My story starts with Fox walking down the street thinking about what he is going to do today, He had planned to go hang out with some of his friends, but they all had things come up that interfered. So now he has no plans on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. Then something came to his mind, he could go see King. Fox was surprised he didn't think of it sooner.

As he began to walk down the street to the wolves house where King lives, He stopped for a moment as he heard a scream from behind him, as he turned around he saw King running towards him very quickly. He had nearly forgotten how fast Corgi dogs were. As King was running he had his head turned behind him, looking at whatever or whoever was chasing him. It looked as if he was carrying something. Fox had no time to react before King crashed into him, sending him back a few feet back. As the two collided, the object King had in his hand went over Fox's head and onto the ground. As King was beginning to get up, the figure behind him was now looming over the two friends. As Fox looked up, he saw a man he had never seen before. However, for King, It was a man he knew far too well; it was his "Owner" Pete.

Short first chapter, I know. But I'm still working on it! So I hope you like it so far! Review?