The time was 1767.

"But sir if we wish to have good relations with France we should have one of our princesses marry young Louis."

"Why should we let that happen? We don't get along and I don't think this will even work."

Soon Maria Theresa walked in.

"Roderich, King Louis and I have agreed that if you and Francis are to stop fighting wars then the two kingdoms shall be united by marriage of two royals."

Austria soon gave into his queen knowing that he had to obey what she said.

"Now we shall use my youngest daughter as the bride."

"You don't mean."

"Yes, Roderich, the bride shall be, Marie."

However, Marie was quite surprised about the marriage.

"Mother, I know that our kingdoms need this marriage to end the fighting, but this is so sudden."

"Marie, Roderich doesn't want any part of this either but it will be the only way to stop any wars between those two. Who knows, you actually might like being the future Queen of France."

"I might want to meet my new country before I marry though."

Three years passed and eventually she arrived in France a few days before the wedding happened.

"Monsieur Francis, the bride to be has arrived."

Marie stepped out and France went up to greet her. He asked kissing her hand,

"So you will be the bride for Louis madame?"

"Yes, I would also like to meet my fiancé before I marry as well."

"But of course ma cherie. I bet you will love being a royal of the French no?"

On April 19th of 1770 the wedding was held in the Versailles chapel. Marie was only 14 at the time she was married yet when the wedding was over it stated official ties with both royal families. However, soon came the year of 1774 and on May 10th France was devastated at what happened.

"Mon Deiu, this is truly a tragedy, my king."

"Francis, are you forgetting that I have the rights to the throne?"

"Of course, after the funeral you and Marie shall be inaugurated as King and Queen."

After the funeral for the king was held the inauguration of Louis the XVI began.

"Announcing his royal highness, people of France I give you,King Louis the XVI."

Cheers from the crowd came as the new King presented himself to the people.

"And now, presenting her royal highness and new Queen of the French, I now give you, Madame Marie Antoinette."

This would truly be a queen the French would never forget about. And I really mean that they would never forget.

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