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"Papa," a little girl in a pink nightgown tapped at her father's study door, "Papa," she repeated in a sweet voice. She held a white teddy bear, with slight dirt spots in areas, in her left hand and her right hand continuously scratched her head. "Papa," she cried a little. Rodolphus Lestrange hung over his desk. He wasn't moving or breathing. The little girl moved closer to her father and put her tiny hand on his larger arm, she tried to wake him. "Papa," she cried again. "Up, Papa, up!" She whined being clueless about the situation. "Fine, Papa," she grabbed her little pink chair that he had in his study for her and pulled it over to her papa, she sat and sucked her thumb. "Papa sleepy?" The little girl giggled while she still sucked her thumb. She let loose a yawn and reached up to lay on the desk. Soon after, she fell asleep in her "sleeping" fathers arms.

The next morning, the little girl woke up and yawned while looking at her father. "Papa!" She whined, "Papa still sleepy?" She observed his face and lightly touched it with her fragile hand. "Papa cold," she frowned. "Why papa cold?" She let tears drip down her face, "Is Papa sick?" The little confused girl got off the desk, almost falling, to go to the kitchen. "I get Papa soup," she said. "Soup make papa feel better."

She wobbled her small body to the kitchen and climbed up on a stool to reach a can of soup. "Magic soup" the can read. She smiled as she opened it and poured it into a bowl; it was already hot. When poured, she ran to the study and put down the bowl of soup on his desk. "Eat up Papa!" She tried to make him grip the spoon. "Papa, take it!" She whined.

"Dear," a soft woman spoke and the little girl turned around to see her Aunt.

"Aunty, Papa so sleepy!" She squealed as she pointed to her father. Her Aunts eyes rose to meet Rodolphus's dead body, they widened in horror. She could tell by the look of his dead body that he didn't just die but was killed. The woman walked quickly to the little girl and tried to push her out of the room.

"Go, Dear!" She ordered but the little girl just stood there with a tilted head.

"But, Papa." She cried. "I want papa." The woman kneeled to her and rubbed her cheek.

"Go to your room, little one." Her Aunt gave her a slight kiss on the cheek. "I'll be there shortly." The little girl nodded and walked slowly out of the room with her right thumb in her mouth and her white teddy in the left hand.