Waste's POV

So, when Wake, Austin and I woke up, we found two kids staring down at us. One was Peyton, and the other was a really short kid with dark brown hair and blue eyes.

"Uuummm… Hello? What's your name?" I asked the kid.

"Oh. I'm Grey Uglamore. Your Waste Nile, right?" He said.

"Yep. Who's your godly parent?" I asked him, and then he looked down, crestfallen. I thought I had said something wrong, but then he looked up, and said,

"I don't know. I haven't been claimed. I bet you'll get claimed right away, though." He said sadly.

"Really? Why?" I asked, but Grey ran out of the room. I looked at Peyton for answers, but she shrugged.

"He's just sad, that's all. He lived his whole life not knowing his dad, and there were a lot of people who would make fun of him for his height. When he said that you'll probably get claimed right away, he meant that most kids are getting claimed really fast, because their parents need them." She said, and then we heard a bunch of shouts and yells, and Wake, Austin, Peyton and I ran outside.

When we got outside, we found Grey sitting there, with a bunch of kids staring at him. We pushed through the crowd, and saw that Grey had a blue holographic sign above his head. It was a short man, a dwarf, I realized. Bast pushed through the crowd and showed up next to us, and then she saw the sign.

She sighed. "All hail Grey Uglamore. Son of Bes, god of protection and dwarves." Bast said. Then Austin doubled over. People surged forward to help him, but Austin stood straight up. He was wearing an ancient Egyptian kilt, and he was holding a wax tablet and a stylus. I looked higher, at his face, and saw that he had an ibis' head.

"All hail Austin Brown, son of Thoth, Lord of magic and wisdom, and ruler of magic." Bast said.

"Grey! You were claimed! Congratulations, man!" I shouted, and he sighed happily, then Bast showed him where the Bes cabin was.

"C'mon, guys. I'm going to show you the rest of the camp." Peyton said, and then we started walking. We walked around for a bit, and then we saw two half-finished cabins standing side by side.

"Here you go, Austin. Stay with the rest of the Thoth campers." Peyton whispered and then Austin ran to them. I looked by the bigger of the two, and saw a beautiful girl. She had blonde, Taylor Swift style hair, and light blue eyes with flecks of silver in them. She was wearing the Camp T-shirt, some old-looking jeans, and trainers.

"Who is she?" I asked Peyton.

"Oh, her? That's Julie Fox, daughter of Thoth. That's Austin's half-sister." Peyton said, and then she started to tell us more about the two cabins they were building, but I didn't listen. All I was thinking about was Julie, and how I was in love.

The only thing that zapped me out of my trance was Wake, who was shaking my arm and saying, "C'mon, Peyton's going to show us Zane and Janie!" She said, and I walked behind them. I had no idea who Janie and Zane were, since I hadn't been listening. We walked around the half-finished cabins, and found two kids, who were laughing and talking with some child of Thoth. The boy and the girl looked up at us and smiled.

"Hi! I'm Janie!" The girl said.

"Egyptian goddess of Happiness, joy, animals, and literature. I'm Zane, by the way. God of heroes and quests." the boy called Zane said. My jaw dropped.

"You two are gods? Now I've seen everything." Wake said.

"Wait, Peyton, are these two the kids you told all the counselors about in the camp meeting?" Janie asked.

"Yes, and hopefully, their dad will claim them soon." Peyton said. Suddenly, my vision blurred. I doubled over.

"It's starting!" Janie exclaimed. When I straightened up, I felt stronger, and more powerful, like I could punch a tree and have it break under my fist.

"All hail Waste and Wake Nile, children of Sobek, lord of the Nile, and god of crocodiles." Janie declared.

A.N.- that was the end of book 1. I know, it was a short chapter, so don't complain. This story will be continued in Camp Pharoah 2: War for the Camp. See you then!