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As requested by some reviewers, the follow up fic of

Nami's seduction Log

You don't need to read it (But I recomend it) to read this fic, but if you don't want to, you should just know that in the previous fic, the crew finds out in the middle of breakfast that Nami and Luffy just had a steamy night...

Opening Pandora's Box ...
by Kaoru likes One Piece

The crew was in shock ... mouths agape and expressions frozen in time as if they just had been struck with Foxy's Noro Noro beam.

And as it was, the revelation they had just heard deserved no other reaction.

Their Captain, Monkey D. Luffy, the same guy who picked his nose when he didn't understand a concept, the same guy who had never shown any interest in the opposite sex before, just announced in the middle of breakfast, that he had 'had sex' with their navigator.

Usopp thought he would die that day, or that maybe hell had frozen over.

The action suddenly unfroze when the cook of the crew, the man who loved all women, -young and beautiful that is – of the world, but especially loved his Robin-Chwan and Nami-swan was finally able to digest the words said by their captain.

-I didn't say anything about us having sex! – Luffy had blurted out few seconds earlier.

Blood began to boil in his veins, was it not enough that his captain had spent two years on the island of women while he spent that time in hell, fleeing from a perverted bunch of transvestites? He also had the nerve to sleep with the woman of his dreams?

It was too much to handle.

His leg was set on red fire, and before anyone could do anything their captain was kicked in the face, sending him flying through the galley, breaking the door behind Luffy into pieces and the captain barely stopping by Sunny's railing, nearly falling overboard.

Sure, Luffy was kicked many times before by Sanji, but there were light blows, always with the intention of scolding, never to really hurt, but the kick Luffy just received on the jaw had every intention of doing the most damage possible, the cook had even added a touch of haki, which was painful even for the rubber man.
Everyone got up quickly, looking at Sanji with expressions of surprise, and in the case of Nami and Zoro, rage.

"What do you think you're doing, cook." The first mate demanded, feeling this situation could become serious; it could even trigger a split within the crew if it got out of control, not that he cared about the curly brow that much anyway…

"Don't mess with me, you shitty cyclops" the blond replied, his hands in his pockets as he walked casually toward the broken door, where Luffy could be seen rising slowly, wiping a small trickle of blood escaping from his mouth with his forearm.

A defiant look had been born on Luffy's face. Sanji had gone overboard, that much was clear.

Before the her two nakama could do something stupid, Nami stood at the destroyed galley's door, right between the two men, in front of Sanji with her arms outstretched.

"Sanji-kun Stop" she shouted, looking straight into his eyes.

He protested "But Nami-san!"

"... I didn't want everyone to know about us this soon ... but it happened, and it doesn't matter, because whatever happened last night.. I wanted it, so do not take it out on Luffy" she said with firmness and determination, her eyes burning intensity.

Sanji started to light a cigarette "... but Nami-san… of all the idiots in the world...why"
-Why Luffy? - The poor cook thought, -that child doesn't know how to treat a woman right-

"That doesn't concern you," she said ... she was not ready yet to declare out loud that she was in love with Luffy.

"Of course it's my business!" Sanji yelled losing his composure "... that little boy doesn't know how to treat a woman right! I suffer for you, Nami-san, I don't want to know what an horrible night ... "

But he was interrupted by a slap that echoed throughout the galley, his cheek red, his face cocked aside, the cigarette dropped from the cook's mouth, not by the force of the strike but by the impression of it.

"... You don't know anything!, and for your information, Luffy is not a boy, he made that pretty clear to me last night ..." she paused a few seconds to add "three times!" fire in her eyes.

Sanji 's one visible eye shook, and if you listened carefully maybe you could hear the sound of something breaking inside his chest. Oh yeah, Nami could be hurtful with words if she so desired.
She was about to continue, but a hand on her shoulder stopped her, and turning her face around found Luffy on her side, hiding his eyes with the brim of the straw hat.

"Nami ... that was enough," he said in a serious tone. And she closed her mouth, waiting for his next words like everyone else, wondering what would happen next. She hated the situation had come to this.

"... Nami is right, things between her and me, don't concern anyone but us two, you gotta a problem with that, Sanji ..." the tone of his voice was cold, even deeper than normal.
A menacing aura emanated from him, and everyone knew he was using Haki, intense waves emerging from the captain's will and then he continued speaking

".. come on, say it" It was a challenge, and at the same time a threat.

The tension in the room couldn't be ticker, but no one moved or made a sound.
But Sanji wasn't intimidated, he would go to the end of the world for Robin or Nami, he would even challenge the captain if it was for the sake of his beloved women if necessary.

"Of course it's my business!" the cook roared, "She is my nakama too, I care about her well-being"

"... You mean I don't worry about my nakama ... Sanji?" Luffy replied, almost offended, and without losing the look of anger.

The rest of the crew nodded in silent agreement. Luffy would never do anything to harm any of them. If Nami had slept with him .. it was because she wanted it that way, it was the only possible explanation. Some of them didn't understand it, others thought it was too weird, and a couple thought it was expected. But as long as Nami and Luffy were okay with the situation they could not interfere, and so, in this matter, they couldn't support Sanji.

Then the chef lit another cigarette and took a big puff of smoke, perhaps thinking very well his next words. It was true, if anyone cared for his nakama was Luffy, the captain would sacrifice his life for any of them without thinking it twice if he had to.

"... I can't accept it, and I don't like it one bit... but if Nami-san wants this… then I will respect her wishes ... but ..." And his face became diabolic as he pointed his index finger towards Luffy "... if you hurt her feelings, I'll kill you!" He proclaimed intensely.

Luffy nodded, relaxing slightly so, "... well ... that's fair enough ..." he replied and turned around, leaving the room without another word.

Then the galley came to life, as Franky didn't hesitate to reclaim the cook for the damage done to his poor Sunny, but in reality what the cyborg wanted more than anything was to break the silence and the tension of the moment.

Nami was left in the middle and decided she didn't want to talk with anyone, retreating to her quarters to be alone, for the mean time.

A few hours later the captain could be found fishing, sitting on the side rail, a scowl of boredom adorning his face,

-What a shitty day- he thought, and it had started so well! He almost turns red recalling the stuff he did with his navigator the night before when his thoughts were interrupted.

"Oi Luffy!". Usopp jumped to his side and put an arm around his shoulder. "You're a bastard!, Why didn't you tell me you were doing Nami?"

Luffy rolled his eyes and turned away from his long nosed friend "... I .. Usopp ... just forget about it ... and it was only last night "

"Ahh .. so you DID learn some things in Amazon Lily after all ehh! I knew you just had to with so many women around! I envy you Luffy, seriously! " Usopp said while patting Luffy on the back.

"Shh Usopp shut up ..." the captain demanded, "... I wasn't even on Amazon Lily those two years, it was an island very close to it… and then I could only think of training to become stronger… protect everyone… so what happened back in Sabaody doesn't…"

Usopp turned serious and believed him, gripping his friend's shoulder in silent understanding. After a while he added…

"Then last night was the first time?" he asked with curiosity.

Even if Luffy wasn't ashamed he felt uncomfortable by the question and gritted his teeth while looking at the water below, playing dumb and trying to ignore the long nosed man sitting next to him.

Usopp laughed "Hahaha, Congratulations then! Ahh our captain has become finally a man! " he patted Luffy effusively on the back as he wiped a false tear with his index finger.

"Hey I've always been a man!" Luffy protested, offended, and not really understanding the relationship between what he did with Nami the night before and being a man.

"... And you are brave too! Y' know, Nami has become very beautiful ... but then to dare to ... " but Usopp snapped his mouth shut when he noticed the look on Luffy's face, who apparently didn't like the comments he was making about Nami.

"Well, congratulations! " Usopp said with a smile " ... and now don't screw up and get her pregnant huh!"

Then Luffy opened his eyes wide, and the realization hit him worse than a kairouseki bat!

He hadn't noticed before ... wasn't it supposed that if you did the sex thing ... you made babies?

Ace had said that much years ago when they lived back in Fuccia.

His face turned white as paper, and Usopp had rarely seen Luffy this shocked. The captain threw his rod on the deck and ran, terrified, toward the library.

He burst into the room with a bang, at the desperate cry of "NAMI! I DON'T WANT A BABY! "

The navigator was shocked with the impression such a cry produced and she accidentally spilled ink all over her latest project, she groaned and looked around, finding the desperate face of her captain looking at her.

She laughed.

"Nami this is NOT funny!" Luffy was desperate, he wanted to be Pirate King, he didn't want anything to do with marriage or babies. He loved his freedom too much.

"You idiot ... rest assured, there won't be any baby" she said standing up and putting her hands on her waist.

Luffy took her shoulders and shook her slightly, screaming in her face "But Nami! Ace told me that if you have sex you make babies!"

She slapped her face, "Hush Luffy, that's true if you don't take precautions, but I did, I just have to take pills that prevent pregnancy, that's all."

"Pills?" His expression was confused, of course.

"Yes ...the pills interrupt the normal circle of fertility of a woman and prevent a baby to being conceived," she explained patiently. Luffy's face lit up as he hit left palm with his right fist, having a big "AHA" moment.

"Ahhh. Mystery Pills! Uff ... what a relief ... Nami I seriously don't want any babies!"

Nami laughed again, "Yes, yes I got that, rest assured. I'll take care of that, okay?"

He nodded profusely, really happy and relieved, but then his eyes changed, becoming mischievous and playful "Then we can do it again!"

Nami saw his face and although at first glance he seemed innocent enough, she knew what was hidden in those eyes. She played hard to get and folding her arms, turned her back to him and lifted her nose saying "We'll see, we'll see."

But Luffy knew her well, he knew when she was bluffing, so he surrounded her with his arms and whispered on her ear "Come on Nami I know you liked it last night. Don't you want to do it again?"

She was a woman who couldn't be embarrassed easily, back in Arabasta, she cared little about showing her naked body to her crew and the King, only to teach them a lesson and charge them later for the glimpse, but that comment had pulled a slight flush on her cheeks.

"Luffy emm I'm not made of rubber! I still feel tired from last night "and then she felt the desire of his captain pressed on her back, his breath a little ragged, and she shuddered.

"Aw .. that sucks, "he said pouting,"... I've decided I like that ...getting laid stuff" he said all naturally.

"Don't call it like that, idiot," she said giving him a light blow on the head ...

"Hey! Do not hit me ... Usopp calls it that! "And then when she saw him scratching his head in confusion she could not help but sigh in defeat.

"Yeah Usopp calls it like that, but that is only when you do it with someone just because you're horny, but not because you really love and care for that person, you know? When you do it with someone you care ... it's called... making love, ok? "

After a few seconds he was still looking at her with a blank stare...

Nami sighed; the poor thing probably had not understood a word she said.

"Emm ... like Sanji? When we stop on an island and he goes and lays around with any girl? And though he says he loves them all I bet he doesn't as much as he claims? Like that?"

Nami smiled in satisfaction "... Yes! Something like that " She almost gives him a pat on the head, and if she had a snack handy like a piece of meat or a cookie, she would have given it to him.

This thought caused her to laugh and Luffy looked at her strangely,

"... perhaps later Luffy, I have to finish this map"

Then she turned around looking at her desk… the ink spilled ruining her new map the moment Luffy burst into the room…

"Wahh my map!" her face turned red and her hair stood on an end, she turned to let out her frustration on her captain, but he was a little older and wiser, so there was no trace of the straw hat Luffy. He undertook a quick escape a few seconds earlier.

Once safe on deck the captain walked by Franky who was putting the finishing touches to the newly repaired kitchen door, the cyborg then stood up when he saw the younger man and made his signature symbol of the star pose with his arms while twisting his body to the side.

"... Mugiwara! Three times! That is so Supah! Nothing less could be expected from our captain, Congratulations! "

Lets agree on something, Luffy is not a guy who embarrasses easily, even when a group of a hundred women took a good hard long, close up look at his kintama glimpsing at them as if they were something strange and wonderful, he stood as if nothing happened, he wouldn't start to be embarrassed now.

He wasn't either the kind of man that would be shouting around what happened with Nami the night before –unless it was accidental- but he was a man after all, so something swelled in his chest at Franky's compliment and he couldn't help giving the cyborg the victory symbol and a wide side to side smile.


At lunch there was still some tension within the group, although the kitchen was almost repaired, Robin suggested to eat on deck and place the large round table they had for these occasions, the day was wonderful and they would enjoy the fresh air.

Truth was that the intelligent woman wanted everyone to be together with a change of scenery, and with Sanji busy coming and going from the kitchen, there was less chance of awkward glances and grimaces of hatred and resentment.

Sanji as always, behaved like a professional, he made several types of seafood and served them with delicious sauces and accompaniments, Luffy ate his share without hesitation, almost grateful that the portions were the usual, however, and even thought he wanted to, he didn't ask for more.

The captain spent the afternoon trying to deal with his usual responsibilities –meaning, not many- playing with Usopp and Chopper and maybe going to bother his other nakama when he was bored.

Finally, after getting bored of his routine he went to sit on Sunny's figure head, with arms folded under his head and gazing over the horizon, his thoughts turned constantly to his navigator and what they had done the night before. He decided that he liked what they had done and would definitely do it again… he even felt like he could just go and ask her to do it right there and then.

But he knew Nami was concentrated with a map and will probably pummel him if he dared to ask her.

With a grunt of disgust he watched the irregularity between his legs and sighed in frustration, covering his face with his straw hat. Why was that part of his body acting up so randomly lately? Before it hardly happened and now every time he thought of Nami and what they did…

It was almost annoying, and frustrating.

Sometime in the afternoon Usopp went out on deck and heard Luffy singing, his voice came from the bow of the ship, over Sunny's figure head. He was shocked to hear Luffy singing like that, and also happy. You may wonder, why is so strange about Luffy singing?
Well, truth was nobody had heard him sing since they had come together… perhaps after what happened with Ace and the Sabaody incident… Sure Luffy did sing in parties with Brook and the rest of the crew. But Usopp haven't heard him inventing or singing random stupid songs in the longest time.

Eastern islands are early in the morning, makes you get all hyper and duuuumb
Western islands are late at night, makes your body all crazy and duuuumb
Aaaaahh ah ah ahaaaa, that was a yawn
Everybody's feelin' all smiley and duuuuuuuuumb!"

Usopp started to laugh and Chopper stoped besides him.

"Its has been a long time since I last heard him making up songs like that… I bet he is extra happy today huh?" Usopp commented.

And then Chopper got his serious doctor face and said "Well, you see Usopp, when a human male mounts a female and has a successful coitus, a certain quantity of endorphins are released on…"

But poor Usopp only started to run yelling "Wah NOOO! SHUT UP CHOPPER! DON'T SAY STUFF LIKE THAT! OHH MY BRAIN!" and the long nosed guy ran as fast as he could and then disappeared, hiding in his factory with his door securely locked for many many hours to come.

Robin, who was laying relaxing on a beach chair below the shadow of the big tree on the deck had heard everything and started to laugh.

"What is wrong with Usopp? I was only explaining him scientific facts of the human reproduction" Chopper told the woman near him.

"Maybe, some day you will understand doctor-san, that some young humans are pretty foolish about such matters" she smiled warmly to the confused furry doctor.

About that time, Nami choose to come out on deck to check on the weather and the ship's course, she stretched lazily and smiling, taking a deep breath and smelling the fresh salty breeze of the afternoon.

"Ahh such a wonderful afternoon for sailing, and the course it's still perfect…" she commented to no one with a smile.

Franky, having heard her come out on deck, took the chance to report her on the damages.

"Oi, Nami-sis, the galley is already fully repaired and in SUPER condition, but I had to use quite a lot of supplies, wood, paint, new locks, even the port hole window…" He hesitated before delivering the last, difficult part of the report… "we will have to purchase quite a bit of supplies on the next port we land… I would say about a hundred thousand belly"

Nami just smiled and nodded "That's ok Franky, I will add it up to the ship's budget, good work!".

And Franky's sun glassed fell off and his jaw almost hit the floor, Robin started to laugh and Chopper asked what was so funny, and then he gasped…

"Ah Robin, did you know women release endorphins too when they…" he began but was soon silenced by a pair of disembodied hands covering his mouth.

"Of course doctor-san" Robin quickly said "Why don't we discuss that over a cup of coffee later hum?"

And Chopper nodded, taking the hint for once and keeping the information to himself. HE didn't knew what the big issue was! This was completely normal stuff!

He had even gone as far as studying all his available notes about human reproduction to be ahead and prepared to tend over his nakama's every needs, even the reproductive ones. Which reminded him he ought to have a serious conversation with Nami soon –Luffy would be a waste of effort- about having offspring and ways to prevent that.

And it was so that the day went by and dinner came, and even if the cook kept glancing at Luffy with a murderous eye, he behaved and limited himself to his work in silence, while the other nakamas tried to keep things normal. Brook rushed to his meal so he could play them happy songs, lifting everyone's spirits.

Night had come and Nami had gone to the library to write the ship's log like every day. There wasn't a lot to write today, since it was such a peaceful day –without taking in account the Sanji incident that is-. And unless she wanted to add something personal the only needed to write about the course and the weather.

With a smile she had a mischievous idea. She took a pencil, with the intention of erasing the log entry right after writing it.

"Last night, I did it with my captain and it was such an incredible night…" She wrote in a neat, elegant script.

She started to laugh by herself, thinking about her nakama's faces if they ever read an entry like that in the ship's log.

"…wasn't it?" she heard Luffy whisper on her ear, he had just read the log over Nami's shoulder. She screamed in surprise.


He started to laugh at her reaction and her ashamed face.

"I wasn't really writing that on the log for real!" she said trying to excuse herself.

"You didn't?" He asked, amused.

"I mean… what it says its true… but… I wasn't planning to leave it written for everyone to see!"

Luffy put his hands on his waist and his puffed his chest up, "Why not huh? Shihihihi"

Nami shook her head and took an eraser and swiftly made the embarrassing words on the log disappear, while she was at it, she felt Luffy's lips over her neck, kissing her softly. She stopped on the middle of her task.

"… eh Nami why don't we do something fun so you can write it off in the log tomorrow Shihihihi"

She smiled in a sly way, closing her eyes, mystified by the soft bites that his captain was providing on her neck "…mm…you have no shame…" she whispered.

She turned around slowly and their lips found each other, wet, thirsty of contact, during the day they had managed to maintain their composure, maybe they didn't want to freak out the crew any further, but now, when the night had fallen and everyone had retired to sleep, and the only light on the room came from the faint glow of the moon and the lamp over Nami's desk, now they could stop being captain and navigator and just simply be what they were, a man and a woman that had just discovered recently that they loved each other.

She stood up and surrounded his neck with her arms, making their kiss deeper and earning in reward a deep sound of pleasure coming from Luffy's mouth. He surrounded her waist at first, but then his hands traveled on their own towards her hips, and then, instinct kicked in and made them travel over her round perfect butt. He discovered his hands could cup her ass so perfectly it made him groan. And she moaned in return when he started to caress her.

Soon both of their hands started to travel over each other's bodies, hers soon disappearing under his red cardigan and his inside Nami's black t-shirt that today had a heart plus the word BERRY in bold pink letters.

Without stopping kissing her, he pulled her up as if she was light as a feather and deposited her on the desk of the middle of the room, were usually Robin studied her most complex archeology books or were they held –very occasional- meetings to discuss courses or maps.

There she was, sitting over the sturdy desk with her legs surrounding his captain's waist, and he wouldn't abandon her mouth for a second, and she loved every second of it.

He soon abandoned her lips and left a path of wet kissed all over her neck until he reached her shoulder, were he couldn't help biting her softly, earning a loud moaning coming from Nami's mouth.

"Luffy!" She whined in ecstasies. He didn't knew why, but the way she was moaning his name provoked something on his brain, like a hungry feeling, a feeling of wanting to rip her clothes apart and eat her whole in with little bites.

And it was just what he did, with a quick pull he took her shirt over her head, leaving her only with her red lacy bra, and then he returned to her neck were he started to nibble softly but with the purpose of traveling towards her chest soon.

Nami couldn't believe it, just last night, Luffy didn't knew what intimacy with a woman meant, and now! Now he was taking her with no mercy on the library room's desk.

She wouldn't complain about it though.

Luffy tried to take of her bra but he couldn't find the damn clasp, he may have fumbled over ten seconds when his patient ran out and he simply ripped it off with his bare hands, making Nami gasp and shout "Luffy! You are gonna pay for that!"

"I don't care" he said with a deep, husky voice. His eyes half lidded, unfocused, he was like possessed and his brain had said bye bye a long time ago. His mouth traveled all over her chest were he found a small round perfect nipple he felt like sucking as if it was the most delicious thing he ever tasted before.

She moaned in pure rapture when his mouth suckled on her breast and one of his hands supported her back, never giving her the chance to pull off.

As it was he was very impatient and soon his mouth started his wet path towards her soft flat belly, nibbling hungrily all the way down until he was stopped by her khaki shorts's button.

"Don't tear them off" she whispered reading his intentions. He growled in frustration because that was exactly what he had planned, tearing off those damn clothes and then reach his objective. But he restrained himself and finally while whispering curses he could undo the button and with a swift pull, take away everything until she was completely naked.

The soft yellow lamp over the other desk glowed softly over her skin, and he swallowed a lump, because what he had in front was an unique delicacy, something exquisite only he could taste. And Luffy was a man of extremes, he could be either very altruistic or very selfish. And in essence he thought that was being a pirate was all about, having the freedom to do what you want, take what you want, whenever you want it and only following your own set of values and standards. And right now he wanted Nami, he wanted to take everything she had to give him and not share anything.

Nami blushed, but it wasn't out of shame because she was completely naked before her captain, oh no, not at all, it was the way he looked at her, as if he wanted to eat her whole, he was piercing her with his intense hungry gaze, she couldn't help but tremble in anticipation, her breathing shallow, her brown eyes unfocused in a haze of desire.

He returned to her belly were he started the nibbling again, and now he let his lips travel downwards totally free of any obstacles. She had done things to him the day before, sweet crazy things with her mouth. And he? He didn't have the presence of mind back then to explore her fully, but now it was his chance, and he wanted to claim every inch of her body.

The adrenaline, the emotion, the thrill, and the treasure at the end, Nami had all the components of a good adventure, and he loved adventures…. He couldn't help to take a deep breath and inhale her very essence and it provoked a deep, primitive growl of pleasure from his throat he didn't even notice.

She couldn't believe her eyes, was it real? Did Luffy really have his head over there and he was about to…

"ohh… yess…." she moaned when she felt his hot wet tongue traveling all over her most intimate part like she was some sort of delicious delicacy. Her head fell back and her eyes closed tightly, she bit her own lips, holding an extreme scream of pleasure.

And what about him? He had lost all reason, devouring Nami as if she was the most delicious thing on earth, he didn't knew if he could compare her taste to anything he had tried before, but he knew something, she was delicious and she was driving him crazy…

And one thing was for certain, he wanted more of her. Insatiable, he kept playing with his tongue until he couldn't help yelling his Name and he felt more of her sweet nectar pouring out of her.

He kept devouring her like a mad man, without mercy, and she was limp over the desk, breath ragged, totally spent, her eyes half opened and unfocused looking at the ceiling.

Before she had time to complain, she barely felt Luffy getting up and the sound of clothes dropping on the floor, and soon, his body heath was just millimeters from her body.

He didn't ask her permission, if she didn't want this, she would have said so by now, he assumed. She felt as he grabbed her hips and without further adieu buried himself into her body, which produced a deep moan of ecstasy out of Nami.

There she was sprawled over the desk, her captain taking her almost savagely, going in and out of her in a perfect rhythm that only pure instinct could have teach him

He leaned over her so she could kiss him, and for brief moments their kissed hungrily, until their hums and shouts of pleasure were to much to handle and she leaned back over the desk, supporting herself with her elbows.

Nami loved this Luffy, o yeah, this Luffy naked sweaty Luffy, wearing only his straw hat over his head, his thin yet very defined body build shining with a sheen of sweat, his eyes closed in pure pleasure.

Luffy loved this Nami, there all for him to take, with her long beautiful hair sprawled all over the desk, a thin sheen of sweat covering her chest and the moonlight kissing her skin. Her cheeks flushed out of pure pleasure and sobbing his name over and over again.

This vision was too much for him to handle and he abandoned himself on the sensations, trembling while she pressed her legs around his hips as she was totally lost in a world of pure passion and pleasure. She shook while shouting his name loudly, and his control was totally lost and he couldn't help shouting her name too as they rode the last waves of passion together.

When Nami came finally came back to reality, she could feel Luffy's weigh over her chest, the black headed boy had his head just next to her, leaning over the desk, with his eyes half closed and a stupid smile, a thin trail of drool escaping from the corner of his mouth.

"I must assume you enjoyed that?" she asked playfully.

He hated for her to see him so weak and he groaned while he stood up "what do you think?" he asked a little annoyed. He hated it when people asked stupid obvious questions.

If Nami didn't knew what just happened between them, she could have thought her captain just battled a War lord or something.

She stood up lazily, and her back was killing her, but she didn't care. She got up and dressed as neatly as she could, as he did the same. Without giving him any warning she jumped to his arms, surrounding his waist with her legs. If he wasn't a man so ridiculously strong he would have fallen back probably.

He laughed out of surprise "What is it Nami? Do you want another go?" he said all naturally… and then his face turned annoyed "gimme another five minutes will ya?"

She laughed, pulling at his nose "Shut up idiot, I only wanted to hug you, can't I?"

He started to laugh his classic grin "yeah sure you can" he answered simply, and holding her with a hand, he reached for his hat with the other and pushed it softly over her head, while they kissed softly.

And so their day came to an end as he escorted her towards her quarters, while she was wearing his hat. They said goodbye with a short sweet kiss and before Luffy could say something she took off the hat and pushed it over his head.

"Good night… love" she whispered for only his ears to listen.

He smiled, liking the pet word a lot more than her usual 'idiot' or 'moron'. And sighed, turning around walking towards the stairs where he ran into his first mate.

"Oi Zoro, did you get lost on the way to the bathroom again?" Luffy teased with a wide smile on his face.

"Ha ha, so funny Luffy" the swordsman said with mock rage which was soon replaced by a teasing smirk while he grabbed his captain's shoulder with a hand, them pausing to look at Luffy with an accusing eye said.

"oi Senchou… in the library…. Really?"

Luffy started to laugh out loud, knowing he was caught "… as good a place as any…" he said pulling his arms behind his head, pretending to whistle.

"And what if the cook caught you, huh?"

Luffy brushed him off waving a hand "nahh, doesn't matter, I used haki anyway"

It was the truth, he had used the Haki of the color, to detect the presence of his nakama around him and avoid getting caught in a rather awkward situation with Nami.

Zoro started to laugh "you are such a bastard sometimes"

They both made their way towards their quarters while laughing shamelessly in manly display of camaraderie.


The next morning over breakfast everything was back to normal, even if Sanji was still being a little indifferent towards Luffy. Everything was great until Chopper noticed some brown markings over Nami's neck.

"Wah Nami! Let me take a look at your neck!" and the doctor jumped quickly over her and started to examine the wird patterns over her neck, while Nami protested to no avail.

"Such weird patterns Nami! It could be some sort of infection! I had to extract a sample and make a culture ASAP!" but then he looked really closely "mmm wait a minute… looking at it closely it looks like…"

"Chopper I don't think this is necessary!" Nami protested, desperate.

But the little reindeer doctor was impossible to halt once he was concerned over someone's health…"…what a relief Nami! They are only bite marks!... does human mating involve biting too? I didn't knew that!"

Then while everyone watched in horror Luffy could only do what an intelligent man could only do at that time… he took every bit of food posible inside his cheeks and fled, he ran for his life like the devil himself was chasing him!

And as it was, Sanji had mutated again into a devil, expelling flames of fury and manly jealousy with the battle cry of

"What did you do to my Nami-swan! You perverted piece of rubber shit! Come back here and fight me like a man you shitty ruber!"

And all the remaining straw hats groaned in frustration, shaking their heads and resuming their breakfasts, hoping beyond hope that this didn't became a daily routine –that is, the cook trying to murder the captain every morning-.

And Chopper sighed "… I guess we will just have to get used to this kind of behavior for a while" he said with professional speech "…because as long as Luffy and Nami are in heat Sanji will keep trying to fight over the female"

And all the remaining straw hats banged their heads over the table, wishing beyond wish for earth to swallow them over or hoping for some sort of miracle that made them forget such disturbing line of thoughts.


To be continued!

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