The scene is morning at the Hart house Cheyenne comes into the kitchen Reba is in the kitchen wearing a suit drinking some coffee she looks up and notices Cheyenne "Tell Van he better hurry up we have open houses all day"

Cheyenne looks at her "Yea I don't think Van's going to be able to go"

Reba looks at her "What do you mean Van's not going she walks out of the kitchen followed by Cheyenne

Reba gets to Cheyenne and Van's bedroom door Reba opens it as Cheyenne comes in behind her "Mom don't"

She walks over to the bed where Van is under the covers "Van wake up"

Van peaks out from under the covers "What?"

Reba looks at him "get up we have to go"

Van looks at her "I'm too sick to go you go"

Reba looks at him "Come on Van I need you after it's all over you can come back here and lay around"

Van looks at her "Fine I'm going" he climbs out of bed in a tee shirt and boxers and walks out the door

Reba looks down the hall "Ah Van" she pauses for a minute "at least put on a tie" she then follows him down the hallway

The scene changes to a little while later Reba and Van are at a house Van is sitting on a bar stole Reba smiles as a couple walks off

Van looks at Reba "I think I'm going to be sick"

Reba looks at him "Ah come on it wasn't that bad of an offer"

Van looks at her "No I mean I think I'm going to be" with that he passes out

Reba turns around "Van" she sees him passed out and runs over to him "Van come on"