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Chapter 1:

It had been a while since I'd been in this position. Of course, back then I had been esteemed as a slut or prostitute. Now, I was a victim. Kidnapped and taken out of my own home. I was dressed in a midnight blue, almost black, corset and black boy shorts which matched the lace lining my corset.

My high heels were black and I could feel the familiar pressure of a choker around my neck. Hand cuffs bound my hands behind my back and a belt held my ankles together. Probably knowing that I was good at getting out of things, my captor tied another belt just above my knees and around my thighs. It was almost impossible to escape and there was no way in hell that I was going to be running in these heels. But above all of that, there was duct tape over my lips, preventing me from speaking out crying out as well as a blind fold over my eyes, trapping me in darkness.

I didn't dare to move, not knowing where I was exactly. All I knew was that I was bound and tied and sitting upright with my hands supporting me behind me on a flat and hard surface. My throat tightened as I heard foot steps approaching.

"So beautiful, my love." His voice was suddenly at my neck. I squirmed and he chuckled, pressing a loving kiss at the hollow of my throat.

"I know that you're probably wondering where you are, why you're here, who I am, things like that." he whispered and I turned my face away when I felt a soft caress my cheek.

I was startled when he grabbed my face roughly in his hand. I could feel the anger rolling off of him in waves and I was startled when he wrapped an arm around my waist and pulled me into him.

"Don't turn away from me, my love. I have waited for you for so long." he whispered into my hair, kissing my cheek lovingly. "If I take this tape off of your lips, will you promise not to scream? I need your cooperation." he told me quietly, pleading quietly. "I don't want to hurt you."

I nodded finally, hesitant to trust him.

"I have a fiance," I breathed. "You're making a mistake. You have the wrong girl."

"No, I don't. It's you. It has always been you." he whispered brushing his fingers against my lips and making me shiver. "Please, Bella. All I want is you."

"My fiance-"

"If you really love him, you won't mention him again. I have no qualms about signing the warrant for his death." he whispered harshly.

"I don't love anybody," I whispered back just as harshly.

"Then why marry him?" he asked me and I pursed my lips angrily, refusing to answer him. He chuckled and pulled me closer, lowering his neck so that he was brushing his lips along my collar bone. I shivered once again.

"I propose a deal." he whispered and I gasped when I felt his finger slip in between my legs, making a small circuit of tracing my slit back and forth. Back and forth. So agonizingly slow. I could hear my breathing begin to get more and more shallower. "What if I can change your mind?"

"About what?" I asked him angrily, trying to stay on this emotion.

"I won't kill him if you stay with me," he whispered against my neck, pressing more firmly against my heat. I couldn't hold back the moan that escaped my lips. "What do you think about that, my love?" he asked me quietly, a smug smile apparent in his tone.

"And what do I get out of this?" I asked him angrily.

"You get to marry the wealthiest man in your country and live in luxury, never in need for anything. I will supply everything that you want," he whispered, his voice like velvet as his finger slipped around my boy shorts and into my already wet heat.

"Marry you?" I asked breathlessly, not able to think straight.

"Yes." he whispered quietly, dragging his lips down my throat and moaning in return when I moaned as he began to pump in and out of me.

"Why? Because you think I can be easily bought?" I asked him breathlessly.

"If you recall, I didn't buy you. I took you. You now belong to me, Isabella." he growled, nipping at my throat and making me jerk in surprise.

"Temporarily." I whispered back and was surprised when he tore the blind fold off. I was met with a pair of furious emerald green eyes. "Just as I do not love anybody. I do not belong to anybody." I whispered, meeting his gaze evenly. "Do you think just because you can finger fuck me and bring me to an orgasm you have my affections, Edward?" I asked him and was shocked when he pressed his lips against mine roughly.

"No. But I can work on that." he smiled at me as he inserted another finger into me. "What do you say, love?"

I clenched my jaw shut tightly when he tried to invade my mouth with his tongue. I was breathing roughly through my nose, not giving him the satisfaction of hearing my cries.

"Do I have a choice, honey?" I whispered harshly, angry that I would have to be this gorgeous bastard's wife. Legally of all things!

He grinned, not answering, and pressing his lips to mine, inhaling my moan as my body shook with my orgasm.

"No, you don't." Edward whispered, smiling in satisfaction.


It was later that I was taken to my new room which I was to occupy before the wedding which would be happening before the end of the week. Escape with such a small time frame was impossible and I think Edward knew this. Two days until my wedding. Yay. Note the fucking sarcasm.

I was not a kept woman. Or at least I hadn't been. Now, I belonged to Edward.

Changing out of my corset, I showered and changed into a set of pajamas left for me on the bed. Frowning, I looked through the drawers and closet of the room. They were all full of articles of clothing. This was obviously thought through and planned out.

There was no room in trying to escape. The windows were barred and the door was locked. From the outside. There were no secret panels or rooms. I was a prisoner now.

I quickly changed into a pair of shorts, wearing some new boxers and rolling the waist band so that they would accomodate me. I pulled on a baggy shirt and grabbed the blanket and left the pillow on the bed. I settled myself on the thick rug beside the bed, falling asleep with my muscles tense from the day's events.

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