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Dreaming of You

A familiar chirping noise woke him from his sleep, but his mind still seemed to be in a daze. It reminded him of what it felt like to wake up from a dream and find oneself to still be in it. In other words, something felt off, and it mainly revolved around the creature that slept at the edge of his bed.

Phineas opened his eyes and looked down at his pet platypus. Perry's eyes were wide-awake with a vacant expression already adorning his face. Instead of proclaiming his usual jovial greeting to his pet platypus and stepbrother who was still sleeping in the bed on the other side of their shared room, Phineas simply stared at those vacant eyes. A tight feeling clenched at his heart, something that could be similar for when winter became too unbearable and he longed for those hot summer days. Yes, it was that longing feeling, but longing for what?

As if his platypus realized his red-haired owner was staring at him for an uncomfortably long time, Perry chirped louder, effectively drawing Ferb out of his sleep. Phineas blinked and looked away from Perry finally.

"Good morning, Ferb!" Phineas greeted, managing a small smile. "It's a great day out today! We should take Perry out to play. We usually don't get to spend the day with him."

An odd feeling of irony washed over him, and the small smile Phineas had on quickly dropped into a grimace. Something was not right here, but Phineas could not make out what the problem was.

Ferb pulled the covers off his body and hopped off the bed, worried for his stepbrother's sudden change of heart.

"I'm fine," Phineas said, bringing his attention back to Perry. "It's just...something doesn't feel right. I don't know what it is."

The green-haired boy leaned his head down to stare at their pet platypus, but after a few seconds he stopped, unable to see what Perry had to do with Phineas' discomfort.

"I don't know, Ferb," Phineas continued, slowly pulling the covers off of his body. "I guess I just had a weird dream that I haven't shaken off yet."

"Dreams can be representations of past memories and feelings," Ferb commented.

Both boys turned their attention to their pet platypus who had remained immobile during their entire conversation. Phineas patted Perry on the head, finding his thoughts to be a little less jumbled than before.

"Yeah, I wonder what Perry dreams about when he's asleep." Phineas paused, considering his thought. He suddenly grinned and turned to Ferb. "Ferb, I know what we're going to do today!"

Ferb mentally prepared a blueprint, relieved that his best friend was out of that strange funk.

Agent P scrolled through the pictures on his big-screen computer one more time before settling on the last photo he had taken that day. He stared for a long time at it, thinking of what could have been and what he wished could have happened.

This morning, Phineas seemed to regard him for a long time, and even though Agent P knew no good could come of it, he wondered if Phineas remembered everything. It would not be strange for Dr. Doofenshmirtz's creation to fail in some way, but no one aside from Phineas seemed to regard Agent P in such a way. Still, Phineas did not confront him about the events or hint that he knew some of the events that had occurred the day prior to this one.

Agent P sighed, turning his attention back to the picture. Phineas and he were hugging while Ferb looked on. All of them looked sad and happy at the same time.

"Dreams can be representations of past memories and feelings."

Perry smiled, waddling across the backyard to his owners.

"Oh, there you are, Perry."

That day would always remain in each other's dreams.