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"Mom? Dad?" Griffin walks into his house throwing his school bag down. "You guys home?" He calls a little louder.

"They went out." Caitlin tells him crossly "Can you be any louder?"

"Sorry, I just needed to talk to my mom and dad." Griffin explains

"Wait, you're sorry? Just like that?" Caitlin asks surprised

"Yea, why not?" Griffin shrugs "I want you to meet someone." He smiles "Come with me."

Caitlin sighs and follows him out the front door "What is it? I'm busy right-" She stops when she spots a pretty girl standing at the bottom of the steps looking slightly nervous. Caitlin looks at her for a moment, she had dark brown hair, and blue eyes, she was about Caitlin's height, and was shifting her weight around nervously. Caitlin smirks slightly she didn't look like most of the girls Griffin usually liked, they must be working together on a science project or something.

"Caitlin this is Ashley, Ashley this is Caitlin." Griffin introduces them

"Hi." Ashley gives Caitlin a quick smile

"Hi." Caitlin replies curtly "Listen I have to get back to work, call me when dinner is ready." She says then turns and goes back into the house.

"Sorry about that." Griffin apologizes "Caitlin can be a little difficult at times, but once you get to know her she isn't all that bad."

Ashley smiles "Don't worry about it, I have a sister too, and two brothers." She adds

Inside Caitlin makes a face, annoyed. "Talk about me as soon as I'm gone it's all right." She mutters before getting back to her work.


"Caitlin! Dinner!" Dori calls Caitlin that evening. "Hurry up before it gets cold!"

Caitlin goes into the dining room and glares warily at the scene as Allisyn or Anna or whatever her name is sits down next to Griffin.

"Oh good you're here." Dori smiles "Come on let's all sit down."

Caitlin takes her seat and starts to put food in her dish. "So Allisyn are you and Griffin working on a school project together?" She asks intentionally

"It's Ashley." Griffin corrects her annoyed

"Ashley right, sorry." Caitlin replies un-apologetically

"No, Griffin and I are friends." Ashley replies

"Did you just move here? I've never seen you before." Caitlin presses

"No, Ashley didn't just move here. We just never met each other until the other day."

"How's that work out?" Caitlin asks Griffin

"We just hung out in different crowds, you know how it is." Griffin replies

"Yea. I know how it is." Caitlin replies curtly

Jim clears his throat. "So I hear you two are going on that hike your class is taking, you joining them Caitlin?"

"Yea, it's a good photo op." Caitlin glances at Jim

"I still don't like the idea of it very much, it's dangerous up there on those trails." Dori tells them all "I want all of you to be careful."

"Don't worry mom, all you have to do is stay on the paths and you're fine." Griffin shrugs it off

"My brother and I had gone there once over the summer, it's not to bad like Griffin said if you don't stray off the paths." Ashley speaks up "It's actually pretty nice up there."

"I'm sure it is, I still want you kids to be careful." Dori replies

"We will." Griffin answers

"When is it again?" Jim asks

"Day after tomorrow." Griffin answers "May we be excused?" Griffin asks

"Sure." Dori smiles and Griffin and Ashley get up and leave the table.

"Your family is nice." Ashley tells Griffin outside on the front porch, she sits down on the step

"You were so quiet in there, how could you tell?" Griffin jokes

Ashley's face flushes slightly "Yea, I uh guess I can get a little shy at times. Actually….. I don't think Caitlin likes me very much."

"Why would you think that? Did she say something to you?" Griffin asks

"No, just it's stupid but the way she acts. I don't know I'm just being paranoid."

"Yea you are, but only a little so don't worry about it. Caitlin's just a little hard to get along with until you really get to know her, but she really is nicer then she comes across." Griffin laughs "I had fun today."

"Me too, I like hanging out with you." Ashley faces him

"Yea…." Griffin trails off and leans over and kisses Ashley.

Griffin lingers for a moment before pulling away, Ashley smiles "Uh….that was, that was nice." She smiles happily

"Yea it was. " Griffin agrees and leans over and kisses her again.

Ashley bends her head nodding and smiling still.

"Was it still nice?" Griffin asks playfully

"Yea, my brother's going to be here soon, to pick me up." Ashley explains "I should get my things." She stands up brushing off her pants.

"Come on, I'll go with you." Griffin follows her inside.

"Thanks." Ashley smiles a car horn honks outside. "I'll see in tomorrow?"

"Yea, lunch right?" Griffin asks

Ashley nods yes and walks outside and gets into her father's truck.

"That was sickening." Caitlin mutters walking past him

"Shut up, just because I have a potential girlfriend doesn't mean you have to make it any of your business."

"It's not, just when you get all mushy and crap in front of me it disgusts me." Caitlin snaps and goes up to her room.

Griffin rolls his eyes and goes to his room, instead of picking a fight.


"Hey Brett." Ashley sits down at their table.

"Hi Ash." Brett nods through a mouthful of food "Griff should be here soon."

"I know, you going tomorrow?" Ashley asks taking a sip of her drink.

"Of course, you are too right?"

"Yea." Ashley nods she looks up as Jordan and Griffin sit down.

"What's up?" Jordan nods starting on his food

"Dude slow down, you got time." Griffin jokes "Hey Ashley."

"Don't do that man." Jordan groans jokingly

"What?" Griffin asks pretending to be offended

"Hey Ashley" Jordan mimics Griffin "You act like you haven't seen her all day."

"I heard you two hung out last night." Brett adds "Is there something we should know about?"

"Uh let me think… no." Griffin replies

"Hey" Caitlin sits down but doesn't notice Ashley "You all ready for the big hike tomorrow?" She asks sarcastically

"It should be cool Caitlin, Ashley said she went this summer and it was cool." Jordan tells her

"And that means what to me? The princess had fun on her nature walk?" Caitlin snaps

"What's wrong with you?" Griffin exclaims "You know I didn't think Ashley was right when she said she didn't think you liked her, I even stood up for you. But she was right." Griffin gets up "Come on." Ashley gets up and follows him her cheeks burning red.

"That was harsh." Brett glances at Caitlin, who has a dumbfounded look on her face.

"I didn't even know she was there, she's so quiet how could anyone know?" Caitlin defends herself

"The only time she's quiet is when she's uncomfortable." Brett replies "You could at least attempt to be nice to her, Griffin really likes her."

"Oh so since Griffin likes her I have to be on eggshells around her? I don't think so I don't give special or preferential treatment to anyone. If she's shy she can get over it." Caitlin gets up and storms away.

"What was that about?" Jordan asks Brett who shrugs in reply.


Caitlin storms into her house that afternoon, she stops by the dining room where she sees Dori and Griffin sitting and talking. "What? Ashley's not coming by today?" Caitlin makes a face

"I'd be surprised if she came by again." Griffin replies brushing past her "I'll be home before dinner mom." He calls before shutting the door behind him.

"Caitlin honey, sit down." Dori gestures to a chair.

"Dori I'm really not in the mood for a speech." Caitlin says sitting down.

"I'm not giving you one, I just want you to give Ashley a chance, she's a little on the shy side and she's not used to…."

"Me?" Caitlin offers

"Things have been hard on her family, you may even be able to relate to her a little bit. You know find a good friend." Dori tells Caitlin

"I hardly see that happening." Caitlin scoffs "What could we possibly have in common?"

"You'll have to ask." Dori smiles getting up "I have to run a few errands, I'll be back soon."

Caitlin crosses her arms stubbornly and sits back against the back of the chair thinking.


"Come on Caitlin we're going to be late!" Griffin calls for Caitlin the next morning

"I though you weren't speaking to me." Caitlin replies coming down the stairs

"I'm not but I don't want to be late and dad wont leave without you. If it were up to me I'd be gone already." Griffin replies annoyed

"So walk." Caitlin answers curtly pushing past him and getting into the car.

Griffin sighs and shuts the door.

"Hey guys what's up?" Jordan walks over to Caitlin and Griffin.

"Hey man, where's Ashley?" Griffin asks

"You've got to be kidding me. You're starting already?" Caitlin mutters and stalks away pulling out her camera.

"Ignore her, she's getting a ride with Brett." Jordan replies "There's Eric" Jordan nods as Eric makes his way over. "What's up?"

"Not much, Griff I hear you're trying to hook up with Ashley Maddox. Nice choice." Eric smiles nudging Griffin in the ribs

"Yea, yea quit it." Griffin fends him off "There's Brett."

"And Ashley." Jordan tells Eric laughing.

"Hey Ashley." Griffin walks over to her.

"Hi Griffin, hey guys." Ashley smiles brightly

"Listen Ash, don't listen to Caitlin about yesterday…she likes to give people crap that's all." Jordan tells her

"Dude there was a cat fight and I missed it?" Eric asks

"No cat fight. Just Caitlin." Griffin jokes "Come on, I think we're starting."

"All right everyone listen up" A teacher holding a clipboard calls out loudly "I want everyone to get into groups of six, then send someone from your group to tell me who is in your group. You can explore on your own but you must check in at certain check in times. And you will have to look for some things on this list as you explore. Stay on the paths and be careful. All right form groups!"

Caitlin clenches her jaw, she was going to have to go back to Griffin and everyone else, great just what she wanted. She thinks to herself sarcastically.

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