Ra Cabin:

Martin Beam- 16-A kind and sociable demigod son of Ra. He likes Sarah Adams, the sun, light, and being with friends but dislikes anything that is dark or evil. He is good at fighting, magic and being a leader, but his fatal flaw is that he is too trusting. He wears a yellow zip up hoodie, yellow t-shirt, jeans and Nike's with golden stripes. Head Counselor

Amber Beam-15- a sweet demigodess daughter of Ra. She likes the sun and music but dislikes dark and evil things. she is good at magic but her fatal flaw is she is too merciful. She wears skinny jeans, high heel boots, and the camp t-shirt.

Osiris Cabin:

Jada Xavy-14- a childish demigoddess daughter of Osiris. She likes Music, friends and joking around, but dislikes being bored, and girly girls. She is good at hand-to-hand combat and swordsmanship but her fatal flaw is that she is afraid to grow up. She wears a black layered converse one star shirt, washed out blue jeans and worn red loafers.(TheOtherUserNamesWereTaken) Head Counselor

Horus Cabin:

Benjamin Freeman-15- a brave and caring demigod son of Horus. He likes music, break dancing and sword training, but dislikes bullies, red and snakes. He is good at sword fighting and running, but his fatal flaw is that he is very loyal. He wears long sleeved black and blue layer shirts and baggy jeans.(movies798) Head Counselor

Geb Cabin:


Bes Cabin:


Anubis Cabin:

Ace-13- a mischievous demigoddess 'daughter' of Anubis. She likes darkness, black, shadows and canines but dislikes Horus, yellow, and people who interrupt her and her music. She is good at commanding shadows and summoning canines, but her fatal flaw is she isn't serious enough. She wears black skinny jeans, band t-shirt, and batman converse. She has two wolves named Ying and Yang that walk on either side of her. (C00KI3 QU33N)

Peyton Kabra-15- a sarcastic and mischievous demigoddess daughter of Anubis. She likes black, drawing, art musicals, soccer and music but dislikes Taylor Swift, the Bast Cabin, squeaky voices, and cheerleaders. She is good at walking on her hands, hand to hand combat, and she is very flexible, but her fatal flaw is she is very arrogant. She wears black top with golden sleeves, black acid washed jeans and black converse. (ThaliaGrace1) Head Counselor

Shu Cabin:

Cora-14- a kind and sweet demigoddess daughter of Shu. She likes camp and her dad but dislikes monsters, Set, and the healing class. She is good at fighting, hiding and disappearing but her fatal flaw is she gets her feelings hurt too easily. She wears a black t-shirt, some skinny jeans, and white shoes.(momoLovesLife6th - 7th) Head Counselor

Set Cabin:

Kathryn "Katie" Knapp-14- an optimistic and cheerful demigoddess daughter of Set. She likes sports, reading, and night but dislikes school writing and morning. She is good at running and volleyball, but her fatal flaw is loyalty. She wears Green Hollister t-shirt, skinny jeans and white Nikes.(gogreen216)

Dante Feelo-15- a dark demigod son of Set. He likes darkness, night, girls and video games but dislikes mornings, Mondays, school and homework. He is good at fighting, magic, running and throwing but his fatal flaw is under trusting. He wears zip up grey hoodie, jeans, black skater shoes, and blue and black shirt.(RockinRedReaper)

Maxwell "Max" Engles-17- a ' bad boy' demigod son of set. He likes causing chaos, fighting, drama, healing, and red but dislikes yellow, order, admitting he's wrong and being forced to do something good. He is good at fighting, healing, and spreading chaos but his fatal flaw is that he won't accept that he is good. Thinks he is bad 'cause of parentage. He wears jeans, running shoes, white t-shirt, and black leather jacket.(wrinkadinkdonkthedemigodwitch) Head Counselor

Khons Cabin:

Luna Myers-15- a shy demigoddess daughter of Khons. She likes night, nightingales, gambling and books but dislikes bullies, daytime, and egotistical people. She is good at hand-to-hand combat, gambling and procrastination but her fatal flaw is she gambles too much. She wears a white hoodie zipped up, dark black jeans, and midnight blue sneakers.(awesome PJOHarry)Head Counselor

Thoth Cabin:

Scott Maguire-14- an unbelievably intelligent demigod son of Thoth. He likes school and anything to do with it, hieroglyphics, magic, and barbeque but dislikes messiness, being pranked, and fighting. He is good at reading hieroglyphs, magic, and logic but his fatal flaw is that he is too scared to do something daring. He wears jeans and a polo shirt.(wrinkadinkdonkthedemigodwitch)

Julie Fox-15- A headstrong demigoddess daughter of Thoth. She likes her sister, fighting, talking and reading but dislikes monsters, sitting still, peanut butter and death. She is good at reading, running, and talking but her fatal flaw is she never thinks about her actions. She and her sister both wear ratty t-shirts, converse, and worn jeans. (TeenageDream123) Head Counselor. Twin of Bella Fox

Bella Fox-15- A 'loner' demigoddess daughter of Thoth. She likes her sister, peace, quiet, and reading, but dislikes monsters, being told off, and death. She is good at reading and singing, but her fatal flaw is she is never sure of herself. Same as sister. (TeenageDream123) Head Counselor. Twin of Julie Fox.

Sobek Cabin:

Salvatore Johnson-17- A strong demigod son of Sobek. He likes crocodiles, water and swimming, but dislikes pollution, and crocodile hunters. He is good at swordplay and fighting but his fatal flaw is he is too full of himself. He wears a black leather jacket, combat boots, jeans, and a green muscle shirt. Head Counselor.

Nut Cabin:


Isis Cabin:

Carter Richardson-15- a kind and brave demigod son of Isis. He likes girls, the hospital, and swimming but dislikes death, cancer, and the underworld. He is good at sword fighting and he has a lot of stamina but his fatal flaw is he freezes up when he sees someone slaughtered mercilessly. He wears jeans and a white t-shirt with the red cross symbol.(Kronossucks0909) Head Counselor

Calia Lee-12- an aloof demigoddess daughter of Isis. She likes nightime, rock music, glee, and cities but dislikes girly girls, pop music, bullies, discrimination and stereotypes. She is good at using fire, reading hieroglyphs, writing, and hiding but her fatal flaw is she is too sure of herself. She wears white t-shirt, jeans, black vans, and grey baseball cap.(Broadway4eva)

Nephthys Cabin:

Maria Barahona-15- a kind and beautiful demigoddess daughter of Nephthys. She likes

Black, blue, and animals, and she is good at divining and fighting. Her fatal flaw is she is distrusting. She wears combat boots, jeans, t-shirts, leather jackets, and a black cap.(owlinthesea) Head Counselor

Hathor Cabin:

Misty Hathorn-16- an extremely feisty demigoddess daughter of Hathor. She likes dancing, matchmaking, making amulets, surfing, and her cowboy boots but dislikes cold weather, mean girls, lipstick, and being turned down. She is good at amulet making, matchmaking, thinking on her feet, and using a staff but her fatal flaw is she is very reckless. She wears white short shorts, tribal print tank top, feather necklace, and cowboy boots. (wrinkadinkthedemigodwitch)

Mateo Hathorn-16- A quiet demigod son of Hathor. He likes reading guitar, geeky stuff, and magic but dislikes scorpions, when someone gets hurt, and fighting when it isn't necessary. He is good at air magic, playing guitar, reading, and TV trivia but his fatal is he is too overprotective. He wears cargo shorts and a shirt with a geeky saying.(wrinkadinkdonkthedemigodwitch) Head Counselor.

Sekhmet Cabin:

Sophia Cooper-15- a sweet but devilish demigoddess daughter of Sekhmet/Hathor. She likes the sun, music, dancing, and teaching bullies a lesson but she dislikes the dark, messing up, the sight of blood, and guilt. She is good at music and dancing, but her fatal flaw is her temper. She wears yellow camp t-shirt, jean shorts, and shoes that are yellow and have red and orange on them like the sun. (MorganGrimm) Head Counselor.

Tefnut Cabin:

Cherie Moonflight-15- A dreamy and aloof demigoddess daughter of Tefnut. She likes water, humidity, music, wind chimes, and magic, but dislikes when dreams keep her up at night, violence, and bullies. She is good at divining, water magic, and she is oblivious to insults, and her fatal flaw is she is afraid to hurt anybody. She wears faded jeans, a long sleeved white t-shirt, and grey converse.(wrinkadinkdonkthedemigodwitch) Head Counselor.

Serqet Cabin:

Janice Malloy-12- a bipolar demigoddess daughter of Serqet. She likes chocolate, animals, friends and family, but dislikes bullies, animal cruelty, and people who judge people by how they look. She is good at animal charming, and water and earth elementaling but her fatal flaw is she is too happy. She wears a silver shirt with a scorpion printed on it, jeans, and converse. (animalcharmer11) Head


Bast Cabin:

Isis Rhonna-17- An outgoing demigoddess daughter of Bast. She likes cheese, cats, sparring, and helping Bast with various things, but dislikes non-believers (of cheese), and people who hate/abuse cats. She is good at fighting, healing, and being a cheese elementalist, but her fatal flaw is she will do anything for her family and friends. She wears a cream-spaghetti strap tank-top, dark green cargo shorts, and black studded combat boots. (Harley Girls RULE) Head Counselor

Sarah Adams-15- a kind and caring demigoddess daughter of Bast. She likes martin Beam, cats, being with friends, being outside, and fish, but dislikes dogs. She is good at fist fighting, and she can run pretty fast but her fatal flaw is she always says yes. She wears a pink tubetop with skin tight jeans. (SonofApolloX)

Fione Hart-14- a solitary demigoddess daughter of Bast. She likes rain, photography, and interesting keys but dislikes department stores where the air is too cold in the summer, and slush. She is good at painting, observing, and magic, but her fatal flaw is her temper. She wears a denim jacket, t-shirts, jeans, and scuffed sneakers. (IndigoTardisTurtle)

Big House ( for Minor Demigods):

Ethan Krisings ( Ah-Meh minor god of underworld)-12- sarcastic demigod son of Ah-Meh. He likes black, blue, green, sushi, and white but dislikes girly girls, pink, and red. He is good at sword fighting but his fatal flaw is greed. He wears a black shirt, a black sweater, a white base-ball cap, and jeans. (animebookfreak12)

Love List!

Martin Beam x Sarah Adams (crush)

Salvatore Johnson x Isis Rhonna (dating)

Sophia Cooper x Carter Richardson (dating)

Dante Feelo x Amber Beam (on-and-off relationship)