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Opening Pandora's box
Chapter III : Keeping Promises

Silent feet echoed on the wooden floors, candle lit shadows danced down the corridor while several figures moved quickly and with purpose with a certain destination, faces full of resolve, blood shot eyes, a trembling large nose…. and above them all, the squeaks… the endless squeaks every night.

The crew save Captain and navigator stood reunited below deck in the storage room, it was three in the morning and the shouting just wouldn't stop.. They had sought this refuge trying to get away from her shrieks and his sometimes passionate, sometimes playful giggles….

To no avail…

Adam wood just squeaking, louder, quicker…

The cook was but a puddle on the floor, whimpering about his Nami-san for the millionth time, the first mate just scowled, the purpose for this 'secret meeting' totally meaningless to him. Usopp trembled; little rolls of paper sticking out his ears did nothing to stop the mental anguish going through his mind.

*squeak* squeak¨

A horny monkey and a wicked cat, they were at it… AGAIN

Their boldness had increased with each passing day, and by now, the horny couple had been caught more than once by each member of the crew in the strangest of places.

After many awkward encounters, secret meeting was called after Zoro found the sniper mumbling "It can't be unseen" over and over again while rocking back and forth in the floor.

"Please Robin, I beg you, speak with Nami! Make her understand we DON'T WANNA WATCH THAT KIND OF STUFF!" the sniper said with bloodshot eyes.

"Does matting season last this long for humans?"

"Yohohoho to think that Luffy-san would have a worse bone problem than I do"

"SHUT UP BROOK!" Roared Usopp while the skeleton just laughed, Robin sighed and Zoro took a deep breath.

"I tried to reason with our Navigator but it seems there's no holding back our captain… It is starting to be…. Inconvenient for me since the woman's quarter's is been… quite busy lately"

"Nami-swaaaaaaaaan whyyyy"

Zoro hissed and scowled… he didn't want part in this stupid meeting, Luffy and Nami could screw all they wanted for all he cared so long as it didn't affect their dreams and goals, but nevertheless something had to be done… because…

"We are not better at the men's quarters, since this moron's weeping all night about that witch"

"Who's a moron you insensitive mass of mold!" a fight was about to happen but Robin took the matter into her own hands… literally holding both men back with her powers.

"Enough, we are here to discuss a solution to this problem not to fight"

Everyone nodded except for Sanji and Zoro who just scowled at each other longer than necessary.

"Any ideas?" Asked Zoro eyeing everyone firmly.

Franky, that up until then had been silent on the back, grinned widely and unrolled a blueprint.

"Actually guys.. here, take a look at my SUPER creation!"

Franky unrolled a big scroll of paper and everyone's gazes fell on the blue prints, a mix of smiling faces and words of approval followed suit, exclaiming praises all over for their shipwright –everyone but Sanji, of course-

"But.. we need to wait for the next island to get the proper supplies… until then…" Franky began and as if cue, a strong cracking noise, the Sunny swaying furiously a gigantic foot breaking the ceiling, shocked crew.

"We are under attack!" Usopp and Chopper hugged each other out of panic, sweat and tears' escaping everywhere, after all this was the New World, unexpected things happened every day.

The gigantic foot disappeared just as quickly as It had come, it its place a hole in the ceiling…. a stretched neck and the captain's head appeared a second later on the new opening.

"Ohh sorry guys! Nami dared me to try something funny with gear third and it seems It didn't work the way I wanted HAHAHAHA!" He laughed obnoxiously and without any degree of shame… at all.

"What are you doing with my poor Sunny Straw Hat!" Franky was in rage mode, Usopp was mumbling something incoherent again, Chopper was shouting about that not being healthy for him, Brook had his jaw open and was silent for once, Sanji was in those shocked, silent seconds before the murdering rampage started, eye twitching and all.

"THE HELL WAS YOU TRYING TO DO!" Usopp screamed in shock.

And the archeologist and first mate just sighed trying to understand why they were born under such unlucky stars.

Totally ignorant of his nakama's very apparent distress Luffy suddenly became serious, narrowing his eyes in suspicion, "Hey what are you guys doing here so late? Are you having a secret dinner?" he said scowling and feeling betrayed, sending them all dirty looks. Of course his attitude only unleashed a murdering rampage upon him…

It would be hours before the Straw Hat Crew was back to normal…. Normal for their standards anyway…

The next day…

By Nami's estimations, they were close enough from a new island since the left needle shook violently, and even if she was a little scared (the new world was a frightening place after all) she was relieved in the prospect of setting foot on firm land, she could also guess the rest of the crew felt the same way.

She gazed at the sail for the tenth time that morning and frowned, "Come on wind… pick up… ", she muttered.

The wind stubbornly decided that it didn't want to blow on their favor that day, and the cola engine was out the question, they had to save it for emergency situations.

Nami leaned on the railing and sighed, watching the water attentively for any sign of sea current that would aid them to go faster…

"Oi Nami, when are we gonna get to the next island", a bored captain said leaning over the railing next to her, he was hanging on it, his body stretching over it like a piece of drying laundry on a clothesline.

"You are gonna fall and I won't jump to save your sorry ass" Nami said narrowing her eyes.

"I won't fall…. Also you would jump" he grinned, his head hanging back.

"Nami, I'm bored" he said for the millionth time.

"Go play with Usopp and Chopper" she answered drily, still looking down below at sea, searching.

"They don't wanna, I already played cards, played catch and also we tried fishing but nothing would bite…. Usopp said he would be with Franky fixing… the hole and I'm banned from the workshop… Chopper said he wanted to make more medicine… so I'm bored" he explained with a whiny voice.

After a brief silence… "Nami, give me a kiss" he said stretching his head and making fishy lips.

"You Idiot!" she punched his face away. "How many times do I have to tell you that it doesn't work like that! Just because you are bored doesn't mean you can come looking for me for sex"

As luck would have it, Sanji was just walking over deck with a tray of drinks on his hand, being mindful of his ladies's needs, he had assumed Nami would love a cold beverage for her lovely body. Of course he walked in just in time to hear the last part.

"You shitty gomu!" Sanji attacked without warning "I told you to treat Nami-san with respect! You sorry excuse of a man"

Sanji's rant kept going on for a while, the orange headed woman just sighed and took her drink and walked away while the cook continued to rant and knock some manners into their captain.

Luffy took the beating like a man, but still half the stuff Sanji told him went right over his head, on his book, asking Nami for a kiss was the same as asking Usopp and Chopper to go play catch. Sanji kept rambling about proper courtship and honoring a woman and so on. But a tiny bit stuck to him, when the cook said he could be hurting Nami-san's feelings by being insensitive mass of useless rubber. He didn't want to hurt Nami's feelings, he knew that much.

When Sanji finally got tired of beating the captain he just pulled out a cigarette and put it on his mouth, smoking slowly, "Just do something nice for her now and then, and we are cool, understood?"

A bloody mass of twitching rubber answered "yeah…"

After Sanji left, Luffy's brain started to slowly work, he would even share (a little piece) of meat with Nami if that made her happy, but he didn't think Nami wanted meat that much… she loved treasure. He frowned, his brain started to hurt.

"Oi, Pirate ship, sixty degrees port" Zoro's voice said over the main mast's speaker.

A wicked smile appeared on Luffy's lips.

Everyone ran to deck as quickly as they could, being this the new world, you just couldn't leave things to chance,

Usopp took out a spyglass and frowned "That ship looks huge! But I don't recognize their flag"

Luffy took the artifact from Usopp and grinned, it didn't matter who this guys were, he was bored, and Nami was mad at him.

"Hmm, the Comet pirates" Robin said appearing behind Luffy "Their captain has a 200 million berry bounty, and they are affiliated with the Yonko Kaidou".

Luffy was at war with every Yonkou, but if these guys where under Kaidou all the better –he didn't feel like fighting against a former Whitebeard ally after all-

"Oi Captain, what do we do?" Zoro asked grinning, thirsty for some action.

Luffy grinned back, and Zoro didn't know why he bothered asking, "Set course to sixty degree port of course!" he cried out.

"YEAH!" everybody shouts in response.

Franky took the rudder and everyone ran to man the sails, Sunny lurched violently and quickly took a route straight to the other ship.

Nami and Robin just leaned over the railing, the orange headed woman just sipping a cold drink and not worried on the slightest "I hope this helps to calm their boredom" she said while looking at the boys who were craving for some action.

Robin just smiled knowingly.

When the other ship was just some miles away Luffy grabbed the railing and started to stretch back, a clear sign he intended to sling shot himself over the other ship.

"Wait Luffy! We wanna go too! I feel SUPER this week!" Franky said.

"Sorry! These guys are mine!" and he shot at full speed while howling in glee.

"LUFFY!" Usopp, Chopper and Sanji shouted after him.

Luffy landed easily on the other ship's deck and sat casually on their figure head, looking down at them while grinning.

"Yo guys" he greeted.

"Straw Hat" many of them said in panic, many trembling in fear and others trying to take courage but there were some who started to foam from their mouth.

"Wait guys I'm not even trying" Luffy frowned.

The deck was big and it seemed like they were two hundred pirates currently onboard, many had crude weapons and some looked tough, but looks were deceiving.

"Where is your captain?" Luffy said scanning the deck with his eyes.

"I'm here you bastard, what did ya want, brat" A big man, at least eight feet tall with a green captain's coat appeared when his men parted a way to him, his face was disfigured with scars. He had the number 88 tattooed on his neck and looked twice Luffy's age.

"Yo! I'm Monkey D. Luffy, the man who is gonna became the pirate King" Luffy greeted with his wide, honest smile, still sitting on their figure head, his legs kicking back and forth.

"What does a 400 hundred million rookie want with us! I'm under Kaidou you know! If you attack us is the same as challenging a Yonkou!"

"Really now? Great" Luffy punched his fist on his hand.

"Wait!" the man said raising his hands, he had been on the new world long enough to have developed some survival skills, Luffy frowned, he was getting bored

"What do you want, state your terms"

The straw hat captain smiled "Do you have any treasure? Nami's mad at me, so I need that, and Sanji said I should do nice things for her"

"WHAT?" Everyone on deck shouted,

The other captain raised a fist and gritted his teeth "Look punk, all the treasure we have is to pay our monthly fee to Kaidou! If we don't pay, he will destroy us!"

"But aren't you guys like his allies? That's mean", Luffy frowned, thinking this Yonkous guys were nothing like old man Whitebeard or Shanks, Kaidou and Big Mom were nasty, but that wasn't his problem.

"Well, I don't care" he said getting up and slapping his pants to take away imaginary dust, he then cracked his knuckles.

"You can tell him I took it", and then he started to give them a good beating,, he didn't even bother with haki (he could have whipped ninety percent of their crew with king's haki if he so desired, after all) but he was craving the actual action.

Even if Luffy was a famous rookie and they were afraid of him, from the Comet's pirates's point of view it was still better to fight him than to fall out of grace with a Yonkou, so they tried their hardest to beat the lean straw hat wearing boy.

Luffy laughed as his knuckles connected with the poor guy's jaws, and when it was finally the turn of their captain the straw hat wearing man grinned expecting a challenge. He didn't have a lot of luck; since while the other captain had an interesting Devil Fruit (he could produce rocks with his fist). It was hardly a challenge for Luffy.

Over the Sunny, the only thing they could see was a cloud of smoke as shots were fired, cries and battle yells reached their ears.

"Luffy is so mean, stealing all the fun" Chopper said pouting.

When Luffy was done he dusted his hands and ran below deck grinning widely, the ship was big so he had to pass several corridors and passages, and when he asked some crewman he passed by, the guy just fainted, frowning Luffy finally reached a door with a steel door.

He was able to crush it without much effort and inside, he found three chests full of gold coins and berry. While it was nowhere near the amount of treasure they had found over at Skypea and not even a third of what they got on Thriller bark it was still a good amount.

"Shishishi" he said grinning like a child stealing from a cookie jar.

He put everything on a sac and tossed it casually over his shoulder as if it didn't weight at all, he walked casually over deck walking towards the railing, some of comet is crewmembers started to ran towards him with raised swords, as Nami looked on with Usopp's spyglass (wih the snipper complaining), she glimpsed Luffy casually walking among explosions and enemies behind him just fainting without even touching him.

A shiver ran down her belly and she licked her lips.

Luffy sling shooted himself back to Sunny and landed laughing amongst his complaining crewmates.

"Oi Luffy! I wanted some action too" Zoro complained.

"Strawhat" Franky said with an annoyed voice.

"Sorry sorry guys! Hahaha but look here, I brought some treasure" And opening the sac he revealed the gold and berries.

There were several praises, Chopper and Usopp telling him he was super cool, and Luffy grinning proudly, Nami just stared to all that gold and ten back to the captain.

"What Nami" he asked seriously when he glimpsed her frozen expression. She did remember the promise he had made some days before, but she assumed he had just said it on the heat of the moment.

"You did it"

"I keep my promises Nami, you know that"

The rest of the crew looked at them with wondering glances, but Zoro grinned, finally figuring out the reason for the out of character attitude of his captain, attacking first without being provoked.

Nami put on a hard face "You" and walked towards Luffy, the captain took a step back in fear,

"That was totally insensitive, making us worry, what if those guys were strong huh! DON'T RUN",

She grabbed her captain's collar with a hand and the sac of gold with the other "This can't go unpunished, you are gonna help me with the accounting" she started to drag him along with the sac of treasure.

"No Nami please! I don't wanna do math please!" it was the last thing they heard of their captain.

"Scary!" Chopper said grabbing Usopp's leg, the sniper just swallowed.

"Lucky bastard" Sanji muttered while lighting a smoke.

"Well… we won't see those two for a while… lets drop anchor while our navigator is busy" Zoro said scratching his head.

Luffy kicked and screamed while he was being dragged back to the storage room, and when the door was finally closed behind them he stood on his knees in front of Nami with big, pleading eyes.

"Nami" he whimpered.

Nami narrowed her eyes and took the sac; she spread its contents all over the storage floor, gold and jewels clinking and the smell of money filling Nami's nostrils. They still had some treasure left from Thriller Bark, and with their recent addition the floor looked cluttered with valuables.

"You… have been bad" she said dangerously. Luffy swallowed and took a step back…. "and I have to punish you… captain" she whispered walking like a cat hunting its prey.

"But.. but Nami" he stuttered. She jumped on top of him, trapping her legs around his waist while her hands surrounded his shoulders and her mouth claimed his.

Luffy's eyes widened…

And his mind had a sudden realization; this was the nice kind of punishment… with Nami he could never tell.

They fell with Luffy on his back on top of the treasure and gold coins, Nami never leaving his mouth for a second, her tongue seeking his, her teeth nipping at his lips, she was being rough, but they both liked it that way.

When she finally parted for a second, he had a chance to glance at her unfocused, lust filled eyes, he tried to kiss her again, only to be pushed back by the collar of his jacket.

"This is punishment Luffy, you are to be quiet" she whispered, he could only nod because when she got like that, he knew nice things tended to follow suit. Her teeth nipped his jaw while her mouth made its way towards his left ear. He shuddered when he felt her hot, soft tongue licking his lobe softly only to take it on her hot mouth latter.

Her right hand was securing his head on its place while she attacked him, while her left hand scrapped at his chest with sharp, manicured nails, fingers searching for the folds of his red jacket, trying to take it off.

His hands were trembling as he attempted to hold back the burning need to just grab her and take her without further ado, but she had told him to be quiet, and he would comply….as much as he could.

She took his hat that was hanging behind his head and tossed it carefully away, her mouth claimed his again, pushing his head back on a pile of gold.

Her eyes glimpsed something shinny on the back and she reached for it, her chest suddenly swallowing his face, but he just grinned stupidly, he said something, but it was muffled by her big attributes. She smiled wickedly when she saw what was on her hand and stood back, sitting on his lap.

"Oi Nami", Luffy complained.

She grinned and put something cold and heavy on his head, she leaned over his ear and whispered huskily "Now you look great…Pirate king"

He gasped when he saw his reflection on a broad sword that was forgotten on a barrel at Nami's back, a golden crown rested nicely on his head.

"But I'm not… yet…" he began

She put a finger on his lips, "In this room, right now, you are", she whispered, all thought immediately ceased on his brain and something stirred deeply within, his arousal reaching unmanageable levels, he grabbed Nami's blouse and grinned.

"Ohh no, you are not ripping my clothes again… be still" she commanded and with trembling hands while he bit his lower lip, he complied. Smirking in satisfaction, for she had a four hundred million berry man under her control, she leaned over and resumed her ministrations on his chest, traveling down slowly.

He trembled just thinking what was coming next.
The moment Luffy had brought her the treasure, Nami's brain had taken a vacation, instead on her mind there was only place for the man below her, as her lips kissed his rough scar and as her hands caressed his toned abs she could practically feel the power packed inside his frame, she trembled at the thought.

Her fingers did away with his sash before he couldn't even notice it, the navigator had meant to tease him, had meant for her lips to slowly travel and nip and pull, but she just couldn't as she abandoned herself on impulse and her mouth enveloped his length. His eyes rolled back as the tip of her hot, wet tongue teased him in sweet torture.

With his left hand he caressed Nami's hair softly, fighting the urge to push her head as his right hand gripped the border of a chest lying next to him, the wooden frame of the treasure box started to crumble as his knuckles turned white.

He finally just couldn't take it anymore and in a swift smooth movement Nami found herself lying on her back on top of a pile of gold, with Luffy hungrily nibbling her shoulder while his hands did away with her pants.

It was too much for her, the gold around her, the smell of money, the man on top of her touching her body, she trembled while her womanhood ached with unfulfilled need and cried out in sheer ecstasy when his fingers found her hot, moist core.

She shuddered, his simple touch sending her over the edge while her arms grabbed him for dear life trembling as her body filled with an electrical current that began at her core and reached the very tip of her fingers, and he gasped, knowing Nami's body and her reactions, she had never reached her peak so quickly. He smirked in satisfaction, feeling incredibly powerful for she was his and only his, her eyes reflecting an undying love and devotion that stirred something primeval inside his chest, a burning need to protect her, to claim her.

He didn't ask permission, for a pirate took whatever he wanted, and is not like she minded, as her eyes spoke volumes about her desire. He didn't have mercy and she didn't want any, as he trusted inside her powerfully filling her oh so perfectly she couldn't believe it was possible.

Nami didn't knew how but Luffy noticed the moment all the coins and jewels below her started to hurt her back and he rolled them over; they tumbled above the gold and she ended up on top of him as her fingers buried on his hair, tracing her nails on his scalp roughly, the way she knew he loved it.

She suddenly noticed his crown was missing, and stopped her ministrations to put it back in place. He smirked at her when she did so.

With a swift moment he grabbed her hips and turned her over, sending her upper body practically crashing on top of the gold, she gasped when she felt his fingers grasping her hips.

He took a moment to bask on her beauty, just watching her arched back beaded with sweat, his eyes noticing some tiny battle scars she's had; many men would find them off-putting; he found them beautiful, a testament of her strength and courage.

"Nami" he just whispered with a deep, lust filled voice.

She couldn't handle that few seconds he was wasting just gazing at her, her face turning around and meeting his gaze with pleading eyes.

"Luffy please"

He smirked evilly, "Please what… Nami"

She bit her lower lip, fingers buried in gold, grasping it for dear life, her body trembling in anticipation; "TAKE ME! JUST TAKE ME… PIRATE KING!"

She was a dirty player and knew just what would make him snap, he grunted and buried himself as deep as he could and her face froze on a silent scream, so great was the feeling that her body was overwhelmed with ecstasy, her shout silenced by raw, wild pleasure.

He trusted, again and again, and she came so hard her arms lost the power to support her and her upper body just collapsed over the gold, berries and jewels were her cushion, unfocused eyes and her mouth hanging open on sheer stupor as he kept his pace, over and over not caring if she came or went, because unless she asked him to, he wouldn't stop.

Her name escaped his lips now and then between grunts as his sweat beaded his temples, as his hands bore marks upon her hips and he trembled and shook and when he did reach the sweet, blinding release that made him forget even his name, the overwhelming feeling of it all sent her over the edge once again.

They collapsed onto the gold, totally expend but with a feeling of fulfillment unlike no other. Nami's body still shook and by the time Luffy regained his senses, he was worried because she hadn't spoken a single word.

"Nami?" he asked, perhaps a little worried because she didn't answer, and eased her on his chest, his hand found his jacked and he draped it over her shoulders.

She swallowed, her breathing calming down eventually "I'm fine…" she said after a while when she noticed his worried gaze. And then she smirked "We still have some accounting to do", she took her tongue out at him

"Namiiii" He whined,

"Hahaha, it's a joke! Don't worry, I've already counted it"

"When?" he said as he placed his beloved hat over his head again, discarding the temporary crown.

"While we were doing it" she winked at him

"YOU WHERE WHAT?!" Luffy's outraged scream could be heard even on the upper deck.

Somewhere on the Sunny Robin just smirked and Zoro just rolled his eye "Oi woman, you weren't spying on them again, were you?"

"Sorry, it's a bad habit of mine" the dark headed woman said smiling as if innocent.

"But don't worry I just caught the last part, it's very funny actually, apparently our navigator was counting money while they were having intercourse"

"I guess some people have some weird shit going on their sex life" he said grunting.

"And you are one in a position to have such an opinion … Zoro" a Robin smirked while Zoro resumed drinking sake on her belly button, while a second Robin stood hidden somewhere down below.

"I guess not" and he smirked evilly, resuming his task

to be continued…

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