A Gift for the Sleeper

A Kingdom Hearts fanfic by Raberba girl

Summary: It's kind of hard to celebrate Christmas in the Dive to the Heart. Vanitas takes a shot at it anyway. (No slash; kind of a downer.)


It was not fun, living in a sleeping body.

Vanitas himself had soon regained consciousness, sensing once again that his shattered half-heart had been touched by that child, Sora. Yet he was not master of this body. The body he had been born into was destroyed, and his original one only answered to Ventus, or to the two of them together.

It frightened him too much, whenever he tried to slip into the blank brain and doll-like limbs. They did not respond to him; he was completely unable to move. The eyelids would not open, all he could see was blackness. The Chamber of Waking was silent as a tomb. His failed attempts to take control of the comatose body were too disturbing, so Vanitas had not tried in years. Instead, he hid on the Soul World pillar deep within his and Ven's fractured heart, where he had full use of his imaginary body, where the stained-glass colors glowed comfortingly in the darkness, where he could hear the sound of his own voice and the tapping of his footsteps.

He had pets. The three Floods were formed of pure irritation, and were therefore not very friendly or prone to hold still. However, if he hit them hard enough, they would get sluggish and he could hold them in his arms when he felt too lonely. He preferred that to letting the Unversed of loneliness take shape...when they were nearby, they multiplied his feelings and made him feel worse. Better to keep them inside, where their presence did not hurt quite so much.

Currently, Void, Nothing, and Empty were dancing in agitation at the very farthest side of the pillar from him. They always did this when Vanitas summoned and killed their brothers and cousins. He supposed it was not unreasonable.

"Finally. I swear, you guys are so useless." A lie. Without his Unversed, he would not be able to survive here with his sanity intact, if he even was sane anymore.

Vanitas reached down to pick up the only traces left of the Thornbites he had just destroyed: scattered HP and munny balls, and a red prize. The HP balls he ate absently, since they restored his health whenever his body began to starve. Then he hauled the Floods over for company and began to work.

The red prize went in the middle. The spikier munny orbs needed to be arranged around it a certain way. It took several attempts, but eventually he managed to fasten the construction together with strands of his own hair. The finished product looked rather like a jeweled spider, but was still recognizable enough.

Vanitas looked at his Floods. "I bet you stupid pests can't guess what today is." He pointed. The pillar had several rows of notches that had been cut all the way around its circumference. "I've been keeping pretty good count - I can't be off by more than a few weeks. In any case, we're celebrating now."

The Floods hopped and skittered about restlessly.

"Do you guys remember that one town we went to, with all the snow and the fat guy in the red coat? That's where I heard this song. Here's how it goes." He began to sing, his voice echoing eerily in the empty space. "You better watch out, you better not cry. You better not pout, and I'm telling you why..."

When he had finished all the lyrics he remembered, he smiled. The Floods danced away in alarm. "Okay. Time for presents." He bared his arms and held them out. The Floods shied away even more. Impatiently, he seized Void and dragged the creature close, shoving his arm against its mouth. It bit him, then began wriggling frantically, terrified of the usual retribution.

"Come on, idiot, I'm not gonna hurt you. Today is special. This is my gift to you."

Void bucked and writhed, then finally bit him again in desperation. He did not move. Cautiously, Nothing and Empty crept close again. Soon, all three Floods were sinking their small, razor-like teeth into their master's flesh, ripping at him with a vicious glee.

He endured it as long as he could. Finally, when the blood was running freely down his arms and the Floods were starting to nip painfully at his shoulders and neck, he shook them off. "Okay, that's enough. Hope you enjoyed it, because if you try that again before next year, I'll squash your eyes."

He got to his feet. Chewing on some spare HP balls he had saved, he walked over to the part of the stained glass image where Ven's free hand rested against his leg.

Vanitas laid down the star-shaped charm he had made, trying to position it so that it looked as if Ventus was about to grasp the thing. Then he moved to a different part of the pillar, lying down and curling up so that it was almost like he was looking into the stained glass image's sleeping face. "Merry Christmas, Ven," he whispered. "I miss you."


Author's Notes: This ficlet kind of brought together two ideas. One is my theory on Vanitas's fate. After thinking about it, I've decided that he's probably sleeping in Ven's body (though for the purposes of this fic, I made him conscious). The other was that I just felt like writing a Christmas-themed story about Vanitas. I'm a total Vani fangirl...I can't help trying to woobiefy him. *sweatdrop* I think it worked a lot better here than in Now I Have One Too, which I intend to revise so that he's not so OOC.