"So, how's life on the Main Land?" Crona asked as the asphalt sped by beneath them. The broken road made the old truck bounce off the pavement, killing every muscle in the boys bottom halves. Even if they attempted to sooth the bumps, it still did nothing to help the pain shooting up their veins every time they had to hold themselves above the bed. Crona hit the back window, "Take it easy! She's not from this era. Jeez."

He was sitting closest to the cab of the truck, managing to use his way of balancing as a way of keeping the long boards steady. They were almost too long for the truck, but luckily the boys could control them over this rough terrain. It wasn't the best idea to take this route, but it seemed as though Josh thought he knew what he was doing.

The truck began to jerk, throwing the contents of the bed around in little spurs of motion. None of the boys really figured out what was going on until they noticed that the hood was funneling out of the seems. From where they were, they could tell that the driver was slowly pulling off to the shoulder.

A panicked Crona attempted to look over the cab of the truck, asking rhetorical questions to whoever paid attention. As they came to a stop, the boy jumped out as fast as he could before rushing around the the front. Jay-Jay took his time, but he followed to see if he could do anything to help.

Crona pulled the hood up after a few attempts to lift it by himself, but due to the heat that came along with the steam, his hands weren't able to withstand the warmth. A groan escaped his lips as the rest of the crew filed out to observe the problem.

"I didn't do anything wrong," Josh said in a rushed tone, keeping his distance from the angry passanger. He wouldn't move left or right of Jade, hoping that she could act as a buffer if he did decide to come after the poor boy.

"You were driving, you're responsible," Crona yelled, using his hand as a fan to keep the steam away from his face as Jay-Jay finally figured out how to unlatch the hood, and keep it from falling down upon their heads for the time being.

"Actually, if it's smoking that's probably because your radiator busted from being too old," Beck spoke up as he walked up next to Jade, slipping his arm around her waist as he surveyed the damage.

"Don't take this the wrong way, but how the fuck do you know?" Crona was known for his mouth in times of stress.

"I'm interested in mechanics. It's sort of a hobby of mine," Beck said, stuffing his free hand into his pocket, while he rocked forward on his feet. He left Jade's side and took a better look at the injured truck. Crona watched eagerly over his shoulder, pointing and asking questions that Beck was happy to answer. "See this crack right here? It's because of all the gravel you've been driving over. The stones hit against it and make it weak, so that's probably why your radiator busted. Too much strain on the metal."

"And if I do recall," Josh spoke up, finally coming out behind the protective barrier that was Jade, "there was absolutely no gravel on the way from Jade's house to here."

Crona rolled his eyes and turned his attention back to the more important matter, "so can you fix it?"

Beck tinkered around a little more, using a rag someone found a little off the side of the road. "Nope. I would have to replace the entire radiator, which we don't have around here, nor do we have access to power tools."

"But if someone could get the car back to the house, could you fix it?" Cat asked, speaking up from the group, walking slightly closer to the truck.

"With about a new radiator, yeah, but that would run you close to two hundred dollars," Beck said with a sigh, taking his hands off the engine, finally.

"I don't have two hundred dollars!" Crona complained, slamming his closed fists down against the hot metal. All the sudden, he wasn't so bothered by the heat.

"Actually..." Beck started to say, bringing up his pointer finger, shaking it back and forth before finally pointing at Cat. "What were you saying?"

"I was just going to say that if you needed a tow truck, my brother's friend, Scab, lives around here, and he has three tow-trucks," Cat said, happily. "He's really cheap."

"What could he possibly be doing with three two-trucks?" Leanna grumbled, crossing her arms over her chest.

"We've found it better to just not ask," Andre stated, scratching the side of his head as Robbie nodded in consensus. Leanna quickly shut her mouth before walking over towards Jay-Jay, easily avoiding the conversation.

"Can you get your brother down here?"

"He's not my brother. He's my brother's friend. My brother is on the 'main land'," she said with a wink, smiling at Crona the way she always did. The light, airy look about her.

For a good minute, everyone stood around as car after car rolled by, ignoring the stranded teenagers. Beck was about to gently ask Cat if she could make the phone call, but unfortunately, Jade beat him to it, "Call your damn brother, Cat."

She quickly dug out her phone, a look of sadness fell onto her face from the yelling. She really didn't take criticism well. The red head started walking away from the group, hopefully to find a less noisy place to talk to her brother.

"So why exactly do we need a tow-truck?" Josh asked as he returned to Jade's side. She was waiting impatiently in the cab of the truck, sitting in the drivers side with the door open. The man stepped so his stomach was against her legs.

A pang of jealousy hit Beck in the chest. Jay- Jay clapped a hand over his shoulder, "He really is gay. They act like that all the time when they're together. It's like they're overly comfortable with each other."

"He doesn't even get a boner if he drinks and makes out with some of the hottest babes on the Island. It's kind of weird," Crona added, scratching the back of his head as he watched through the windsheild. Josh whispered something to Jade, and she couldn't stop laughing.

"What about the beach?" Robbie asked, attempting to get into the Hawaiian group like his friends have so easily adjusted to. Andre and Tori were talking to Mikey and Tommy about something to do on the island, while the rest of the crowd stayed close to the truck, awaiting a word from Cat.

"Yeah, how can we go surfing if we don't have a ride to the beach?" Tori asked from a distance.

Everyone who has been on the island before began laughing. Mikey was the first to catch a break in the chuckles, "Lady, we're on an island. That means that no matter what direction you go, you will find a beach."

To add to the sentence, Tommy walked across the clear street and into some shrubbery that laid on the opposite side of the road. He had to deal with quite a bit of tropical plants before he finally got to a position where he could just pull away a few branches, and there it was. A beautiful, white sand beach, with the waves crashing not too far off the shore with almost no sign of any locals.

All except the man who seemed to be asleep in a sleeping bag, a few feet down the beach.

"See? It's perfect," Jay-Jay stated to Tori, more than anyone else. He looked her up and down before slowly smiling at the girl. She blushed and looked away quickly, hoping that her boyfriend hadn't noticed the wandering eyes.

"Then what're we waiting for? Let's surf!" Robbie said, pumping a fist into the air. He began walking across the street, a little ahead of himself. A car sped by, swerving to miss the oblivious boy, who was taken out of his "popularity" point by a loud honk that scared him to the core.

"We're waiting on, Cat, moron," Jade spoke, not even bothering to look at the boy. She was too busy texting away on her phone.

Beck thought it was odd that she'd be texting when all of her friends were right here. He was going to make a big deal about it before Josh took out his own phone, smiling at the text while Jade put her phone down. They were probably just catching up, he told himself.

"Oh... right," Robbie said, sinking back into the group, completely embarrassed at the current situation.

In that moment, Cat skipped back to the group, "Hey, I'm back. Did you miss me?"

"Terribly," Andre joked, earning an elbow to the ribcage from Tori.

Cat blushed, and was in slight awe by the comment. She thought he was being serious, but quickly shook it off as if it was really too good to be true, "My brother called his friend, and his friend called me, and then-"

"Get to the point, Cat," Jade snapped, hopping out of the truck.

"He'll be here in an hour or so," she stated.

"Then lets get in the fucking water," Crona said, looking at Robbie. "Isn't it your job to announce we're going to the beach."

Robbie felt slightly embarrassed. He shrugged before walking to the back of the truck with the other boys. One by one, the surfboards came out. Four long boards, and two short boards. This time, he looked both ways before he crossed the street, helping Tommy carry the end of one of the long boards.

As soon as her feet hit the sand, Jade's breathing quickened. She felt as though she was tied to the ocean. The way it calmed her down, but still got her excited was so ridiculous. Her vision changed from the crashing waves to the brown eyes of her boyfriend.

In Hollywood, he was her version of the ocean.

Although she was carrying a surfboard against her side, she found her way to Beck, grasping the hand that wasn't holding onto the longer version of her board. He smiled at her, and quickly kissed her cheek. He would have planted one on her lips, but he was only an assistant in carrying the thing.

"So, who wants to take who?" Jade asked. "Obviously, I'm teaching Beck."

"I call Tori!" Jay-Jay shouted, quickly dropping the board and pulling her away from Andre's side. "That's cool, right, bra?"

"Of course," Andre said, hesitantly. He felt a little bit of jealousy, but it was clouded by Tommy volunteering to take Cat as his student. His eyes fell on her as she began to strip off her shirt. His cheeks flushed and he forced himself to look away.

What was wrong with him? Even after his attention turned back to his gorgeous girlfriend, he couldn't feel excited about watching her take off her top, exposing her bikini clad chest to the boys. Of course, Jay-Jay was more excited than anyone.

Eventually, everyone had a partner, and they began to wade into the water, complaining of cold, and freaking out about what could lie just below the surface.