Hopelessly Devoted Ch.1

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"You could stay." The Hatter says with a hesitance, like she might run away.

"What an idea… a mad wonderful idea." They share a brief smile. "But I cannot. There are questions I have to answer. And things I still must do." She diverts her eyes from the man in front of her. Then she takes the vial of blood of the jaberwoky blood and takes a gulp. "I'll be back before you know it."

"You won't remember me." The Hatter says sadly, looking as if he's about to cry

"Of course I will! How could I forget you?" Alice replies, promising herself more than him.

"Fairfarren, Alice," His face beginning to shimmer as he began to speak once more.

Alice disappeared leaving a slight mist where she stood.

"I love you." He mutters as her body disappears from Underland, his face shimmering brighter than before, as the words left his mouth. None of his friends hear him, a blessing he takes graciously. They will never understand what occurs in his 'mad' head. It is still a mystery even to himself.

Five Years Later

Since she left Underland, Alice has made quite a living for herself. The young woman has been residing in the foreign China, much more diverse than the England she is used to. Before she settled for the oriental country, she traveled the world, expanding her father's fur trading company beyond what the others thought was possible. Her endeavors were greatly rewarded and many buyers were grateful to participate in the newly renewed and expanded company.

Over the years, she has forgotten the land that taught her much. But most importantly, she has forgotten Tarrant. But her memory loss is for her reasons. She has made herself forget. In order to be successful in such a company, her head needs to be screwed on tight. And her mind not wandering the colorful worlds it used to. But the most important reason to forget Underland was simply, to protect her heart.

. . .

If any word can describe the happenings of Underland, it could not certainly be 'normal'. Considering the circumstances, of Alice's departure, a heavy cloud lay over practically the whole nation. A pinch of insanity and a dash of madness doesn't is not much, but definitely not enough to repair the ill-minds.

Especially Tarrant.

Five years have been spent on unproductive attempts to cheer up the hat maker. Weekly tea parties and joyous music have failed, and it can be seen in his work. Unfinished hems, dull beadwork, all complete with atrocious feathers in the most mundane colors.

The most cause for celebration was the death of the Red Queen, mere months after her banishment. The Knave is still accounted for—but without someone to rule over him, he is only months away from his own death.

With the exception of Mallymkun the dormouse, the whole population of Underland patiently awaits the return of Alice Kingsley. The Mental State of Tarrant depends on it.

. . .

Alice's ambition brings her to a small merchant located at the far-east side of China. His place of business lay among a rural terrain—rural enough to have Alice escaping her carriage a short mile before she reaches her destination. In the distance, she promises her aching feet she sees the small wood buildings of business and residence.

The young woman picks up her pace, preferring to stay underneath the vast shade of the abundant trees. She hikes up her leather satchel filled with samples higher up her shoulder as she nears the clearing. Alice thinks she has everything in place inside her head. Meet up with the merchant. Arrange to sell goods. Go home for some much needed rest. But fate has other plans for her. Plans that seem to include a rabbit hole. Her foot catches on a tangle of weed. She Falls. Alice is on her way back to Underland.