A Field of Passion

Story Summary: This story is of what Lowrider was unwilling to do, a Story of Buford and Milly getting together.

Disclaimer 1: The Story Employs Characters from Phineas and Ferb, I Do not in any way shape or form own any of the Character from Phineas and Ferb, Dan Povenmire and Jeff Swampy Marsh are the only people who have all the rights, I'm Merely sandboxing in this

Disclaimer 2: since this story is set during High School I will be inventing characters to help move the plot along

(A/N: Any name marked with a pair of ~ is a Point of View)

Chapter 1: If you're just joining us


My Name is Buford Van Stomm

I'm the Defensive Guard (A/N or Defensive Tackle for those Football players who'd prefer) for the Danville High Football Team, called the Paladins,

My job for those who don't know a dang thing about football is to rush and if and or flatten the Runner backs (Full or half back) before they can get near my teams end zone after get past the Offenses Guards

As of recently I've found myself in two pickles

Pickle Situation #1 I'm the only one of my friends without a girlfriend since Baljeet, My Nerd and best friend, has got himself a Girlfriend a couple weeks ago

Pickle Situation #2 I along with the water boy and the Equipment manager are the only ones on the team with out a girlfriend

It has been a tradition since the Knights became the Paladins for a little over 40 Years ago

Tradition states "A Paladin must seek out his mistress before he can strike out on his own"

Now the story of what happens to help me to reverse the situation

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