AN:I'm definitely biting off more than I can chew, but I just got inspired to start two new stories, and this may turn out to be my Achilles heel. This also may be a way to get out of the writers block that I seem to be facing at the moment. I plan on working on all three stories, updating as much as possible before the twenty second of august. That's when school starts up again.

This will also contain some sexual situations, not exactly detailed, but there will be some mention of naked body parts, and leading up to sexual situations that I will not describe so the rating can stay T.

Background Information: It's their junior year at Hollywood Arts, and Jade's father has offered her the option of spending it at their vacation house in Hawaii. She would spend every summer, every winter, every vacation of her childhood in that state. It was special to her, and she wanted to share it with her boyfriend, since they had never gotten the opportunity to go together. Now that she was given the chance, her father insisted that she invite more than just Beck, meaning every one of her "friends" was to join them in one of her favorite places in the world. Just her luck, right?


A cool hand ran across her back, almost instantly waking her up. She buried her face into her pillow, not really caring that her make up from the previous night was about to stain her purple pillowcase. A groan escaped her lips, and was muffled by the fabric, along with "It's too early..."

The hand decided to take another action, pulling her so her back was against the warm chest that laid next to her. He pushed her hair down and out of both of their faces. His fingers trailed down her hair line and pushed it all behind her ear, laying a kiss on her temple. "I know it's early, but we have to get up."

"I don't have to do anything," Jade mumbled before she attempted to turn over again, but his arms wrapped around her slender frame. She wasn't complaining about it yet, his body was too warm against her skin to want to move. Even the blanket wouldn't compare.

"Are you forgetting what day it is?" He asked and she could hear the smirk in his voice. "Today's the day our flight leaves to go to your second favorite place in the world."

"Second favorite?" her eyes decided to open. To her surprise and annoyance, the room was still dark.

"Yeah. Your first favorite is with me," he said with a small laugh.

It caused her to smile for a moment, but then her face faded back to annoyed, "That's cute, but it's not bright outside."

"That's because it's four thirty in the morning," Beck said, trying to break it to her as easy as possible. He knew his girlfriend better than anyone, and he knew that she hated mornings more than she hated most people.

"There's a four thirty in the morning?" she sounded completely shocked, "I thought there was only one of those in the afternoon."

He laughed before squeezing her a little, "Yes, babe. There's one in the morning too."

"Fuck this." The giant comforter was pulled up to his chin, and surrounded the girl next to him. He brought himself under the blanket and cuddled closer to his girlfriend, placing a few gentle kisses on her shoulders before biting on the base of her neck.

"Wake up." He ordered before ripping the blanket off of them.

Her groan echoed around the room as she curled up into a ball, covering her chest from the cold. Luckily, she had a pair of pajama pants on, so the freezing sensation was minimal, "Fuck, Beck. Give it back."

"Not now. You need to get dressed," he swung his legs out of her bed, and let them land on the cool wood floor, just missing her throw rug by an inch. He grabbed his shorts off the edge of the bed and slipped them on before moving about the room.

His well thought out plan also consisted of taking the blanket completely off the bed, so she really had no choice to get up.

"I hate you," his girlfriend mumbled as she sat up, her hair falling every which way. The man smirked before walking to the opposite side of the bed, he grabbed her ankles and pulled her to him, positioning himself between her legs. He leaned down and pressed his lips against hers, but she tried to fight it, "I've got morning breath."

"That's cool, so do I," he said before pushing her back down against the mattress, his hands traveled down her sides as his mouth covered her own again. Her hands snaked up his neck and buried themselves in his hair, pulling gently.

His lips broke away from her own, before he began kissing down her jaw line, and to her neck. He felt her body tighten a little before she let out a sigh. She was exactly where he wanted her...

He pulled away and left her body completely, ignoring her glare as he walked around the room, finding his shirt tangled in with all of the other clutter.

"Now I really hate you," Jade said, reaching under her pillow and coming out with a bra. She clasped it on while she stood up, trying to maintain her balance. Her mind was cloudy with lack of sleep, and her vision was faltering. She had Christmas lights that lined her room, but they weren't the best source of light.

"You don't hate me," Beck said, disappearing into her bathroom. She could hear the faucet from the sink begin to run, and the sound of his tooth brush hitting the porcelain a minute or two later. "You should love me more than before. We've got an hour before we need to be on the plane, and if I didn't make you pack last night, you would have been up two hours ago."

"I guess..." Jade yawned before she joined him in the bathroom, rubbing the make up into her eyes. He gave her room to get into the sink, but he didn't leave completely. She had to wash her face and brush her teeth, while he still needed to shave off his five o'clock shadow. "So then what time do we need to be out of here?"

"According to my calculations... as soon as possible to get through security." Beck said, rubbing his face with shaving cream.

"Great," she sounded out before she began to wash her face...

Andre slammed the door to his car closed while popping the trunk. He made sure to lock it, unlock it, and then lock it again, just to make sure. This car was his life. His 1968, red, Ford Mustang meant more to him than any form of music could.

He was already digging into the trunk when his other car door slammed shut, and a girl's voice began fill his ears, "Don't forget my stuff, Andre."

"I know this," he called back, grabbing her luggage first and setting it down on the pavement before going back for his own.

Her red heels came into his peripheral vision, "Thanks, babe."

"No problem, sweets," Andre said, coming up with a smile to greet his girlfriend. He gave her a kiss on the cheek.

"Oh, no! You can't let this touch the ground," she complained as she rushed to get it off the asphalt, attempting to balance her pink luggage in her grasps. Andre sighed. Couldn't he do anything right with this girl?

"Hey Andre, Hey Tori!" a high pitched voice called to them. Before he could react, a red headed blur jumped into his arms. He had no trouble catching the hundred pound girl, wrapping his arms around her stomach, and a smile coming back upon his face.

"Hey Cat," Tori said as she dropped off one of her suit cases on top of his trunk. The wheel, and zipper made a grinding sound against his classic paint job.

Andre cringed at the sound. His face became a distorted mess as his body tensed. He walked towards his trunk, and Cat let out a gasp, covering her mouth. Andre pushed the luggage off of his trunk, and sadly, there was a scratch in the paint all the way down his trunk. Tori then began complaining that he dropped her luggage. As if this was a good time.

"Andre, I just told you-"

"You scratched my paint, girl. This is not the time," his voice was straining to come out as he rubbed the mark in hopes of making it disappear.

"It's just a stupid car."

"I can't even find the words..." Andre mumbled, rubbing his temples. Cat laid a hand on his shoulder as she attempted to divert his attention.

"It'll be fine," she said, looking at Tori for some extra help. She didn't say anything, but she did roll her eyes, and end up picking up the rest of her luggage before walking away from her annoying boyfriend. Her ticket was in her hand, leaving the other for Andre. "I'll get you some touch up paint when we get back."

"Sure... thanks," Andre said, looking more upset than before. He opened the trunk again and grabbed his own duffel bag. His eyes found Cat's for the first time, and he felt a small smile pull on his lips. She was smiling, as per usual, and her bubbly attitude was radiating off of her, making Andre feel a little bit better.

The girl picked up her luggage off the floor, adding to the other contents she happened to be carrying: a panda bear pillow pet, a purse, and a backpack, and the plane ticket in her hand.

"Do you need some help?" He asked like the gentleman he was.

"If you're offering," she said with a wink. He took one of her suitcases into his spare hand and they started walking off to the airport entrance. Cat decided to start a conversation, "Sooooo, how's your life?"

Andre smiled, "It's going okay, besides my temperamental girlfriend."

"Temperamental...?" Cat asked, tilting her head to the side.

"It means that she gets annoyed easily, then takes it out on me," he said, adjusting his duffel bag so it would hang lightly on his shoulder. "Didn't you see her back there? I forget to keep her luggage off the ground, and yet I'm in completely at fault. Then something I care about gets ruined, possibly forever, and she doesn't even care."

"I'm sure she cares... maybe she just needs a little time away from you? Everyone needs a break," she offered.

"We hardly even see each other, so it's not that," Andre said.

"Why not?"

"I ask, and she denies. I just... wish I was better at this, you know?" He complained with a sigh, "She never seems happy with me, like I'm doing everything wrong."

"I don't think you do everything wrong. How could she not be happy with you? You seem like a great boyfriend," Cat complimented, and felt her heart race a little faster.

The girl had always had a soft spot for Andre. He never made her feel bad about herself, like some of her other friends had in the past. He knew how to make her day better, by just having a conversation with her. When it came to boys, he was her best friend.

"Apparently, I'm not. She always tells me I'm doing something wrong," he said, gaining his bummed look back. It hurt Cat's heart to watch him be so down on himself. The thought of Tori doing this to him almost made Cat want to call Tori mean. That was a big step for the bubbly girl.

"Maybe it just wasn't meant to be. It sounds like you're not happy either." They walked into the cool airport, with noise bustling around them.

"I am happy though," Andre insisted, looking down at her as they walked through the crowd. Even at five thirty in the morning, the place was still busy. "I just want her to be happy too. That would make me even more happy. I love when she smiles, I love when she laughs, and I love when she kisses me, but every time I mess something up, it's like all of that gets taken away from me, never to return."

She felt her chest tighten a little as he described her friend, "Oh... wow."

To her fortune, she didn't have to keep the conversation going. Tori, Robbie, Rex, Beck and Jade were all crowded around a security door, talking about their trip excitedly, except for Jade, of course. She was sitting on top of her luggage, leaning against her boyfriend, her eyes closed.

"Hi, hi," Cat chimed in as she attempted to hide her discomfort. It got worse when Andre walked over to Tori and whispered something into her ear, causing her to sigh before locking her hand in his own.

"Hello, Caterina," Robbie said with a wink. She couldn't stop herself from giving him a slightly disgusted look.

"Hey, Cat. You excited?" Robbie asked.

"Of course! I've never been out of the country," she explained.

"Technically Hawaii, isn't out of the country. It's still a state," Tori told her with a little laugh.

"Oh... my bad," and she quieted down.

Andre squeezed Tori's hand, giving her a warning look. She rolled her eyes and huffed, "Just saying..."

The door to the security office opened, and a man who was dressed as a pilot, along with a large, black man in a suit emerged, "Ms. West?"

Beck nudged Jade a little, and her head stayed up as she mumbled a "What?"

"We're going to escort you, and your guests to your father's jet now. Gather your things," the man in the suit answered.

"Bitterman, stop the act. You've been around me since I was twelve," Jade mumbled, getting up but not opening her eyes.

"You've put up with her that long?" Tori asked as her jaw dropped to the floor.

"Damn man, I give you props," Rex butted in, and Jade still didn't seem bothered by the comments.

"Yeah, but she's grown on me," the man said, walking over to her. He motioned to Beck, "Are you going to do it, or should I?"

"Be my guest. I had to get her in the car," Beck said, stepping away from his girlfriend, giving her almost no support.

Thankfully, before she could fall, Bitterman caught the girl, and threw her over his shoulder, letting her dead weight be of no match for his strength. He could not only balance the tired girl, but he could also grab most of her luggage.

"You're handy," Jade mumbled as he whisked her away, Beck grabbing what he could of the luggage and followed through the security entrance.

The rest of the gang followed behind, helping each other carry bags, and leaving the rest to the pilot.

"I had no idea that Jade had so much money," Tori whispered to Andre and Cat.

"Yeah. The girl's got bank," Rex stated as Robbie struggled to keep him in his arms, along with their luggage.

The room had a back door that Bitterman opened gracefully, holding it open for the rest of them before stepping down the steps and onto the runway. A private jet, that had West Inc. along the side waited for them.

"Scratch that. The girl's got the U.S Mint," Rex said with a laugh.

"You're lucky, man," Andre told Beck as they all rushed the plane.

He stayed behind them, letting the others take in everything. He wasn't stunned by the private jet, even though it was the first time he saw it in person. He wasn't amazed that Jade had a body guard that doubled as a nanny. He found his eyes falling to the giant black man, carrying his sleepy girlfriend and couldn't help but smile.

He really was the lucky one.