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"Come on Barbie lets go party…"

I reached over for my phone before checking the screen I didn't remember getting that ringtone, of course it was Alice, rolling my eyes I answered and threw a pillow over my head.

"What," I grunted.

"Beeelllllaaaaa! What are you still doing in bed? It's almost 6:00!," Alice said all hyper on the other side of the phone.

"You just answered your own question Alice, its only 6, and when did you change my ringtones?" I asked waking up a little more.

"When you were playing Guitar Hero with Emmett, and I'm on your porch and its cold so get your ass down here now," she answered a little to chipper for someone who was about to die.

"What do you mean you're on my porch," even as I was asking I threw on my robe and started down the stairs, I couldn't hear Charlie so I figured he left to work already.

"Just hurry!"

With that she hung up the phone, I could hear her foot tapping on the floor and tried not to roll my eyes. I decided to be nice and quickly opened up the door to let her in. As soon as I had it opened she came storming in holding a dress bag and two smaller bags, I instantly got worried and eyed the bag like they were the devil. It was Friday, Friday for me was sweat and comfy cloths day, she was not and I repeat NOT playing Barbie with me! I forbid it!

An hour later while I was sitting on my computer chair I pouted as Alice curled my hair. I know I know I said no but she just looked at me with those eyes and her stupid pout face and I caved…I need a pout face I really do. Maybe I could get out of making dinner some night.

"All finished!" Alice sang behind me and twirled the chair so that I could see my reflection. I couldn't help but smile, my makeup was there but a very natural look and my hair curled in little waves to my shoulder and fell into spirals.

"Alice it looks amazing, thank you," I said completely meaning it.

"It's nothing! Now come and look at the outfit I picked out for you!," she chirped dancing over to the dress bag and opening it revealing a pair of black skinnies with fade around the knees and small rips on them paired with a tank top with a sequenced front and a black leather jacket that I swore I saw Edward wear a couple times. Out of the other bag she pulled out a pair of black boots with a 3 inch heel ( I would have called it a spike) another pair that looked the same but with a wedge. I eyed them warily, hoping she would let me wear the wedges knowing my luck I would trip and the spike would land in some poor innocent bi-standard and I will go to jail for manslaughter …you think I'm joking I'm not.

"So which ones?" she smiled at me.

I breathed a sigh of relieve and pointed at the wedges and grabbed the cloths leaving the jacket on the bed I took them to the bathroom and quickly pulled them on, amazed at how well they fit me. I shook my head, Alice was scary sometimes. I came back in the room as Alice was cleaning up I let her continued and looked at the jacket, shrugging I pulled it on and at once was assaulted with the smell of Edward and I shook my head. She would bring me her brother's jacket.

"Alice, why did you give me Edwards jacket?" I questioned as I started helping pick things up.

"Because it would look great with the outfit and he didn't care," she said packing the last of the things together. "Okay! Now let's go to school we are just on time."

Grabbing my keys and fallowing her out I locked the door and turned only to pause. I expected Alice's porches to be sitting in the driveway but I was surprised to Edward sitting in his Volvo with his head leaning against the back of his seat and eyes closed. Walking past Alice who was trying to work an umbrella I tapped on the passage side window and smiled when he jumped. Edward turned down the music and reached over to open the door, I slide in and shut the door behind me. Alice hopped in the back after a moment and instantly glared at Edward.

"Where's Jazzy?" she asked.

"He drove his bike this morning, you will see him in five minutes calm down," Edward chuckled and pulled out of my drive way, "Oh and Bella nice jacket have I seen it before"

I blushed and glanced at Alice, "Alice said you didn't care, Alice!"

"What he doesn't do you Edward," Alice asked smiling at her brother.

"Of course not," Edward smiled at me, "It looks much better on Bella then it ever did on me."

I blushed again and looked out the window watching the scenery pass by, I couldn't help but think about the past week and how things have changed. Monday seemed like a lifetime ago, when the Cullens hated me and I was invisible, I couldn't lie to myself about being happier now then I was then. But at the same time I had a feeling that it was too good to be true. I glanced at Edward as he drove keeping his eyes on the road at all-time which was good considering he was driving almost twice the speed limit…don't think about it, don't think about it. Next I turned my glance to Alice how was moving her fingers lighting speed on her phone probable texting Jasper, Five days ago she wanted nothing to do with me, she never stopped anyone from making fun of me, never helped me out of tight situations, and now she was one of my best friends. But why was the question, I couldn't help but wonder if this was some kind of sick joke or prank they created to make my last year a living hell. I didn't want to think that they were capable of that but I know some of the things that Edward did to other girls so I couldn't help but wonder.

"Bella? Are you okay?" Alice said putting her hand on my shoulder and pulling me out of my thoughts.

"Oh, yeah I'm great, just thinking that's all," I smiled at her.

"Okay," she said slowly, I could hear the doubt in her voice but hoped she wouldn't mention it.

She didn't, she just got out of the car and ran to Jasper. I smiled as I stepped out and caught sight of them.

"Makes you sick but happy doesn't it," Edward mused from beside me.

I jumped not realizing he was there but smiled at him, "Yep"

"Come on let's to go class," Edward said grabbing the front of his jacket and pulling me with him.

I laughed and swatted his hands away fallowing him to English. I saw Jessica and Lauren glaring at me on the way I just sent them a sweet smile and blew them a kiss, and fallowed Edward into class. We sat down and talked quietly about the play we were supposed to recite while we waited for the bell to ring.

"Alright class, today is a make-up day, so finish any homework for this class or another or work on your scene assuming your partner is here of course," Mr. Mason announced before sitting at his desk and blocking us out. I pulled out my Romeo and Juliet book and went to where our place was and started reading the lines.

"Do you really need to memorize the lines?" Edward said sounding amused.

I glanced up.

"No, I already have it memorized," I admitted sleeplessly.

He just smiled and nodded as if he expected it, "Same, wanna play twenty questions?"

I just looked at him, "You have the part memorized?" I asked surprised.

Edward blushed and laughed nervously, "Yeah, well most of the book actually, and you don't have to look so surprised, I have a brain you know." He added jokingly.

"I'll believe it when I have proof," I said smiling at him.

He laughed and shook his head, "So twenty questions?"

I shrugged, "Why not, you first"

"What do you want to be after high school," He asked after a moment.

"A writer," I said instantly, I picked out what I wanted to be years ago. "What about you?"

"A composer or maybe music teacher," he said smiling slightly.

The questions continued back and forth, he asked about my favorite music, books, flowers, color, and favorite memory. I found out he doesn't have a favorite music but has a soft spot for classical, his favorite book is anything by John Steinbeck, and he wouldn't admit to a favorite flower, but his favorite color was brown which he stuttered out, and his favorite memory was Christmas with his family last year.

I almost pouted when the bell rang and we had to switch classed, but Edward walked me to my class still asking questions, he eventually left when the Minute bell rang with a promise to see me at lunch. I walked into class with a smile on my face that not even Jessica could ruin, which she did with snide comments about how the Cullens felt back and what not. I swear the girl is asking to get hit, but I just ignored her. And everyone else until lunch, not feeling hungry I just grabbed a soda and sat at the table staring off into space until I felt the table move and glanced to see Alice and Jasper sitting in front of me and Edward to the side.

"So you're spending the weekend at my house Bella," Alice stated rather then asked, I raised my eyebrow at her.

"I am?"

"Yes, so after school we are going to go to your house pack you a bag and go straight to my house," She said before taking a bite of her carrot.

I looked at Edward who just shrugged, and looked back at her.

"I have to okay that with Charlie," I said thinking about my dad coming home to an empty house.

"I already did, he said it was fine he was going to spend the weekend at his friends," Alice said not looking away from Jasper.

"Wh-wh-what? When?" I stuttered out staring at her.

"This morning before he left for work silly."

I just kept staring at her amazed at how she worked and secretly vowing to take notes.

"Well okay then I guesses I'm going to your house after school, do you have to clear it with your parents," I asked taking a drink of my soda.

"Nope, they already know you're staying tonight and tomorrow night and going home Sunday night."

I just nodded shook my head and turned my attention to Edward who instantly started up a new game of twenty questions. It continued all the way through biology and as he dropped me off at my last period of the day.

I managed to talk my way into sitting out saving myself and classmates from their untimely doom of me playing with them; okay maybe I was over exaggerating…but not by much.

I was so glad when the bell rang; I quickly walked out and almost ran into Edward who was waiting outside the door for me. Once again we started up our game this time focusing on movies as we walked out to his car, Alice was already there waiting for us smiling and bouncy as always.

"Hurry! I want to get home and see Jazzy," she yelled at us. Smiling at each other we walked a little faster to the car, once in Edward drove straight to my house and promising to be right back me and Alice ran upstairs to grab a bag. I quickly gathered and threw in my toiletries and a pair of pajamas as Alice searched my closet trying to find suitable outfits. As soon as we had everything we went straight to the Volvo and hopped inside, in no time we were entering the Cullens house.

"Welcome home guys, how was school? It's nice to see you again Bella," Esme called as she came in through the kitchen.

"It was good, I'm going to show Bella her room we will be right back! If jazzy comes tell him I will be right back," Alice called before taking my hand and dragging me upstairs with surprising force considering she was so tiny.

We fallowed her to a room with light blue walls and a beautiful canopy wood bed made of light wood and dark blue sheets and comforter, with a white bookshelf and desk next complete with a computer to a mirror. There were two other doors, one looked like it went to a closet and the other I could see a bathroom inside of it, the best part however was that on the wall facing out was a giant window overlooking a small river and trees.


"Like it? It was one of the guest bedrooms but now it's your bedroom," Alice sang setting my bag on the bed.

"Soon we will go shopping and fill your closet and once I learn what you like to use in the shower and stuff we will stalk the bathroom."

"Woah woah, wait, what are you talking about?" I looked at her confused.

"This room, your one of my best friends therefore you deserve your own room," she said looking at me confused.

"Are your parents okay with this?" I asked her.

"Yeah, mom actually helped design it," Alice smiled at me then frowned, "You like it don't you"

"I…yes I do, I really do I'm just surprised is all," I said smiling at her.

"Well come on lets go downstairs and see what else is going on," she said before she grabbed my hand and again dragged me down stairs.

The rest of the night was actually a quiet thing, Jasper came over and we all hung out and worked on homework, then Carlisle came home we had dinner then all gathered in the living room and watched a movie. By the time the movie was over it was after 11 and Alice was passed out against Jasper and I was falling asleep leaning into Edward but I was trying not to…..kind of, Edward was really comfortable. Edward didn't seem to mind, he just picked me up and carried me to my bed, I saw Jasper do the same for Alice, Edward sat me down and smiled at me "Goodnight Bella," he said before leaving the room.

I smiled as I felt myself falling asleep.

Today was awesome…I can't wait for tomorrow.

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