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"You didn't have to give me a ride." Caitlin says once in the car "I would have managed"

"First, I'm not going to let a girl walk home in the dark, second you're Ashley's friend and third I don't mind." Pete replies his eyes straight ahead on the road.

"Thank you. I'm not really Ashley's friend though."

"You still helped her out today."

"It was nothing."

"So I've heard." Pete smirks "Don't like being in the spotlight?"

"Not exactly."

"I know the feeling, I'd rather be on the sidelines too." Pete agrees

"Yea." Caitlin replies softly looking out the window.

"Griffin tells me you're pretty hard to get along with at times, I don't see it." Pete says nonchalantly

"I think Ashley feels the same way." Caitlin jokes "Isn't everyone at times hard to get alone with?"

"Yes and no, for a while we were considering kicking Beth out." Pete glances at her

"Seriously? Ashley mentioned Beth was hard to get along with."

"No." Pete shakes his head "She's family, you don't leave someone out cold because you're having a rough spot. It sounds all corny but my brothers and sisters are all I have. Isn't it the same with you and Griffin and his parents?"

Caitlin thinks about it. "I never thought of it that way, I'm grateful they took me in, I'm surprised a lot of the time they haven't kicked me out yet. But I guess you're right they're all I've got."

"Of course I'm right." Pete smiles "Here we are." He pulls up in front of Caitlin's house.

"Thanks again" Caitlin opens the door and starts to slide out


"Yea?" She turns and faces Pete for the first time that night he didn't seem a 100% sure of himself.

"You want to hang out sometime?" He asks almost nervously

"Yea I would." Caitlin smiles genuinely

"I'll call you." Pete promises and Caitlin shuts the door, he backs out onto the street and leaves.


"Cait-you're awake?" Griffin asks Caitlin surprised the next morning

"Yea, why so surprised?" Caitlin asks picking up her books

"No reason, come on let's go." Griffin replies and they leave.

"Is Ashley going to be in school today?"

"Yea, with crutches though. She feels a lot better though…..So…."


"I heard you and Pete hit it off." Griffin grins

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"You spent how long downstairs talking to him? And then he drove you home, and I've heard you two are going to hang out." Griffin tells her "Ashley told me last night when we were on the phone."

"What about you and Ashley?"

"What about us? I have no problem admitting that I like her- a lot. Just admit it you like Pete." Griffin smirks

"I do not, I barely even know him."

"Hey there was a time I barely knew Ashley and look at us now. Face it Caitlin you are head over heels for Pete. An older man, at least he's not some jerk. Seriously Caitlin I think it's a good thing."

"All right, so maybe I like Pete a little."

"A little?"

"I don't know- yet."

"Yet, nice." Griffin laughs "I knew it."

"You don't know anything." Caitlin replies smiling in spite of herself.


Caitlin sits down at the table at lunch, and the table becomes silent. "What?"

"Pete? Is that it?" Jordan teases "We heard all about it."

"Don't you guys have anything better to do?" Caitlin asks

"No." Brett and Jordan answers at the same time.

Ashley giggles at the scene "I think Pete likes you."

"Why do you think that?" Caitlin looks at her

"Cause he told me last night." Ashley replies "You really impressed him."

"Let's change the subject." Caitlin suggests pointedly

"All right, so we got a hundred on our project for collecting all the supplies most people didn't even finish. We could have had some time to hang out but-" Eric jokes

"Funny." Ashley interrupts him "You guys need some new material."

"After I ask you something." Eric says as Griffin takes a seat. "How did you manage to fall?"

"The sand loosened and the rocks slid a little and I lost my balance." Ashley explains

"And Caitlin grabbed you?"

"Yes." Ashley raises her eyebrows

"How close were you then?" Eric looks at Caitlin

"Close enough." Caitlin replies

"Apparently." Eric says thinking.

"What?" Caitlin asks

"It just seems weird, if Ashley was on the other side of the fence grabbing for a rock and slipped how did you manage to grab her."

"I got to go." Ashley jumps in saving Caitlin "Class."

"I'll come with-" Griffin starts but Caitlin interrupts

"I'll go, you eat your lunch." Caitlin tells him and jumps up before he can protest. "You shouldn't keep covering for me." She tells Ashley when they are out of the cafeteria.

"You'd rather them be mad at you?" Ashley asks

"No, I-"

"Then just leave it. It's no big deal."

"It is for me, I can't lie like that they'll find out eventually."

"So then tell them if it will make you feel better." Ashley tells her "Do whatever you want I was just trying to help, but I forgot you don't want or need anybody's help. Right?"

Taken back Caitlin replies "Right."

"See? Then don't worry about it. They'll forget eventually."

"You still think I'm jealous don't you?" Caitlin says bothered

"You don't let up on anything do you?" Ashley asks annoyed

"No, because you're wrong. I'm not jealous."

"OK, fine you're not jealous. I got it. Later." Ashley mutters and goes into a classroom.

"Uh" Caitlin mutters frustrated and storms away.


That afternoon the phone rings, Caitlin snatches it up. "Hello?"

"Caitlin?" An unfamiliar voice asks

"Who's this?"

"Forget about me already?"

Caitlin smiles "Hey Pete."

"So then you didn't forget."

"No, I didn't forget." Caitlin replies

"So, you still want to g- hang out?"

"Go out or hang out?" Caitlin asks

"Uh… go out." Pete answers

"When?" Caitlin bites her lip

"Friday, I'll pick you up at seven?"

"Sounds good, I'll see you Friday." Caitlin smiles and hangs up the phone.

"Who was that?" Griffin asks opening the door "Pete?"

"Yea, we're going out Friday."

"Think you could be just a little bit nicer to him then you are to Ashley?" Griffin says sourly


"She was upset in class but wouldn't tell me why. Finally I got her to tell me that you two exchanged words."

"Exchanged words? Who says that?" Caitlin asks disdained



"Can you be serious just once? Why do you always have to be so negative, what did Ashley do to you? I really like her."

"Do you even know her? Like a girl like her would just decide to hang out with people like you and your friends? No I don't think so."

"She's right, you are jealous." Griffin tells her and walks away.

"Are you kidding me? She told you I was jealous?" Caitlin follows Griffin into his room

"Yes, I don't know why. But you are in some twisted way you're jealous."

"Why would I be jealous?" Caitlin yells

"Maybe because Ashley is liked and gets along with her family and I like her a lot and want to hang around her. Or because my friends get along with her and not with you. She has all that and you want it! Because they like her more than you and right now so do I."

Caitlin clenches her jaw but feels like she was just slapped in her face. "Fine." She replies, turns on her heel and slams the door behind her.

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