their age did. He also wanted to make sure that Krissy felt special. He made sure that she was treated with respect by everyone, and refused to talk to anyone who wouldn't.

Jasper and I both were so fucking proud of him. While he was quiet on the outside, inside, he had a heart that was bigger than Texas, and felt things deeply. Sometimes I swore he had to have been an empath.

I remember the day that Thumper passed away. Yeah, the rabbit that I brought home, lived three years after I adopted her. The day she died, CJ cried and begged his daddy to bite her and make her like us!

How in the hell do you explain to someone who appears to be a six-year old that you can't turn an animal? Especially, if they are already dead. It took us a couple of hours to get him to let us have a funeral for Thumper.

We let him choose the place to bury her, and then he dug the grave while crying his little heart out. Jasper was going to calm him down, but I told him that CJ needed to feel what he was feeling. He might not get over it so quickly if he didn't.

Still, it broke our hearts having to watch him in pain. He didn't seem to have a problem when it came to hunting though. We did notice that he seemed to be careful not to kill an animal that was pregnant, or very young.

While his heart was very tender, he could be just as lethal as his sister. When they were in school, they had their first opportunity to meet a "normal" vampire.

They were on their way home and had decided to go through the woods and maybe pick up a snack on the way. That's when they ran into the nomad. He was apparently about to head into town in search of a meal, when he caught their scent.

Both Alayla and CJ told him that he needed to move on and hunt somewhere else. He knew they weren't completely human but told them he wouldn't need to hunt since he had already found his next meal in them.

CJ immediately got into a crouch and pushed his sister behind him. Alayla, then hit him with as much fear as she could and CJ ripped him apart.

Not really knowing what to do next, but not wanting to just leave him in the area; CJ called his dad. It was the first real confrontation with an unknown vampire for both of them, and they were a little upset.

Jasper told them not to move but if the vampire was starting to put himself back together to stop him. We both ran faster than I think we had ever run before, and we were there within a couple of minutes.

Peter, Emmett, and Edward also came with us. They would scout the area to make sure he was alone, and that he hadn't left one of his meals out in the open.

As soon as we got there, both of the kids were in our arms. This had really shaken them up. I realized then that maybe they had been sheltered too much. They had, had some training, but this is what it took to convince Jasper they both needed to know his level of fighting skills.

We didn't want to lose them to some nomad passing through again. They were lucky this time, what if next time they were caught off guard, or worse, there would be more than one.

Their training started that weekend. They had been watching me train so it wasn't going to take much. They already knew some of the moves. The problem with them fighting was obvious, they were half human and therefore, if they had a limb ripped off, there would be no reattaching it.

Their training would have to be harder. They would have to be able to at least hold their own with Jasper. He hated having to do it, but the thought that we could have lost both of them, made him determined that if they ever had to face another vampire, either alone or together, it wouldn't matter how many there were. They would win the fight.

Something was telling me that they would need the knowledge of how to fight. No, not just fight, but fight and win. Of course, they had their gifts. We wanted them to be able to fight and win without using their gifts.

The gifts should be used when the fight is uneven, or they are losing. Especially with the twins, since they appear to be human, that alone would be enough to throw a vampire off. They wouldn't be expecting them to be able to fight against them. The gifts should be used as a last resort.

Today, I watched as my daughter took on her uncle Peter and was able to hold her own for fifteen minutes. My son, on the other hand, took down Peter, Emmett, Ethan, and then almost took down his dad!

Actually, he did take down his dad, but then he got cocky and Jasper took advantage of it. Most of the time CJ can hold his own against his father. He is lethal and seems to have his dad's ability to come up with strategies while fighting.

Jasper refuses to spar with his daughter. He is so afraid that he might hurt her. He did it one time, and he really had his hands full trying to not be taken down while not hurting her. She went after him with everything she had within her.

He just couldn't do it. She could hold her own with the others, and that told him that if she were to have to fight an unknown vampire, she would win. Of course, there were her gifts, that she could always fall back on if needed.

Then, there is the one gift that both the kids and I share. We couldn't figure it out at first. Then the Denali's came and stayed with us for a few weeks. Both Kate and Eleazar were able not only help with the powers that we knew we had, but finally figure out what the other one was, and how to use it.

The first thing we did was have Kate shock a volunteer, which was usually Peter, or Emmett. Kate's power worked by her having to touch the victim.

We had her stand with me under my shields, and since she couldn't touch anyone just tried to send out her power and shock them without touching them. It wasn't a pretty picture!

Thinking that she wouldn't be able to do anything, she "sent" out the strongest surge she could muster up. Needless to say that not only were Peter, and Emmett knocked back several thousand yards, so was everyone else standing close by. The ones that had been standing really close were actually knocked out for a few seconds.

I was able to amplify a power so that if they needed to touch them, they didn't have to. If they could only affect one person at a time, then under my shield they could affect everyone.

While no power could penetrate my shield, others could send out their power as long as they were under it. The problem with it was that with some powers, it didn't really matter; Edward's mind reading, and Alice's visions were two examples.

Jasper's could already be sent out and used on everyone in the area. What we did notice though was that it would be a thousand times stronger under my shield.

The kids could also amplify. As long as Alayla was either under her brother's shield or mine, she could amplify but only then. CJ could do it without me, but it wasn't as strong. The three of us together were lethal.

We had one other power that depended on the three of us being together. While we could all send thoughts into someone else's mind, I couldn't do anything except send thoughts. Alayla could send a thought and "make" someone do something. CJ was more like me and could only send thoughts.

All three of us found out that we could go into someone's "mind" and see their thoughts. We had no clue what to do once we were in there; it was Eleazar, who gave us the idea of what to do.

Peter actually volunteered for this one. We all focused on his mind; he was to have one thought that we were to search for. Once we found it, we were to pull back out so to speak.

We had all found the thought we were supposed to. The next step was we would try to change the thought to another thought. It didn't really work. While we could send other thoughts into his mind, we couldn't change the one thought.

Then Eleazar told us to go back and try to "grab" the thought and pull it out. When we did this, it worked, it was so complete that Peter couldn't even remember what, the thought was supposed to be. He had no memory at all of the thought.

The only problem was that even with being able to amplify under the shields; we couldn't do it separately. We did find out that we could each take a separate thought and pull it out, but both my shields and CJs needed to be up.

Emmett wanted us to try to find out what would happen if we took all of the thoughts out of the mind. Carlisle and Ethan as well as Eleazar felt that could actually cause the "death" of a vampire.

We could put thoughts in the mind, and together we could take thoughts out of the mind, but what if once the mind was empty, it could be dead? There was no way we were going to try this on a family member. We would have to wait until we had an enemy to try it out on.

Yesterday, Peter called a family meeting. He said that his "knower" was telling him it was time to tell us what he had been feeling. It seems that he had been feeling that something big was coming, and it was coming straight for us.

He didn't have details of course, but he knew that having the kids, and I well trained had been the right thing to do. He also told us that the possibility of losing this fight was very strong. At this point, he had no clue as to how we could change it.

I was thinking about this, sitting in my garden that Esme had helped me to plant several years ago. It was peaceful here, and I came here sometimes when I wanted to think, or read.

I felt his presence before I even smelled him. I looked up into the face of my son. He had a worried look on his face, and he asked if he could join me. I motioned for him to sit.

He took my hand and with his other arm around my shoulders, hugged me tightly before speaking, "What's wrong mom? Don't tell me it's nothing, if you're not reading, then something is bothering you."

"I was just thinking, on all that has happened the last ten years. I was also thinking about what Peter told us yesterday. I hate to say it, but I'm worried about us, the family." I told him.

"Mom, I promise you that I will help protect everyone in the family. Dad has taught me all he knows about fighting. Uncle Peter, and Grandpa Ethan as well have taught me what they know. None of us will let anything happen to anyone in the family." He told me sounding confident.

"You sound so much like your dad. Have I told you lately how proud I am of you? The only thing I really ask of you is to protect yourself, as well as your sister. I don't think your dad, or I, could survive if something were to happen to either of you." I told him.

"Mom, I love you and I will make sure nothing happens to Alayla, but I'm going to protect you too. I just wish I had dad's gift right now so I can make you feel better." He whispered.

"You don't need his gift to make me feel better. Just your presence brings me joy and peace. I love you, baby boy. I know, you're not a baby anymore, but to me you will always be my baby. I promise that I won't tell anyone I just called you that." I laughed.

"Thanks mom, I really don't want uncle Em or Peter to hear about that. I would never live it down." He told me, his face bright red from blushing.

"How about we go inside, and I will make you lunch? Are you hungry for anything special?" I asked him.

"No, if it's alright with you and dad, Alayla and I thought we would go see that new movie that is out. We figured that we would go to the five o'clock showing. That way, we would have time to drive into town, grab a quick bite to eat and then watch the movie. We would still be home by nine at the latest." He said.

"What movie is it?" I asked, even though I was pretty sure I knew which one he was talking about.

"It's that new one about vampires." He laughed.

I sighed, "CJ, why would you two want to go see those movies? You know they never get them right."

"They are funny. We like laughing at how they see us!" he was still laughing.

"Well, I don't mind, but your dad is a different story. You know how upset he got when Peter told us that we might end up dead with whatever is coming. He gets overprotective sometimes. Let me talk to him. I can probably convince him to let you go." I said.

"Doesn't he believe that we can take care of ourselves? He taught us to fight. What can happen in a movie theater?" he replied.

"Of course he knows that you both can defend yourselves. It's not knowing what is coming, or when, or how. Your dad loves both of you more than you can imagine. Right now, he just wants to make sure we are all safe." I told him.

I went on, "Let me talk to him. You shouldn't have to stay locked up all the time. Go and tell Alayla to get ready. I'll let you know when he says yes."

CJ raised his brow at me, so much like his dad does, "How do you know that he will say yes. Come to think of it, every single time you talk to him he always gives in to whatever you are asking for. How do you get him to agree with you?"

"Let's just say I have my own special way of getting him to agree." I smirked while telling him this.

"UGH! MOM, virgin here! I so do not want to hear about you two doing that!" He was blushing.

"Then maybe you shouldn't ask questions like that." I laughed.

"I swear you and dad are worse than teenagers. The two of you are always making out!" he said.

"I can't help it that I find your dad sexy. When you find your mate, you will be doing the same thing!" I replied.

"MOM, please do not use the words dad, and sexy in the same sentence. That is just not cool." He whispered.

"Fine, I'll go find your dad and talk to him. I'll let know when you can go." I told him.

I found my husband in his study. Of course, he had heard every word, and wanted to know how I intended to get him to agree to let them go. I just smiled at him. It was even easier than I thought it would be!

I simply reminded him that if they went to have some fun, we would be alone. No telling what things we could cum up with to pass the time! He agreed quickly!

I asked the kids if they were ready yet, and they were. Jasper made sure that they understood not to bring attention to themselves, and not to try to talk to any strange vampires. We had encountered a couple while in town, so that possibility was very real. With promises being made, they left. Finally, some alone time with my very sexy husband. Before I could even get into the house he was on me. This was going to be a really fun day!


I'm glad that mom was able to get dad to let us go. It's been way too long since we have been able to go out for some fun. Of course there is always something to do here on the ranch.

We have to help take care of the animals. Mostly the horses and cattle. We also do horseback riding, almost every day. There is also swimming, and of course pranking uncle Em or Peter.

Still, it's nice to get away and do something without everyone else around. Don't get me wrong, we love the family. Alayla and I both love being able to do something on our own. We usually get away from the ranch once or twice a month.

Alayla was the one that wanted to go see the vampire movie. I just wanted to get away for a while. There was a restaurant that I wanted to try out, they served Mexican food, which I happen to love. So both of us were going to get to do something we wanted to do.

It took us two hours to get to the town, so that left us with about an hour and a half before the movie started. We went straight to the restaurant, and were able to get a table right away.

We ordered, ate, and were done in plenty of time to get to the movie theater. Once there we got popcorn, drinks, and Alayla got a pickle to go with the popcorn. Ugh, that's just plain nasty!

We had gotten there early enough to get seats right down front. Alayla, told me that she felt like sitting in the very back for some reason. It didn't matter to me so we went to the last row in the back.

We were sitting there waiting for the movie to begin, when we smelled them. Vampires, real ones. There were four of them, and they had just walked into the theater. We both were staying as still as possible, and I threw my shield around both of us.

Alayla was feeling curious. I knew this because she projected what she was feeling to me. This was her way of letting me know that she was alright at least for now.

I really didn't want to stay, but to get up and leave would bring attention to us. So, we stayed put. I kept the shield around us, I didn't want them to be able to smell us. They would be able to tell that there was someone here that wasn't all human. Dad told us that vampires can tell we are half human, half vampire by our smell.

That's why he told us that we would need to attack quickly when in danger. If we attacked before they realized we were half vampire, then we could have the advantage over them. I just hoped that we wouldn't need to do anything against these four, they looked dangerous, and lethal.

The movie started, and once the lights were off, we could tell they were talking. They were using vampire speed; of course, we could hear them over the movie. I paid no attention to the movie; I was listening to them.

At first most of what they said didn't make sense. It was when I heard a name that I knew, both Alayla and I started to pay more attention. The smaller of the vampires told the others that he knew that Carlisle Cullen was close by.

He told the others that they were extremely close to finding him. He then told the others that if Carlisle refused their offer, then they would have to make a quick decision.

From what all they said, they would approach Carlisle, give him a choice, and if his coven was large or gifted and they all refused their offer; they would be dealt with.

They did say that they had no idea as to how large his coven might be. As far as they were concerned, Carlisle had disappeared along with his coven about ten years ago, and no one knew where he was.

The small one said something about getting something that had belonged to Carlisle and was able to track him to this area. They were waiting for someone to join them before continuing their search for Carlisle.

The biggest one called the little one Libris, and asked why Malick, Zira, and Zaila had to help them confront Carlisle. He referred to the bigger one as Jeric.

Libris told Jeric, that since they didn't know the extent of Carlisle's coven or what powers they had, they wanted their strongest gifts to make sure that if necessary, Carlisle's coven would all be destroyed.

He told the others that Carlisle would either try to stay neutral, or stay loyal to the wrong vampires. If he did either one, him and his coven were to be destroyed, no questions asked.

The other vampires would be joining them in two days. At that point, they would go to Carlisle, and Libris was sincere when he said that he really hoped that Carlisle would make the right choice.

As dad would say, "Shit, shit, shit, fuck, fuck, and fuck!"

They left right after that. What the hell were we supposed to do? I told Alayla that I would follow them to see what direction they went in. She was to call dad immediately.

I never left the theater. I couldn't leave Alayla. Dad told me that if there ever were other vampires around that I could not leave my sister for any reason. I was able to see them get into a black car and go north.

When I got back to Alayla, she had just gotten dad on the phone. She told him what happened, and everything that we had heard. I could hear dad yelling, "Shit, fuck, fuck, shit, fuck!"

Then I heard him yelling at mom to get Peter on the other phone. He didn't want us hanging up, in case the vampires came back. Dad told us to go get in the truck and stay there with the doors locked.

Alayla rolled her eyes, like a locked door could actually keep a vampire out. Mom told her to stop rolling her eyes, she knew my sister well. We headed to the truck while still talking to dad.

When mom got off of the phone with Uncle Peter, she told dad that everyone was on their way here. The whole family was coming. Dad said that they would be there soon and for us to stay on the phone.

You know, I love my dad. He's the best dad anyone could ever ask for. Sometimes, I think he was just a little too overprotective! I mean, I have my shield, Alayla can use her gift, and the vampires were gone for now.

So, we did as dad told us and waited, and watched. It didn't take long for them to get there. Once they were there everyone had to make sure we were alright.

Peter, Em, Ethan, and papaw went to find the scent. I watched as papaw went up to the doors that the vampires had come out of. Then I saw him as his body stiffened.

They came over to us after a few minutes and had us tell everything we heard to everyone. We gave them the names that we heard, and saw papaw go even paler if that was possible.

We were even able to tell them when and where the other three vampires would come in. It was decided that we would go back to the ranch, for now. Everyone would find out who these vampires were that seemed to strike fear into the heart of Carlisle.

Mom and Dad of course wouldn't let us drive home alone. They insisted on riding with us. At least Dad let me drive. Papaw also came with us; he was worried about us and wanted to ask more questions. He seemed to really be worried about if these vampires saw us or not.

I let him know that I had put my shield up, so they couldn't smell us. I also told him that they never even looked in our direction. That seemed to ease him somewhat.

The others beat us home of course. At soon as we were all inside, we had a meeting. It was really bothering me the way papaw was acting, and Alayla told me that he was feeling really scared.

He asked Alice if she had had a vision of these vampires. She hadn't, so then he asked Peter if he had a feeling about what we knew. He told papaw that we would need to move and quickly. He also told him that it was bigger than just these few vampires.

He was pacing and just thinking. At one point he stopped and asked Peter if he felt like we would survive or if we died. At this point it could go either way, he didn't have a good feeling at all.

Finally, papaw started. The first thing he said made everyone in the room freeze, "If I'm correct, and you heard the names right, we could all end up dead if they find us. Shit, what am I saying, I know for a fact that they will find us, and when they do we just may all die."

Well, we are in trouble. Papaw just cussed, in front of everyone! He never loses his cool, and he never cusses. I just couldn't understand why he was so worried. There were more of us than them.

Peter was the one that pointed that out to papaw. He also reminded him that there were skilled fighters in our ranks. He told him it didn't matter. He knew about the vampire called Jeric, and he had met Zira, and Zaila.

He told us about them, or what he knew of them. Once he was done talking, I think that every single vampire in the room, realized that we may actually be dead in a few days. At this point, we could see no other outcome. . .

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