Everything You'd Expect

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"Lily. Lily? Lils? LILY!"

Lily groggily woke up. She didn't want to move. She was so bloody warm...

"Evans, I'm not as nice as Jamesies. Get your arse out of bed now!"

"Shuddup, Black..." Lily mumbled, rolling over onto her back. She stared up at the four wizards staring back at her. James was sitting right next to her, but he was glaring up at Sirius. Sirius was standing at the foot of her bed, grinning widely. Remus was by the door, rolling his eyes at his friends' anitcs. And Peter was standing by the dark window...

Wait...the dark window?

"S'too early to be up," Lily moaned. "I'm going back to sleep-"

"Evans, don't pull it." Black grinned. "You've no idea how many times I've said those words in my life. And normally, I'd let you sleep til you die. But - unfortunately - I'm making an exception. Scotland...remember?"

Lily sighed. How could she have forgotten? Today was the day that the Marauders and Martha were taking her on an adventure to a village in Wizarding Scotland. She sat up, and rubbed her eyes. Her hair was a tangled mess, and as she was surveying herself, she realized -

She'd only slept in boxer shorts and an over-sized shirt. And the blankets were now off of her.

Lily blushed, and forced the blankets up over her. James backed away with his hands in front of him, blushing as well. They were both very quiet -

And then there was Sirius.

"AH!" he laughed, his face completely red from having tried to hold in the laughter. "Oh, Evans, you crack me up! What, dressing up for Prongs, were we?"

"SHUT UP SIRIUS!" Lily and James shouted at the same time.

This didn't help to keep Sirius quiet. As he left the room, he mouthed 'Made for each other!' And made kissy noises. Remus ushered Black and Pettigrew out of the room, and winked at James as he shut the door.

"I'll just...go then." James said uncomfortably, getting up to leave. "I'm sorry about them."

"It's not your fault." Lily said. Then, she broke into a grin. "James, you look petrified. I'm not going to attack you - it's Sirius who should sleep with one eye open."

James allowed a little smile, said, "Thanks, Lils." and left the room.

Lily locked the door behind him, so as to make sure there weren't anymore 'unwelcome visitors'. She then put on her clothes for the day, and fixed her hair. She brushed her teeth and applied her makeup, but it was all auto-pilot. Truthfully, Lily wasn't fully awake. She was dead on her feet. She hadn't had much sleep the night before - she'd had awful nightmares about her parents.

When Lily was completely ready, she unlocked the door, surprised to find the hallway behind it completely empty. Lily ran up the stairs to the kitchen, to find the Marauders and Martha arguing.

"But Mum, how exactly did it break?" James complained loudly. Lily was surprised to hear Martha laugh.

"Oh, relax, James." she sniggered. "It's not broken. We're just out of Floo Powder."

"Get some more then!" Sirius said. "We can't miss out on Scotland! Evans has never eve-"

"She does have a first name, Sirius." Martha said sternly. "I'm sure that Lily doesn't appriciate always being referred to as her surname."

"Aw, she doesn't care!" Sirius said. "She calls me 'Black!' all the time!"

"Have you ever actually asked her what she prefers?" Martha asked, raising a light red eyebrow.

Sirius shifted behind the woman's glare, and went back to his original statement. "We have to go!"

"We won't miss out." Martha smiled. "Mrs. Wilson's husband is the Head of the Department of Muggle Artifacts. They've got a car that they're willing to let us use to get to Mr. Simmon's house. He's already said that we can use his Floo Powder."

"And have you any clue as to how to drive, Mum?" James asked, giving his mother a speculative glance.

Martha rolled her eyes. "No, James. None at all. I'm just going to crash us into a bloody tree."

Lily laughed from where she stood. So that was where James got all the sarcasm.

"Oh, Lily! We didn't hear you come in!" Martha smiled. "I know you're probably hungry, but we're going to have to wait until we get there. Did you hear what I said about the car?"

Lily stepped closer to the five people in the kitchen, and nodded in response to Martha's question.

"Excellent! Well, Mrs. Wilson left her car out back - we can leave now, if you're all ready?"

"LET'S GO!" Sirius shouted.

"Sirius!" Remus groaned. "Don't shout!"

"Merlin, what kind of Marauder are you, Moony?" Sirius asked, rolling his eyes.

"A smart and sensible Marauder, thank you." Remus mumbled. Lily was confused; why was Remus so snappy?

"Awe, someone's in a bad mood." Sirius chuckled. "That time of the month again, Moony?"

"Wouldn't you like to know?" Remus retorted.

The other four brushed off what Remus had just said. But Lily thought over it. Wasn't it strange that Remus hadn't actually denied Sirius's question? But he was a boy...he didn't have a time of the month...unless they were talking about something else. Lily knew she'd have to ask James later - he wouldn't refuse to tell her anything.

They had been in the car all of five minutes, and Lily was already out. Remus was in the passenger seat. Martha was driving (rather well, for a Pureblood). Peter and Sirius were in the seats behind them (it was a van, so there were three rows), and James and Lily were in the very back.

"Sirius!" James whispered, trying not to jostle himself. Sirius rolled his eyes, and turned around in his seat.

"What is it Pr-" but Sirius stopped dead when he saw the happy expression on James's face and the position in which Lily was laying.

She was leaning heavily on James, her head resting on his shoulder. She was snoring lightly, and curled up onto him. Sirius's sudden lack of words caused the rest of the car to turn around to gaze in awe at the sight of James and Lily.

"Knew it was only a matter of time," Martha muttered to herself, chuckling.

"You owe me to galleons, Moony." Sirius told the lycanthrope in the front row. Sirius brushed a fake tear from his eyes, and whisperedin an overly-dramatic voice, "Our little Jamesies is growing up, Martie!"

"Don't call me Martie." Martha hissed from the front seat, causing Peter to chuckle. His beady little eyes were watering by the time the laughing fit was over.

"OI!" James yelled as quietly as he could. "Shut up, all of you! You'll wake her up!"

"Oooh, defensive." Sirius laughed. "Awe, lighten up, mate. Lils sleeps like the dead."

Lily muttered something unintelligable in her sleep, and all four boys looked intrigued. Martha just rolled her eyes, and kept her head in front of the road. It wasn't so bloody fascinating listening to a girl talk in her sleep, yet here her 'sons' were, doing just that.

"What's she saying?" Peter whispered.

"Dunno," Sirius muttered. Then, he glanced evilly at James. "Prongsies could always try Occlumency."

"No." James and Martha said at the same time, and Martha found herself intensely proud of her son.

"No," James repeated. "Her dreams are private."

"Doesn't mean we can't hear what she's putting out there for all of us," Sirius muttered. "Come on, listen harder! I want to know what she's thinking."

As the drive continued, the four Marauders listened closely for Lily to say more. She muttered a few things, but nothing the Marauders could make out. It seemed that Martha was only one who distinctly heard the word 'James' escape the red-head's lips.

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