Nightmare or Reality.


He couldn't stand seeing her like that slumped against the wall. She didn't need to do that it wasn't right. Why why why WHY? Why did she have to go through Haibara's things? What the hell had she be thinking? Looking at her limp form he knew. He knew why and it would stare at him in the mirror for the rest of his days. She took one of the pills for him. So they could be together. Baka. Shinichi smiled tears dripping down his face. The Baka.

"Baka Ran." He was sure his voice cracked just a bit.

He knelt down and slide his too small fingers through her hair. She was beautiful even in death. The tears fell faster. A small amount of blood came from her mouth. Her eyes closed in pain. Her hands fisted in the hem of her skirt. Though she had experienced a large some of pain. That was to much.

"Damn it Ran. You should have known. All my fault, all my fault." Shinichi.. Conan breathed.

Ran hadn't known it was only a rare side effect. Something in the one and a million chances. He was lucky. So lucky to be part of the 5 % that survived. Ran.. What in his past life or current did he do to disserve this? Who did he piss off to have her taken away from him?

"Ran.. Come back please. Please. PLEASE!"Conan finally broke down.

Ran's form did not move long since dead from the APTX 4869 pill she had taken for him. She did not move as Conan cried at the front of her body. She did not move as Megure and the other officers came into the lab to find them.

She did not move as Conan was torn away from her body. Screaming, crying like the child he truly was. She only moved when the grim faced Megure and Takagi placed her in a body bag and took her away.


This has been something I cut from my other Story.(Yes I'm working on it and Night's Shadow.) Nightmare or Reality

I just had to get it out there. I so wanted people to see this.

Nightmare or Reality will start sometime this week. I think I have enough time on my hands to work on both stories at the same time.

I just have to get the Nightmare out there. Make it real.