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Chapter 1:

I opened my eyes and looked up to see Flippy looking down at me. I smiled as I looked up into his eyes, but then froze. I wasn't looking into Calm Flippy's eyes. I was

looking into Crazy Flippy's. How do I know that? There was blood on the edge of his eyes and he looked down at me with a blood lusting look that screamed "I'LL HAPPILY KILL YOU"

We just stared at each other, as Flippy's breaths were deep and heavy. I could hear a slight growl from the retired warriors throat as he looked at me with crazy eyes. I gulped and felt a sharp pain in my throat. I looked down and saw his knife at my throat. It closed my eyes and whimpered slightly, but did not scream. If I screamed, I would bring back calm Flippy, but I couldn't do that. Not yet. I wanted to scream so badly. I wanted to cry and curl up in a fetal position. I wanted to just go back to sleep, and wait for calm Flippy to return. I was so afraid of Evil Flippy. I have been killed so many times by Evil flippy, but I have to love Evil flippy. I have to get him to love me. I'm in love with Flippy, so naturally I have to accept every part of him. That was what started this whole thing.

"Flaky, you don't have to do this." Flippy said as he clutched me to his bloody chest. The blood on him was mine of course.

He flipped out again when I dropped a porcelain tea cup. I knew that he would flip out If I did so. I closed the door to the kitchen and locked it, afraid of Evil Flippy. I had started to clean up the broken pieces, but of course Evil flippy broke through the door to the kitchen, his knife at the ready. He ran at me,and I screamed. The scream lasted 5 seconds.

In the first second I stepped on a piece of the cup, and I started to scream in pain instead of fear. That was my mistake. My screams of fear are the only screams that seem to trigger calm flippy. If I scream out in pain instead of fear, then it only fuels Evil Flippy. We discovered this a few weeks ago when he flipped out and surprised me by cutting my leg open. I screamed, but it was in pain rather than fear and help. It was just a theory at the time, but it kept happening, and was named as a fact after a few days of it.

In the fourth second Flippy slit my throat, so my screams were more gurgling as the blood filled up my throat. It was warm, and sticky, and metallic but yet sweet. Ever since Flippy and I started dating a year ago I have grown used to the taste, sight, and smell of blood. It no longer affected me when he cut me and I tasted it. It was now a familiar taste, and my taste buds had gotten used to it.

It was now the fifth second. I could no longer scream, and I was now on the floor at Flippy's feet, spurting out blood. His knife dropped and soon he did as well. He was on his knees, his hands on my shoulders.

Everything went black. Everything went blank. No feelings. No tastes. No smell.

Then it all came back.

I was lying on my back in Flippy's arms. We were on the kitchen floor. I looked up at Flippy to see him looking down at me, no emotions on his face. I looked down and moved a bit in his arms, but felt him

hold onto me tighter.


"Flaky shut up! Don't say anything about trying to appeal to his better nature! He has no better nature!" Flippy screamed, cutting me off. I bit my tongue lightly, and stared up at him, trembling a bit. The shock from my new death was finally kicking in and I wanted to cry. I bit my tongue harder, but not hard enough to break the skin. I had tasted enough blood for the day, and was not going to inflict it on myself if I could help it.

"Sorry" I said in a small voice, and looked down. I sighed and tried to stand up with Flippy's help. My legs were trembling so much, the buckled under me, and Flippy had to pick me up and hold me in his arms bridal style. I looked down at my knees, embarrassed and a bit ashamed. Flippy held me close to him, and I felt a tear fall to the top of my head. I looked up, and felt a tear fall down onto my cheek. Flippy rarely ever cried when Evil flippy came out. He usually just felt guilty and ashamed, but never cried. He only ever cried when I was hurt, and even then it was rare. I knew that since he was crying I probably shouldn't have cried, because I wanted him to stop crying. I probably shouldn't have started sobbing, and clinging to him, but I did. I did exactly that. All at once tears flooded down my cheeks, and my eye sight blurred.

"I'm sorry Flippy. It wasn't your fault! It's never your fault." I tried to say, as I looked up at him. He wasn't sobbing like me. He was just tearing up. He just stood there, looking down at me with that unchanging, unfazed face.

"Flippy say something to me!" I said and hiccuped. He looked down at me and I shook with fear now. I was afraid that he would yell again, or something worse. I closed my eyes and waited for him to scream, but it never came. Instead, I felt his body shift, and then felt his lips on my forehead. At first, I cringed thinking he was going to say something, but then I loosened up, and settled into him, letting him kiss my forehead.

"Ok." He said and I looked up at him surprised. He wasn't smiling. He looked sad actually. He looked like this decision pained him and It hurt me to seem him in pain.

"You mean..." I said and realized what he was giving his consent to. He was going to let me try and appeal to Evil Flippy.

"Flippy, if you don't want me to I won't." I said, but he shook his head slowly.

"I don't want you to, but I can see that you do." He said and I nodded looking up at him. I leaned up a bit, and brushed my lips against his, crying a bit more. I wasn't sure myself if I was crying tears of joy, or tears of pain but I didn't think about it at the time.

" you don't have to do this." He said, pulling away from the kiss.

"I do." I said and he sighed, shaking his head

I looked up into Evil Flippy's eyes, and then closed my eyes.

"I'll admit, that I am afraid of you," I said, my voice trembling as I spoke. The knife was right at my throat, limiting the volume of my voice. " But i'm in love with Flippy. Meaning I'm in love with YOU whether you like it or not." I said and tried to glare at him. Instead of glaring though, I was probably looking up at him with pleading eyes, which just made him laugh. Actually he cackled. The knife came up off of my throat and I gasped for air, closing my eyes as I tried not to scream, or cry.

"We'll see about that. If you think, you'll be able to change me, or accept me you're wrong you stupid bitch." He said and smiled as he cut my wrist. I screamed out in pain. I hadn't even noticed that he had my arms tied up above me to the head board of the bed. I held back the tears that weld up on my eyes as I bit my lip. I broke the skin easily and tasted the blood as it dripped inside my mouth. I could feel it drip down my chin and saw Flippy smile. He leaned down and licked up the blood on my chin. His warm tongue traveled slowly up my chin to my lips and I moved my legs a bit, tightening them together as I looked down at him. He chuckled and kissed me, splitting my lips apart making my groan inside his mouth with pain as he licked my bleeding lip. Giggles had told me all about how Cuddles sometimes did these kinds of things with her but it was always out of love for her. He never intentionally wanted to harm her. She even told me that it made HER feel GOOD. I couldn't believe that at the moment. All I felt was pain, violation, and disgust at what he was doing. Flippy had done something similar to this, but he never made me bite my lip so hard I bled. He never licked up that blood, and he never hurt me in this way.

His hand then snaked up my arms to the bleeding cut on my wrist. I figured it wasn't that deep since I couldn't feel the blood rushing down my arms, but it was deep enough to bleed for him. He put his finger on the cut and I groaned even more, clenching my eyes shut. He then Pulled away from the..."kiss" and smirked as he licked the blood off of his fingers. I looked at him in horror, and started to cry a bit. He laughed and sat up, looking down at me.

"Still want me?" He asked me and I turned m head to the right, looking away from him. I felt the tears fall to the right and nodded slightly. "I loved Flippy, and i'm going to make myself love you, and make you love me." I said and looked back at him. He stopped smiling and glared at me.

"We'll see about that." He said before giving Flippy back his control. I could always tell when Flippy came back. I always saw the change whenever I was lucky enough to still be alive to see him give flippy back his control. Their eyes changed for one. His eyes went from blood lust, to either a regular loving lust for me or a calm fragile look. At that moment it was a loving lust and I smiled lightly, even though I was still in pain. His facial features would also change. They would soften, and change from what they were. Right now he had two emotions on his face. Horror, and disgust. Both were probably at himself. He sighed as he leaned over me and reached for the ropes that had my hands bound. He was silent as he always was after. Once my hands were unbound, he moved off of me, and sat next to me, pulling me next to him as he looked at my wrists. I looked at them as well. They were red. One was red with both blood and rope burns though, the other just had a slight rope burn. He sighed again and shook his head as he reached over to his bed side table and took out some gauze and disinfecting alcohol. He started treating the wound and I flinched at his treatment.

"you should have screamed." He said finally and I looked up at him. He was still looking down at my wrist as he wrapped it up. I sighed and looked down at it as well.

"I didn't have to. I'm still alive aren't I?" I said to him, and saw him stop wrapping. I looked up at him, and saw him staring at me. I smiled lightly, and he looked back down at my wrist. My smile disappeared as he continued working. We sat there in silence for a minute or two as he finished up with the gauze wrap. When he was finished he gentle pushed my wrist away and hopped off the bed to put the kit away. I sighed and took my wrist into my other hand, looking at it.

"Flippy, i'm sorry I didn't scream but you agreed tha-" I looked up and was cut off by flippy's lips forcefully on mine. He was as forceful as Evil flippy was but not as rough. I could feel something coming from him, where as I didn't feel anything from Evil Flippy. I knew that this was Flippy's way of getting through the subject, and his decision to let me go through with this plan, so I let him continue and just handed myself over to him, deciding that we would talk about the situation later.

"I love you flippy." I said to him as he kissed me.

He didn't say anything back, or show any sign that he loved me as well, Before i could say anything i felt my head hit the head board with a painful thrust, and heard a sickening crack. I felt blood rush down the back of my neck, and knew what had happened.

Evil Flippy had tricked me. this wasn't Calm Flippy.

how did i not know that? I asked myself and the realized. He wasn't looking into my eyes as often as he did. Even when after his flip outs, he woud at least look into my eyes for a bit. I had forgotten all about my rule. He was supposed to look into my eyes after every flip out to be assured that i was ok, and that i wasn't mad at him.

You're so stupid flaky! I thought to myself as i groaned out in pain. Everything started to fade away, and soon i felt Flippy's hands on my head.

"i'm sorry. I don't love you, and i never will love you." Evil Flippy said as he chuckled and then turned my head to the side, breaking my neck, and i soon fell into yet another death but this time a less bloody and even more painful death.

Never before had Evil Flippy said he didn't or did love me. Hearing him say that he didn't, and never would pierced my heart and hurt more than it ever had when he did so with a knife.

A part of me died inside, and for once i wondered if it would be brought back to life.

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