Loathing: A Glee/Wicked Fanfiction

Written by Justin Devins

"Is it true you knew him? The Wicked Witch?" A boy asked Sam, the Good Witch of the North. "Well, we did cross paths once, in school..." he began. And as soon as he said that, he was transported back into his teenage life. Back to when he was the most popular boy in school. Back to when he was the star jock on the football team and everybody knew him. Back to when he first met Kurt, the now-known "Wicked Witch" of the West. Kurt... His best friend.

Samuel Evans arrived at Mckinley High dressed in his usual attire. A white t-shirt, letterman jacket, blue jeans, and red-yellow basketball sneakers. It wasn't much, but it was the thing everyone knew him by. His cool-guy/jock attitude. He was on his way to the Glee Club when he saw Kurt for the first time.

Kurt walked into the hallway pushing Artie in his wheelchair. Everyone was looking at them like they were from another planet because, well, you see, Kurt had an extremly rare skin disorder that made his skin that should be the color of cream appear a sickly green color. Everyone thought he was a monster, so he never talked to anyone and didn't have any real friends. Even his parents and brother thought he was a freak.

When everyone started the usual staring and whispering, Kurt chimed in. "Ok, lets get this over and done with! No, i'm not a monster! Yes, i'm a human guy! No, I don't sell green apples to little girls that live in cottages! And yes, I have a soul and feelings!" Kurt screamed in his high almost-girly voice. "Kurt! Just stop! You said things would be different here! You promised you wouldn't blow up! Calm Down, dear brother! PLEASE!" Artie screamed back. Kurt apologized to everyone, Artie included, while gritting his teeth.

Sam was a witness to all of this. He walked right up to the green boy, smirked in disgust, and introduced himself as Samuel Evans, Son of the Mayor of Oz. This was the moment that would change both their lives forever.

So, I hope you liked that little bit. It's not quite the same storyline, but it is a Fanfiction. So comment, like, whatever. Leave suggestions too please!

I do not claim in owning anything from Wicked or Glee.