BL. SuFin. Human AU

Takes place very far up north where they have the 'endless winter night' where the sun doesn't rise for a few months of the year.

I'm posting this as an 'I'm sorry' to the people who are mad about me not finishing my other SuFin called Violet Eyes myself. I wrote this awhile ago and figured it would make a good bubblegum scented band-aid. :) It will be four chapters long and is already finished so updates will be daily and swift. Enjoy~

I'm not sure how I was born. Certainly not like the other people of this world that walk around blissfully in the sunlight. If that were true I would remember it, wouldn't I? I could never be certain. One night I just…woke up. Right in the middle of the graveyard. I questioned whether or not I was dead but that question was soon answered as the morning sun rose over the snowy hills.

I remember seeing the soft rays of sunshine fall over the gravestones and make the snow patterned in my footsteps glisten and sparkle. It was beautiful as if I were seeing it for the first time. In fact, I was. But as fate would have it, within seconds of the warm light hitting my body I froze. No, not in ice. I was encased in stone. Thus began my life as a statue in this quiet place of the sleeping dead.

My senses and consciousness are preserved when I am stone. I can't feel things like if someone touches me or if a bird lands on my broad shoulders, but I can certainly hear the wind blow through the trees or the mourning of those burying their dead in the cemetery. My vision isn't very well, stone or not, so I wear glasses. Don't ask me where they come from because I'm not sure myself. My perch is on a marble base near the back of the graveyard where the old tombs are, perfect for guarding them I guess. It sounds right to me; I have to have been born with a task. Statues don't come to life for no reason, do they? I must have been a protector.

My existence is a quiet one. I have spoken maybe once or twice in my short lifetime here and never expected to hold any kind of conversation with anyone. Who comes to a graveyard at night? Nobody I know of, that's for sure. If I did know of anyone I wouldn't be so lonely.

Day in, day out I would stand watch and protect the perished loved ones of the living. You would think of a graveyard to be a constantly depressing place, but when there is nobody around it is peaceful. Not a single person has noticed the statue in the back changing positions to view different patches of the land by the rapidly shortening days of winter. Well…perhaps one did. But nobody believed him or bothered to care.

A young man named Tino.

When you have nothing to do but sit still and watch what is in front of you all day you begin to pick things up out of boredom. Such as the man in a light blue coat wearing a white baret that comes from time to time to lay flowers down in front of a grave. When it was night I investigated the grave and found it belonged to someone recently buried named 'Lukas.' There was no last name, which I found odd, but no need to think too hard because I would never hear the reason why anyway.

I learned Tino's name when he came to the funeral service. He was a strong one that didn't cry that much, but he was clearly pained. Another man stood by him when the coffin was lowered into the ground. From my spot by the tombs I heard his name was Mathias and by his distraught look I picked up on he and Lukas's relationship. Apparently they were husband and husband. How sad to have lost your lover…but I would never know. Tino and another shorter man tried to comfort Mathias but were shoved away. When the spiky haired blonde stomped off with tears running down his face, the shorter men said their respects quietly. That was the last time I saw Mathias here.

It was almost a month since that day and every so often the man with short blonde hair and a white baret would come back to visit the grave of his friend. Each time the visits became longer until he was staying almost until dark. That wasn't hard as the winter progressed and the days got shorter and shorter but it was obvious he was finding this place as peaceful as I did. Soon there was only an hour of daylight that I stood frozen, and that was also getting shorter as well.

Sometimes he took walks around the site and admired the crumbling beauty of the other headstones as if it were just to waste time. When he came by the tombs I was always in my usual position standing guard. I don't know why the man in blue and white made me so curious, but I was. I strove to reach out and tap him on the shoulder, perhaps bend over and whisper his name to get his attention. Though I tried my hardest, I never could. Not until the sun set.

He noticed that I turned directions sometimes. He also noticed how I held my hands to my sides or in the pockets of the long dark blue coat I was born with. (Whoever my sculptor was, I thank him for that. It kept me warm during cold nights.) His little eyes opened wide when he saw the small changes nobody else seemed to notice and he started making sure to walk by me in his visits. I loved seeing him smile in awe when he discovered something new about my posture. It was a nice change from the distant frown on his face by Lukas' grave.

One day he spoke to me.

The tiny bit of sunlight was only around for perhaps ten minutes at best. The sun barely came up over the hills before it moved across the sky a few miles and sunk back down along the horizon. A little twilight and the following darkness were upon the cemetery that allowed me to move around without too much difficulty. People still didn't come at night, it was superstition. When the days did come to and end I was going to miss my visits from the man in blue and white.

Tino walked around a little after visiting Lukas and came to me like he always did. That perfect face lit up when he noticed I moved my arm a little compared to the last time he saw me. He was smiling softly, but I was frowning so hard internally that I was sure my jaw was going to crack. The man had a black eye.

He ran his gloved hand over the stone of my chiseled arm and sighed. "I wonder why I'm the only person who sees that Mr. Statue changes all the time?" he said to himself then turned his questions to me. "How do you do that?"

Tino looked at my stoic face watching the sun begin to set as if I could answer. All I wanted to do was know how Tino got hurt and who did this to him, but he wouldn't tell me. He wouldn't talk to me much more anyway. Talking to me was like talking to a brick wall, quite frankly. If only people knew that some brick walls listen.

I ended up being wrong about my assumptions and he continued. "Hm…I wonder if you have a name, anyway?" Tino searched my marble stand to find no inscription of any kind, just as I had the many times I searched for clues of my birth. "Looks like I'll have to name you, then. What are you…?"

If a statue could sweat, I would be. Tino was looking at me so closely I would feel his foggy breath on my skin if it weren't made of rock. He peered at my face for a long minute before speaking again.

"You're a pretty fierce looking guy, aren't you Mr. Statue? Hmmmm…but you don't look mean or evil. I guess that's why you guard the really important tombs, huh?" Tino smiled brightly when an idea popped into his head. "You need a name that suits you well. Something strong but nice. How about…Su-san?"

He thought that name sounded strong? Like hell. Still, just looking at his happy face once he picked a name for me made my stone heart feel warm. It was the only name I was ever given and he was such a nice person to do so for a hunk of rock that couldn't talk back, so I decided that name would do.

"Uh-oh…it's getting late." Tino looked to the darkening sky and blinked. Though being in a cemetery at night was bad luck, he seemed reluctant to go. I still wanted to know about the black eye and wanted him to stay as well. But hopeful wishing gets you nowhere, and soon the man in blue and white was gone.

Night loosened my muscles and I stepped off my perch with heavy steps. I had almost twenty four hours until the next bit of sunlight would drape the land in its embrace, if the sun even came at all this time.


Only three more days went by, no sign of Tino, before the endless night came. I didn't have to worry about the sun for a very long time now. I spent my days exploring and cleaning Lukas's headstone of fallen snow. It gave me something to do and I wanted it to be in pristine condition the next time Tino came back…who knows when that will be, though.

As a hunk of rock, I didn't need much. I never felt sleepy or hungry, and the temperature hardly bothered me at all. Normal people would freeze to death for being out here as long as I did but it was no problem for me. My long blue military-style coat and matching warm hat was all I needed. That and a little company. Let's not get carried away though.

I heard a noise in the dead of a starless evening (or was it morning? It was impossible to tell when the sun never rose) like a car engine. Someone was coming by the graveyard? At night? That was certainly a first. I quickly took my place on my stand again and tried to look as still as possible. The darkness would conceal the fact that I was not stone anymore from whoever was crazy enough to venture into the resting place of the dead on such a cold moonless night. Why was I afraid? Don't ask me.

The figure stumbled out of their car and made a beeline for the heart of the cemetery. I could hear their ragged breathing from here as they found a grave somewhere around Lukas' and sunk to their knees. The person bellowed an angry cry that quickly turned to a shriek of anguish.

"Wh-why did you just go?" the person shouted at the grave. I knew that voice somehow, but it was too choked with sobbing for me to tell. "Why did you do this to Mathias? You're the only thing that h-held him together! My life is hell now thanks to you!"

Now I understood who this sobbing person was. It was Tino.

"I h-hope you're happy, Norge! Why did you leave? Why did you leave!" The man's voice gradually became lower and lower until I couldn't hear him anymore. To see this man so broken and distraught left me feeling rather broken hearted myself. He was all alone, and I knew how much being alone could hurt.

Before I could stop myself my legs had carried me over the frozen ground and to the man that named me. He didn't even hear my heavy crunching steps when I came near. I still couldn't see him very well in the dark, but I knew his hair was a mess and his clothes were disheveled. He held his arm over his chest in a sling. He got hurt again?

Tino's sobs immediately stopped when my hand went to his shoulder. This was the first time I ever touched another person before so I didn't know quite how I should do it. Whatever I did, it scared him. He whirled around so fast that he fell over in his surprise. He yelped when I stared down at him, not sure what I was doing but knowing I had to do something. I realized what I must have looked like to him: a huge menacing shadow. I wasn't surprised when he covered his face with his good arm and began to pray that God forgive him for treading the path of the dead at night and spare him from this beast.

Clearing my throat, I took a step back. Something came out of my mouth that was intended to be speech, but I really didn't have much experience with my vocal cords. It made Tino scoot back and press himself tightly to Lukas' headstone.

"D-d-don't hurt me! P-please, I'll n-never trespass again! I promise, please d-don't eat m-me spirit or demon!" I had to say something or the man would leave and never come back. I really didn't want that. Mustering up everything I had, my lips formed a word.

"S-Su-san…" Tino didn't seem to catch it so I said it louder. That time he stopped and looked up at me curiously. I crouched down so I wasn't towering over him and held out my hand for him to shake like I saw other people do when they met. "T'no."

The man's face was hardly readable in the dark. Mine must have been too, because he didn't shake my hand. I stood back up impatiently and took his good elbow to pull him up before the snow got into his clothes. Turns out it already had, so I tried to brush him off. Tino shrieked when my gloved hand touched him and I pulled away. He took off running for his car and I let out a breath. All I wanted to do was help him, now I might never see him again. The summer days would be as lonely as these winter nights.


A sound brought my attention towards the fleeing man again to see he had fallen on the ice. I quickly trotted over to make sure he was alright. He wasn't moving when I turned him over. A small dark splotch on his forehead told me where he fell. Tino must have hit his head and was groaning in discomfort in my arms when I picked him up off the cold ground. He didn't open his eyes and I checked his new wound. Squinting, I could see the blood but it wasn't too bad. I concluded he would be fine…if he could keep warm until he woke up.

Looks like I do have a purpose after all.

You know what this means…CUDDLE TIIIIME~