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The Doctor was pacing in the control room with a sour look on his face, waiting for his (no longer favorite) companion to finish getting ready. His head was still reeling from the sudden change in events. One moment he was going to take her to a beautiful planet with singing trees, and now he is being forced into shopping. He was used to things not turning out as planned, but he would rather be in any of those life-or-death situations than something so.…girly and….domestic.

He thought grimly to himself with great certainty that this was how he was going to die. Unlike any other situation he had been in during all of his adventures, this one had no escape, and he knew it. After 900 years of travelling time and space, fighting aliens, and saving the universe, he was going to be killed by shops. He groaned out loud when he remembered his feeble attempts to get out of this.

After the nail polish fiasco he had immediately tried to convince Rose that there was no need to go shopping, and that the TARDIS had all the beds and bed linens she could ever need. Unfortunately for him, that resulted in Rose calling him a pervert for having that many beds, and then getting shooed out of her room so she could change.

Growing nervous and impatient the Doctor decided to go ahead and enter the coordinates and start the dematerialization sequence, instead of waiting for her to enter the control room, like he normally would. He ran around the console flipping switches, pulling levers, and mashing buttons, and the TARDIS began to shake and rock around while making a familiar wheezing sound. After a moment everything became calm.

The Doctor pulled himself out of the captain's chair (which he had fallen into during all the motion) and started to walk towards the door. From behind him he heard Rose mumble a curse. He turned around in surprise to see her sprawled out on the floor.

"You could've warned me." She said as she got up. "I would've been able to grab onto something."

Her words didn't register as he saw what she had changed into. Her polish covered sweats and hoodie had been replaced with low slung jeans and a black tee. The outfit as a whole showcased her curves perfectly. Her shoes though, as usual, were perfect for running, just in case.

As reality finally came back to him the Doctor gave her wide grin and stretched out his hand.

"Sorry. Didn't know you were in here."

"S'Okay. No harm done." Rose shrugged her shoulders and grabbed his hand. Together they ran to the door.

'Maybe' The Doctor pondered as he glanced over at Rose again 'This day won't be so bad after all'

He threw open the door and they stepped out into the busy streets of London.