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Chapter Four

Harry woke Monday morning to the annoying blare of his beside alarm clock, large red numbers flashed telling him it was six in the morning. With a groan he slammed his fist into the nuisance before dragging his body from the warm cocoon of blankets he had wrapped himself in. Stumbling into the bathroom he chucked his boxers in the hamper before stepping into the shower, giving a curse when the freezing water pelted his back and butt causing goose bumps to cover him and waking him up instantly.

He washed quickly too lazy to reach over and turn the knob for hot water and knowing if he did so he would take hours in the shower and he needed to get to school. A few minutes later he was out of the shower with nothing but a towel around his waist and brushing his teeth in the mirror, throwing a quick, wandless and wordless drying charm at his hair as he did so. When he finished that he stepped into his room and strode over to his closet looking for an outfit to wear to his first day of classes. After a while of thought he threw caution to the wind and pulled out what would make him comfortable, not really caring what other staff members thought of his outfit knowing the principle would be fine with whatever he wore because he was a valuable asset to the school.

He pulled on a pair of tight, faded jeans that hung low on his hips and covered his muscled legs perfectly, pulling a pair of dark cowboy boots on his feet. He then pulled on a black button up silk shirt, leaving the first few buttons undone, showing his Pendragon pendant as well as his well developed and bronzed chest. Pulling his silky locks into a low horsetail he placed his phoenix feather in his ear as well as the hoops before pulling his Lordship ring on. When he finished that he threw the things he would need into his small messenger bag, before throwing that over his shoulder before grabbing his guitar case and walking out of the room with one last glance.

Silently he peeked into Teddy's room to check on his son, making sure he was comfortable and fast asleep. At the sight of the boy's pink hair and him curled into a nest of blankets, sucking his thumb, Harry smiled lovingly feeling his heart swell at the sight. Setting his bags down in the hallway Harry walked into the room and sat on the side of the boy's bed, gently stroking Teddy's hair. The boy stirred and his amber eyes fluttered open to meet Harry's loving emeralds.

"Daddy?" came his curious whisper, he only laid there looking up at Harry curiously and pulled his thumb out of his mouth.

With a chuckle Harry leaned forward and kissed the boy on the forehead, "Go on back to sleep Cub, everything is okay Daddy's just going to work," he whispered tucking the boy more comfortably beneath the blankets.

What happened next shocked Harry, "NO!" came the boy's shout as he threw himself into Harry's lap, burying his face into the Elf's chest and gripping at his shirt as if it were his lifeline.

Confused Harry rubbed the young boy's back soothingly, "Hey now Cub, what's the matter?" he asked gently, knowing something had scared his boy.

"If Daddy goes to work he won't come back like Uncle Ron," the boy sobbed, his tears running down Harry's chest beneath is shirt.

Harry's eyes widened as his heart clenched when he remembered how his best friend was killed and realized Teddy's fear of Harry going to work. At a loss at what to do Harry just sat there cradling his baby boy in his lap comfortingly, letting him cry it out. Then an idea came to Harry and he gently pulled the boy a few inches away so Harry could look in his eyes.

"Daddy has to go to work Teddy but I'll tell you what, why don't you give me a good luck charm and see me off, then there is no way I could possibly be hurt," he offered gently, wiping the tears from the boy's face.

With a hesitant nod Teddy agreed and wiggled down from Harry's lap and went over to his closet, bending down and pulling out a little chest Harry had given him last year for his birthday. Smiling fondly Harry stayed on the bed waiting for his son to return with his charm. Teddy sifted through the little bobbles he collected looking for the perfect charm that would keep his Daddy safe. Then he realized the perfect one. Pulling out the velvet box gently Teddy ran over to his dad and offered it to him insistently.

Curious Harry took the small box and opened the lid only to stare in shock at what Teddy had given him; feeling tears of pride and love choke him. In the box, nestled on a silk pillow within was the only thing Remus and Tonks had left Teddy after their deaths, Remus's Marauder necklace. Fingers trembling Harry touched the charm of a howling wolf with another wolf laying close bay curled around a cub, feeling the shock of protective magic touch his fingers.

"Are you sure you want me to have this Teddy-bear?" Harry asked, trying to keep his voice steady under the onslaught of emotions.

The boy looked up at him with serious eyes as he nodded his head, his hair back to normal, "Granny told me that Mama and Papa gave me that to bring me good luck, so it must be a good luck charm," he whispered looking hopefully up to Harry.

Smiling Harry gently put the box to the side and reached up to remove the necklace he had never removed after he received it from Sirius on his fifteenth birthday. It was in the same style as the one in the box however instead of wolves there were deer; a buck stood proudly over a small doe and fawn who lay curled around each other. Unhooking it Harry placed it around Teddy's neck before leaning back and letting the boy see what he had done. While the boy marveled over his gift Harry removed the necklace Teddy had gifted him and put it on quickly.

"Now what say you and I go have some breakfast and you send me off?" he asked gently, standing steadily.

Teddy looked up at him and smiled, nodding enthusiastically though Harry could still see doubt in the boy's eyes. Smiling reassuringly at him Harry lifted him in his arms, stepping out into the hallway he went down the stairs smiling at the sight of his bag and guitar next to the garage door. Walking into the kitchen Harry gave a greeting nod to the rushing house elves and setting the table, giving a smile of thanks to each of them. Placing Teddy in his seat Harry sat beside him and they talked as they ate, not noticing the elves had already vacated the room.

When they finished Harry found he had time so Teddy ran off and grabbed the book Harry had been reading to him lately, Black Stallion, and came back to curl up in his lap as he read. He read a few chapters before it came time for him to leave and when he looked down he couldn't help but chuckle, Teddy had fallen asleep in his arms. He knew his cub wouldn't feel right if Harry just took him back up to his room and left so he reluctantly shook the boy in his arms awake. Confused amber eyes met his own and Harry nodded toward the garage door indicating he was leaving. Hesitantly Teddy followed Harry toward the garage, looking doubtfully between the car and Harry.

With a sigh Harry knelt in front of him and met his eyes dead on, "Teddy I am going to make you a promise okay?" he asked gently.

The boy nodded and Harry could see he was confused as well as curious at the promise Harry would give him, "I promise you that no matter what happens I will always return home to you," he whispered, his magic swirling around them sealing the promise and Harry kissed Teddy's forehead.

Tears came to Teddy's eyes, understanding what had happened even though he was so young. Nodding Teddy gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek before Harry stood, grabbed his bags, and walked over to the car, placing the bag and guitar in the back seat. When he climbed in he saw Teddy standing in his pajamas in the doorway, holding Winky's hand as he watched Harry closely. Smiling Harry gave a wave before he began backing out the last thing Harry saw of Teddy he was waving enthusiastically until Harry couldn't see him anymore.

Feeling loss as well as pride fill him Harry quickly plugged his iPod into the USB cord and pushed play, listening to his favorite songs as he drove toward the worn high school of Forks. When he pulled into the parking lot he noticed it was empty of any students and thanked whatever god there was up there that he didn't have a class until after lunch. Getting smoothly out of the car he noticed that besides a silver Volvo all the other cars were old, classics that looked worn with use. Shaking his head Harry pulled his things from the back seat and walked to the front office, locking his car behind him.

Striding confidently to the office he opened the door, smirking inwardly when the receptionist just sat and stared at him lustfully as he walked past to the principal's office. He knocked once before going in, smiling in greeting to the man behind the desk.

"So Draco, you only wanted me to work here so you could boss me around huh?" he asked, laughing slightly as the blond removed his feet from on top of the desk and stood, smirking coolly.

"You know me well Harry," he joked, smiling and wrapping him in a brotherly hug, "How else am I supposed to get my licks in when your King now?" he asked chuckling.

Harry snorted, "You would have found a way, you were after all the Prince of Slytherin were you not?" he asked with a knowing smirk.

Draco laughed warmly, his face open for the first time in a long while, "I'm so glad you and Uncle Sev decided to join me here. How is Teddy doing?" he asked, gesturing for Harry to precede him out the door.

Harry smiled at the thought of his son, "He started changing again and he had a bad reaction this morning when he discovered I was going to work," at Draco's confused frown Harry only said one word, "Ron."

"Ah," Draco remembered that day, it was the turning point for all of them and the main reason Draco had decided to move to America.

"Yes," Harry gave a sigh before shaking his troubles off and relaxing, "So when can we expect you and Scorpius for dinner?" he asked, giving the blond a playful smile.

Draco laughed, "What say we drop in like good old times," the man said with a laugh as they strolled outside toward the music room.

Harry laughed only to freeze at the sight of his room. Every instrument was covered in dust and the music sheets were torn and thrown everywhere around the trashcan. A smell Harry didn't want to locate permeated the room making him want to gag. Turning horrified eyes toward Draco he found the blond looking distastefully at the room.

"Draco?" Harry asked, scared to find out why the room was in such a state.

The blond aristocrat gave a sigh and spoke, "When I became principal your predecessor decided to press the waters to see how much she could get away with. It seems the principal before let her get away with too much so I gave her a few chances like the Gryffindor in you would have made me do, but she took it too far. I fired her letting her have the ability to say she retired, but apparently she decided if she could no longer have this room then neither could you," he said with a growl seeming to glare at something that wasn't there.

Smiling fondly Harry placed a gentle hand on his brother's shoulder, "It's fine Draco, I have plenty of time to clean up," he said, waving his hand making the room begin cleaning itself.

The blond was broken from his brooding and smiled, nodding his assent before turning to leave. He stopped in the doorway and threw over his shoulder, "It's good to have you back Wrath," before leaving.

Chuckling sadly at the use of his old nickname Harry turned back to cleaning, setting chairs on risers on the back wall of the room. He maneuvered the piano toward the middle of the room and set up guitars on cases on the wall. All the other instruments were arranged perfectly along with a few albums placed on the wall in their frames. Pulling an old record player out of his bag he plugged it up close to his office before he stepped back and took in the full classroom. The walls were now a soothing, ocean blue that seemed to be covered in waves. The carpet was a sandy brown and risers were set up across from the door against the back wall. In the center set a piano and its bench; to the right of the door was his desk where his coat was thrown over the rolling chair and his bag set beside it. The walls were covered with record albums and a wall to the right of the risers was covered in a bookcase full of CDs and albums. The wall to the left was filled with instruments looking shiny and new.

Nodding satisfied Harry sat down in his chair and started organizing his desk expertly. He seemed to get lost in his chores because he was broken from his musings when the bell rang for lunch and his stomach rumbled. Chuckling silently, amused with himself he called out Kreacher's name causing the house elf to pop in looking at him expectantly.

"Would you mind brining me something to eat Kreacher, I forgot to pack my lunch this morning," Harry said, rubbing the back of his head sheepishly.

The house elf nodded excitedly before he popped out and soon popped back in carrying a picnic basket full of food. Before Harry could protest the elf was already gone; shaking his head fondly Harry looked through the basket horrified at just how much food filled the thing. He was brought from his exasperated thoughts by the door to his room opening and a young girl stepping in looking as if she were about to cry. Worry filled Harry and he quickly set the basket on his desk and slowly walked over so as not to startle her.

"Are you alright?" he asked gently, stopping in front of her and bending down to meet her eyes.

She sniffed, her eyes widened, "I am so sorry, I didn't know anyone would be in here," she whispered tearfully before turning to leave.

Harry couldn't help but be reminded of Neville and his heart went out to the poor girl. Placing a gentle, but restraining hand on her shoulder, Harry turned her around and led her over to the piano bench. Setting her down gently Harry sat across from her, straddling the bench so he was facing her fully.

"I don't mind one bit, however what I do mind is when my questions are ignored. Are you alright?" he asked gently but firmly, meeting her eyes full on.

She sniffed and shook her head; Harry could see she was struggling with her tears. Smiling sadly Harry pulled her into his chest, rubbing her back soothingly, "Let it out love, just let it out," he whispered to her gently. The dams broke and tears soaked Harry's shirt as her shoulders shook with her sobs.

Running a soothing hand through her hair Harry spoke, "Trust me when I tell you it helps to tell someone. Why don't you tell me what's got a beautiful girl like you in a state like this?"

With a sniffle she began to sob out the story and Harry felt anger filling him like a bubble and had to bite back a curse, he would be having a talk with Jessica and Lauren that was for sure. After she finished they sat in silence for a moment as Harry let her get all her tears out; when she finished Harry finally spoke, "I'm going to tell you what I told a friend of mine when he had the same problem," she looked up at him with wide, hopeful eyes, "those girls don't know you nor do they have a right to judge you on something they couldn't possibly understand. Now I know what they say hurts but what would hit them where it hurts is to stand tall with your chin held high and showing none of the hurt you feel because of their words. Next time they say those things to you, be the better person and walk away. Then I want you to come to me about it alright?" he asked gently, pulling her chin up and meeting her eyes.

She nodded, giving him a watery smile. Harry chuckled, "I'm your new music teacher, Harry Potter but you can call me Harry in and outside of class," he said with a smile, "and you my beautiful lady?" he asked, kissing the top of her hand.

With a giggle the girl wiped the tears from her eyes and spoke, "Angela Webber," she whispered, "and I already know who you are." At his surprised look she shrugged, "I'm a squib, my family didn't like that so I've been ignored for a while."

Harry's eyes became a hard jade, "Angela I want you to tell your parents they will be coming to school Friday for a conference with me," he growled angrily, no one deserved such treatment from their parents.

She gave a fearful nod and this calmed Harry slightly, "You have nothing to worry about Angela, I'm merely going to have a word with them on how they to properly treat their child. Now how would you like to share my lunch with me, I'm afraid my house elf went a little overboard with the meal," he said with a chuckle.

Angela giggled and nodded, she knew Harry Potter was gay and she wasn't like her little sister in assuming that she had a chance with him. She had always assumed the great Harry Potter would be a cocky bastard with a big head, but instead she found a kind, gentle, if not protective young man who seemed humble and wise beyond his age. She was shaken from her thoughts when Harry placed a picnic basket between them and began pulling out food; he wasn't kidding when he said his house elf went overboard.

When lunch ended Angela helped Harry clean up the mess and was surprised when the basket disappeared. Harry chuckled, "No worries, Kreacher probably put a sensor on it," he explained before motioning to the risers, "now why don't you have a seat as while we wait for the other students to come in?" he asked.

She nodded and went to sit on the front riser, closest to where he was leaning on the piano. Chuckling he recalled their conversation and was glad she didn't have the hero complex like so many of his other fans did; she actually seemed a little understanding of what he had gone through. She was a sweet girl and was a mix between Hermione and Neville; if he didn't know better he would have said she was their kid. He was drawn from his musings on the past when the class began to file in.

He looked over them all, placing them in temporary categories before he got to know them. Most of the jocks sat on the top row along with a few of the popular girls. On the second and third riser were the semi-popular to not-so-popular crowd and on the bottom row were the "nerds" or "geeks" of the school along with a few outcasts. His attention was drawn however to the large group of beautiful teens that sat on the far right with empty chairs surrounding them. The moment he met their honey gold eyes he knew what they were, vampires. He didn't show any signs of his recognition, knowing they posed no threat to him or the other teens in the classroom.

The two on the top row were a brawny one whose eyes spoke of a gentleness that contradicted his appearance and a beautiful blond model whose eyes showed haughtiness and a slight contempt for him. Raising a questioning brow he moved on to the next three. There was a small, pixie-like girl who was grinning widely at him as if she knew something he didn't and he got a shiver; she was a Seer bloody brilliant he thought sarcastically. Next to her, with his arm wrapped around her shoulder was a bronze haired teen who seemed to hold a classic look about him and his eyes showed confusion and a bit of annoyance. When he turned his attention to the final one he was frozen; he was absolutely beautiful. His locks were golden and fell about his chin in silky waves. He held a rugged look that caused an invisible shiver to go down Harry's spine and the arousal to whine it's into Harry's gut. His eyes were what caught Harry's full attention however; there was an almost tortured look in his eyes that spoke of a dark past and a soul looking for redemption. Harry had seen it enough in his and Severus's eyes after the war to know what it looked like. Another thing that drew Harry to him was the fact his magic seemed to be wrapping itself around the vampire almost lovingly like it had found its long lost lover.

The answer hit Harry like a ton of bricks; this vampire was his soul mate! The bell rang and broke him from his revere so he pushed back his discovery for another, more convenient time, and turned his full attention to the classroom. Grinning broadly at them he pulled up a chair and turned it backwards, straddling it.

"Hello the names Harry Potter and I'll be your new music teacher. Now I only have a few rules otherwise you guys have free rein," by the looks he caught exchanged between most of them they didn't believe him; smirking he continued, "First and foremost, if any of you call me Mr. Potter I will personally send you to hell," he said seriously before giving them a sly grin and a wink, "Besides that always reminded me of an old man with way too many cats!" he said with a shudder causing a small chuckle to go around the classroom. Smiling warmly Harry continued, "Second, have fun! And the most important besides the first is that I will not accept bullying! If I find you so much teasing someone about the way they look or their hair lays on their head you will wish to whatever god you may worship that another teacher caught you cause I can damn well assure you I will make hell look like a elementary school playground," his eyes darkened to jade and the room seemed to almost darken and become cold.

All the students shivered, event he vampires, staring at him cautiously. Soon enough the demon was gone and the grinning, warm young man was back, "Now for those of you slumped in your seats pouting about how unfair the school is for placing you in the class you never wanted, I'll make you a deal," this caught the intrigue of said students and they sat forward a bit in their seats.

Harry smirked, "All of you must sit through my first lesson and participate in every exercise as if you really wanted this class. Then afterwards if you don't like it you can go out to your cars for the class period and do what you want to do until the bell rings." All the students looked smug thinking they would get out of the class, but there was a catch, "However, if you find yourself liking it I expect to see you every day. Sound like a good deal?" Harry asked meeting their eyes.

He got a round of nods and grinned clapping his hands together and standing happily, "Alright then ladies grab your purses and guys grab your wallets because we are going outside!" he said smiling happily.

He got a lot of weird looks but they did as they were told, Harry waited by the door. The vampires and Angela were the first done, the girl giving him a small, shy smile. Grinning warmly at her he wrapped an encouraging arm around her and gave her a brotherly squeeze before removing his arm and turning to see if everyone had gathered. When he saw everyone watching him expectantly he opened the doors and walked through the parking lot toward the woods that bordered the school. Walking into the forest he didn't even glance back, walking gracefully as if he were on a smooth surface. After a few minutes of walking they reached a small, beautiful clearing that was brighter: it would provide enough cover to keep the vampires' secret.

He stood in the center waiting for everyone to file in before he smiled widely and plopped down gracefully on the cool grass, gesturing for everyone else to do the same. Everyone sat down forming a large circle around him so they could all see him and watch what he did. Smiling warmly he began; "Now before we start our lesson I want to get to know all of you guys so give me your name, pet peeve, and a fact about you. I'll start. My name is Harry James Potter, I hate it when my questions aren't answered," here he sent an amused smile toward Angela before continuing, "and I have a small adoptive son and live with my adoptive father who both carry my family name." Turning to his soul mate he smiled at him warmly and a little shy, "Now you."

The honey blond man smiled at him charmingly before talking while keeping his tawny eyes trained on Harry's own emerald, "I am Jasper Whitlock Hale, I hate liars, and I'm a history jock."

This continued around the circle and Harry smiled and laughed delightedly, talking to them as if he were one of them: a teenager. Soon they were all just talking animatedly to him telling him about themselves going beyond what he originally asked for but Harry didn't complain and merely smiled and responded. Soon they were all feeling comfortable around him and Harry finally began his lesson.

"Alright, I'm going to ask all of you some questions and if it's true for you raise your hand and if not then just stay silent and keep your hand down sound doable?" he asked winking amused. He got a round of nods and smiles, nodding himself he spoke, "Alright how many of you listened to music on the way to school this morning?" he asked. Everyone raised their hands. "Okay, how many of you listen to music when you're bored or just need to fill an awkward silence?" Again everyone raised their hands, Harry doing the exercise with them. "Okay, last question what kinds of music do you like? Don't try to lie to me, because I don't want you to say a particular type of music if you think it'll please me. Personally I am a round and open person and love all types of music."

All around students told their favorite types of music and Harry nodded and offered them new artists from their favorite genre to listen to. When everyone had told him their favorite genre Harry began the real lesson. "Now what so many people don't realize is that music is everywhere you go in different forms. I want you guys to stand up and form four columns and three rows, I don't care how you do it just go," they complied but Harry chuckled, "all of you line up like soldiers, spread out, be disorganized." They did as they were told and Harry smiled, "Now most of you are arranged like notes on a music sheet: chaotic but with a certain order to you almost exactly like music. Have you known one form of music fit exactly to another?" he got a lot of head shakes of negative, "Exactly, music is as diverse as each and every one of you!" everyone was staring at him in shock.

"Now music is diverse and emotional just like a human breathing. It rises and falls, it fluctuates, and it becomes chaotic. This is why so many teenagers love music because it's almost as chaotic and confused as teenagers are at this age. But what we also don't realize is that music is with us wherever we go," seeing their doubtful looks Harry smiled, he always did love a challenge.

"Don't believe me huh? I want all of you to close your eyes and just listen to everything around you. Do you hear your heartbeat?" he got tons of nods, smiling he continued, "That's your drum beat, now do you hear your breathing and your neighbors?" getting more nods Harry kept going, "That is your measures, then you have the birds singing in the trees providing your tune and the wind in the leaves and the movements of animals in the underbrush. Find the rhythm in it and you'll hear the music."

He stood silently after that just letting them experience the magic of music and the forest around them. Music was life, it was support, it was courage, it was uplifting, it was so many things that some people couldn't even put names to. Harry regretted he hadn't found the magic of music until he had reached majority, knowing he would have been much calmer if he had heard the Forbidden Forest's lullaby. He saw the awed looks that spread across the crowd of students; taking pride especially in the awe and excitement in the faces of the student's that had started off hating his class. He checked his watch silently before sighing in disappointment of having to break the forest's spell.

"Alright," his clear, deep voice cut into the trance startling most of them out of their trance, "it's about time for the bell to ring so tonight for homework I want you guys to listen tonight and over the week to the noises around you to see how long you can listen to the music and see if you can divide your attention between it and reality. Some of you might be able to do it with your eyes open and in the middle of the conversation and some of you may not even be able to go beyond closing your eyes and staying silent for hours on end, but that's alright you know it's there and that's all that matters. Now I hope you enjoyed my first lesson and can't wait to see all of you tomorrow!" he smiled happily to them and waved them to head back to the school.

He stayed where he was, closing his eyes and smiling fondly as he felt he caress of the forest's magic against his own and the animals in the underbrush bowing to him as they passed, giving their respect to the King of all Creatures. Opening his senses he brushed back, giving respect and attention to everything in the forest feeling as if he aged a thousand years but knowing only a few minutes had passed in reality. Slowly he bade one final goodbye, biting back tears at the mournful tune the forest sang, and opened his eyes only to jump at the sight of the vampire teens standing before him and looking at him expectantly. With a sigh, Harry gave them a small smile and spoke in a tired, but gentle tone, "How can I do for you?" he asked.

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