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Jasper POV

It's hard to believe that its been twenty five fucking years since our battle with Aro, and Caius. So much has happened, and so many changes have taken place, but most of them good. Right now, we are celebrating, again.

Bella and I were married thirty-five years ago today. The family just wanted another reason to have a party. So, here we are at the compound where we finally decided to make our home, at least for awhile. Alice, being Alice had the whole area decorated. This isn't what I really wanted to be doing with my mate right now.

I knew that my mate knew of my plans for later. I was planning on taking her to our island that I had bought for her on our twentieth anniversary. It was secluded, and we could enjoy the sun on our skin, without worry of being seen by humans. We were going to be spending at least a month there, and I wasn't planning on her wearing clothes the whole time we're there.

I thought back on all that has happened since we won. It took only days for some of the shit to get in order, but took years for other stuff. There had to be some kind of ruling so that vampires didn't get out of control, that was the hardest thing to deal with. Marcus, refused to be the only ruling king.

With the help of others, it took a couple of years to actually get it set up; we finally got what we felt would be the best course for the vampire world. There was not just one or two, or even three in charge. No, the laws were made, and enforced by a board of vampires. If someone broke a law, it was up to the board members to decide on the course of action.

Did I say that it was a board of vampires? My mistake, there were some humans from the human town that were also part of the board. There were also now some hybrids from their town. Yeah, most of the adults had gone to fight, and there were only young ones left with a few exceptions.

They had to be taught that both humans and vampires could live together as long as the vampires didn't become monsters, and become cruel in their feedings. That was one of the new laws that both Marcus, and Carlisle had wanted to see put in place. No innocent humans were to be killed for food.

The humans in the town already knew of our existence, and so we couldn't allow them to leave. But we did start to introduce them to more modern things, while making sure they stayed isolated. We took care of any needs they had, and in return for our kindness, they actually donated blood on a regular basis for the vampires that wanted to stay on human blood.

The human drinkers here didn't need to leave to go and kill. There was more than enough stored blood for everyone. Of course, Kaz, Felix, and Angel had taken to animal blood for the sakes of their mates. The humans had also started taking vampire mates, and being turned. There were also those that wanted to be turned even without having a mate. Each one was granted their requests, after making sure that they understood everything.

Speaking of mates, both of the kids were now married. I was at this moment watching some of the grand kids playing vampire version of tag. The younger ones, anyway. There were a total of seventy seven grand kids, and still counting, one hundred three great grand kids, fifty two great great grand kids, thirty three great great great grand kids, and so far fifteen great great great great grand kids.

It only took about five years for Laya's kids to become "adults", but it took CJ's the normal seven years for his kids. Since both him and Angel were hybrids, their kids took the same length of time to grow up as they did. I do have to say that not all of the grand kids are CJs and Laya's.

Yeah, we actually adopted five of the hybrids that were left without parents. They were all babies when we took them. There were four girls, and one boy. I kept telling Bella that he needed a brother to help him against all the females, but she said he could hold his own with the girls.

She was right of course. He had this gift that he would use and do things to his sisters. He could actually make himself invisible for short periods of time. I had to admit though the girls could also hold their own, and had to rescue him from their clutches many times over the years.

There would be more grand kids, as well as the greats, born every few months. Some of course were not our biological kids or grand kids, but that didn't fucking matter to us. We loved them just as much as our own biological kids.

After they were all grown and on their own, the place just felt so empty. I talked Bella into adopting some of the human children, and a few more of the hybrids. The humans that we adopted are now finally grown, and all but one are married. The real shock though is that Bella was the one who wanted to wait a few years before adopting any more. I had to practically beg her to adopt more!

Actually, it turns out that every single family member adopted several of the hybrids, as well as some of the human children. Even Marcus adopted a couple of the hybrids and raised them with help from the females in our family. He was the only one who actually did not adopt at least one human child.

The vampires had managed to deplete the human adult population in the town before the battle, and actually left about two thousand human orphans. We couldn't adopt all of them, but the ones we didn't we kept together in an orphanage type dwelling, in which all of us took turns spending time with the kids there. Rose and Esme were in charge of that one.

As vampires had taken most of their parents for food, or turning; well, we felt we owed them to at least help them have healthy, happy, lives. It wasn't their faults that monsters had taken their parents, and we also wanted them to know that not all vampires were monsters.

Peter and Char did end up raising Angel, as well as six other kids. Peter it turns out was an amazing father. Oh, he still taught all of them how to cuss, but he also taught them about unconditional love. They had a total of five girls, and two boys. Not one of them will let anyone get away with shit, and four of them learned how to pull pranks from their dad, and Uncle Emmett.

Carlisle and Esme adopted the most kids; they ended up with ten, at the beginning. At one point, they had eighteen kids. As soon as the older ones are grown up, and leave; they would adopt more. Both of them have enough love for all of them.

The biggest change around here is the fact that while we left the outer walls up, we did tear down all walls inside our compound so that the humans, as well as the hybrids can go anywhere around this compound without fear. They only place they couldn't go, was outside of the compound.

We destroyed the breeding area, and changed up the turning and training area. We still use it for turning, but any training is done in the area that we used. We only train those who will be in the guard. We still have to send out guard members to enforce the laws, and to deal with those who have exposed us to the humans.

Before, if a human found out about us, they had to be either killed, or turned. Now, the human is given three choices. They can either come here to live out the remainder of their lives, be turned, or have Will erase their memories.

Will is a good friend of Kaz, as well as mine. He was turned by Makenna and Kaz. As a human, he had photographic memory. Now, he can control memories of both humans, and vampires. He can erase, or make up a memory to give to someone.

Carlisle, and Marcus wanted to give the humans that had found out about us a choice. It wasn't their fault that some fucking vampire was careless. Even though now in this time, it was more rare for this to happen. At the beginning, it was a daily occurrence.

When it was known that the kings were dead, and there were new rulers in place, some vampires felt they no longer needed to be cautious, and hide. Most of them are now dead. They didn't believe that we would destroy those that refused to follow the laws. We didn't like having to kill, but it was necessary in order to make sure that the vampires still had laws that needed to be followed, just like the humans did.

Watching the grand kids playing right now was bringing back some memories. I say grand kids but there are some greats, as well as great great, grand kids here right now. The funniest part of all of this is that now Laya, and CJ are both grandparents, and great grandparents themselves!

I must say that CJ, and Laya, are the only two in the family who haven't adopted. Oh hell no, they didn't fucking need to. Since Laya, CJ, and Angel will never get older, they can continue to have kids. This was something that neither one of them even though about, apparently.

Laya, and Kaz ended up with, at this point, with twelve. Numbers thirteen, and fourteen are on the way. Like her mom did, she carries between four and five months, and this is the third set of twins. This time was planned though. All of their other kids were grown up already!

They had ended up having eight girls, and four boys. That was the most fun I have ever had, watching all of them interact. Not all of them have gifts, but the ones that did, made great use of them against their siblings. It wasn't fair, but it sure as hell was fucking funny, when some of them were up in the air all of a sudden.

CJ, and Angel, have nineteen right now. Their plan is to wait a few years before having more. Angel can use the shot like Bella did; it seems to help her the way it's supposed to. It is different though, now, instead of taking it once every three months, she only has to take it once a year. There is a side effect that CJ doesn't seem to mind at all.

It makes her so fucking horny. It's usually weeks before we see them right after she takes it. Then, at least two to four times a day they are gone. At least, they both get tired and need to rest. To see him now, makes me laugh when I think back to when his instincts kicked in, and he wanted, and needed to claim her.

While they were strong, I could tell that it wasn't quite as strong as a full vampire's instincts to claim were. But, I'll never forget the first time his instincts did kick in. I had made sure to explain everything from a male vampire's point of view to him, right after I knew he knew what was going on with Angel. I explained all about the need to claim, and mark. I also told him that since he was one quarter human, that there was no way to know just how strong, or even if his instincts would kick in like that.

That was about four years before they finally did kick in. She had just turned seven, and was full grown. He kissed her, and next thing he knew he had her pinned to the wall, and was about to rip her clothes off. Somehow, he was able to come back to himself before he did. While he was beating himself up for even trying to do that, she was highly upset that he had stopped, she wanted him just as badly.

Right after that, they got married. He had already proposed to her, with a ring. They were going to wait until she was finished with school to get married, but after that he was afraid to wait. He refused to break his promise to Angel's mama.

Seems that before the woman left to go to Aro, she knew that CJ was her daughter's mate. She made him promise not to claim her, or have any kind of sexual relationship, until after they were married. She had been a preacher's daughter, and felt like she needed to wait until marriage to have sex. Yep! She fucking made Jack wait until they were married to have sex with him. Needless to say, they were married almost right after they met.

So they were married three days after he had tried to claim her. Alice was allowed to decorate, and so it was a grand affair. They went to Isle Esme for their honeymoon. There was no fucking way I wanted to hear my son, and his new wife going at it. He had taken condoms, but his instincts were apparently just as strong as a full vampire's once he allowed it to kick in.

They came back both claimed, marked, satisfied, happy, and definitely pregnant. She carried the baby for two and a half months, and had a beautiful baby girl. She had CJ's looks, and her mama's personality.

Angel, being raised by Peter had a mouth on her, and wasn't afraid to use it either. She was outgoing, and had a fiery temper. She was almost as bad as I am when pissed off. But the look in her eyes when she looked at CJ or her children spoke of someone who loved deeply.

It took several years, and several pregnancies for Angel to finally start taking the shots. After the first girl was born, she ended up pregnant with not twins, but triplets. Three beautiful boys came into the world, and we were ecstatic. After that she had four sets of twins. Two were fraternal, and two identical. Actually, she had another set of triplets in between, along with a couple of single births. The last pregnancy were twins, and that was six years ago.

Rose and Emmett, were happier these last twenty-five years than I had ever seen them. Their home was always filled with kids, and now even a few of what they considered grand kids. They didn't really adopt any as they had the responsibility of the orphanage, as well as being on the board. No, the kids from the orphanage were always allowed in their home.

Edward and Alice of course had adopted humans, and hybrids. They made sure the number of boys were equal to the number of girls, as well as human to hybrid ratio. They also had four, and as soon as the older ones were grown and on their own, they would adopt more. I must admit though, I felt almost sorry for their kids.

You see, with those two as parents, they couldn't get away with shit! They were always caught, even before they did anything. Alice couldn't see the hybrids, but "dad" could always read their minds. Mostly, it was the kids wanting to pull pranks like their cousins, or their uncles did. Esme finally talked to them and helped them to understand that kids need to have this kind of fun, so as long as the shit didn't include something to cause someone pain; they let them go.

The reason they only adopted four at a time was simple. They both had to go whenever the guards were sent out to take care of an unruly vampire. Edward could read the truth in their minds, and Alice could "see" if they would continue with being undisciplined. The outcome was obvious if they had either already exposed vampires to humans, or weren't going to stop.

Krissy and Felix adopted, but they adopted the children that were having problems dealing with either life in general, or those who had been badly abused by their parents. Yeah, even in our little human town there were monsters who wanted to abuse others, mostly children.

Ethan and Lexi; they too adopted. Like Krissy and Felix, they only adopted "special" babies. These were babies that no one else would want, the ones that were born with defects. Some of them had downs syndrome, but they were always babies. Most of the parents that these children were born to, well; they either couldn't or wouldn't take care of them.

It wasn't, even so, much that they wouldn't take care of them as they really didn't know how to. They also knew that if they let Ethan and Lexi raise them, that even if their lives would be short because of their disability, that they would be loved, and well cared for. And, some of the babies would only live a few months or years, before their disability would cause their deaths.

Those cases were always the hardest. Especially since technically we could have saved their lives by turning them. They were way too young to be turned; that was the one thing we all had to agree with Aro, and Caius about.

Still, even if they only lived a few months, their lives were filled with much love, peace, laughter, and joy. Bella and I had taken in a baby that didn't survive past her third month. We were both devastated even though we knew she wouldn't live to see her first birthday.

We both decided to let Ethan, and his mate handle those babies. It was just too fucking hard to watch someone you know is innocent, and helpless die. At least, we know that Rebekah was happy and loved. She smiled all the time.

Some things that we did just for the humans and hybrids we felt were necessary for the well being of those who were left behind. We actually started a school, were the basics were taught. It was mostly the same as any other school in America with some exceptions.

The harder subjects were not taught at the school, but at the university that was started. We didn't feel the need to waste time with teaching stuff that most of the kids would never use. If they wanted to go to learn certain things like calculus, then they could go and learn that shit after graduating.

They were taught the basics like I said, as well as history. Although, the history they learned was far different than other schools. They were taught about the Civil War, but from our view point since we had lived through it. They were also taught about the history of vampires, but only if they wanted to learn more about us as a species.

They were also taught about the laws for both humans and vampires. In this place if a human broke the law, they went to prison. Depending on the law broken, sometimes, it was for life. If they killed, again, depending on the crime, and the remorse of the one who was guilty, they were sentenced to death.

If they had killed, and there was rape involved, or some kind of fear before the death, or if it was a young person, or a child, then they were made to experience the same kind of fear, before their death. The death was always by vampire. They were drained, and if the family of the one killed wanted to, they could watch. Needless to say, there had only been three, and they were during the first few years.

We did have some close calls, that had been stopped. Those that had been caught, found themselves spending the rest of their lives in prison. The value of life, whether it be human or vampire was too great to allow those who tried to snuff a life out, be allowed to have access to try it again.

If I could have seen where I would be, and how my life is now, when I was with Maria; well let's just say that I would have believed that I had gone crazy. I was born into this life to be a killer. It's what I did best in the beginning. Now, I do my damnedest to save lives, yep, even human ones.

The best part of all of this is now headed my way. My beautiful mate, and she's bringing one of our greats, granddaughters with her. She's two now, and has a human mother, and a hybrid father. She is actually the great-granddaughter of CJ's first born.

As soon as they got to where Brianna could see me, she started wiggling and wanting to get down. Bella put her down, and she flew at me running at a faster rate than a human would. I squatted down so that I could pick her up once she got close enough, and spin her around.

It was a game, she, and I played and she fucking loved it. I loved hearing her squeal in delight. So, I spun her around, making sure not to go too fast, and then she gave me a hug.

Then she spoke up, "Papaw; I missed you. You weren't there when I woke up."

"I'm sorry baby girl, I needed to go hunt. I just got back a few minutes ago. I promise to try to always be there when you wake up. You know you're my favorite girl don't you?" I said.

She sighed heavily before speaking, "Papaw, you say that to all of your granddaughters. Sides, everyone knows that Me Maw is your favorite girl. Your just being silly!"

"Its still true though, you are my favorite girl. I love you sweetheart." I replied.

"I love you too, Papaw. Just be there next time I'm waking up!" she told me.

She was always a sassy one, "Yes ma'am!" I told her.

With that she jumped out of my arms after giving me a kiss on my cheek and ran off. Bella was in my arms, as soon as she was gone.

"I have what little we are taking with us packed, are you ready to go?" she asked.

"Yeah, I'm ready. I was just thinking about everything, and how we got to where we are right now. I have known it for a while now, but I need to say it again. I have to be the luckiest fucker ever. I have you, our kids, grand kids, and so much fucking love." I told her, my voice choking with emotions.

"Yeah, I feel the same way. But like you I need to say it again, I love you, cowboy. I can't wait until we get to our island, so I can show you just how much," she whispered the last part.

Suddenly, we heard another voice, Ugh! Mom, can't you keep shit like that to yourselves?"

CJ, and Laya were walking up to us. They had overheard the last part, and CJ just had to let us know they heard it.

Laya spoke up, "Sorry if we overheard something we shouldn't have. We just wanted to come and say our goodbyes before you left. Also, please have fun, you two deserve it more than anyone."

"Oh don't worry about us having fun. I plan on making sure your mama has more fun than she has ever had. She deserves that and much more." I told them.

"Dad, please, way too much fucking information!" CJ said once again.

I was about to say something else but Bella interrupted me, "Look, isn't it just beautiful here?"

We all turned and looked out over the area she was looking at. Everyone was outside; it was a beautiful, warm day. All the younger kids were playing, with adults watching, some playing with the kids. Yes, it was a beautiful sight.

"You know its kind of funny. We never planned on being here, being in charge of the vampire world, yet here we are. It's one of those times when you almost have to believe in destiny. You know, Sometimes; Destiny Takes Control!"

I have to say, I agree. Now, if I can just hurry my mate, along so I can do wicked things to her. . .

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