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I present to you: To Love A Beast Chapter 11!

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Today was the day. The first day of Operation Retrieve Flippy's Memories and Get Rid of Fliqpy. The title was still under debate.

My first act of business was researching the army and unit Flippy fought for. Flippy was currently at the gym working out, which would take him two or three hours. Plenty of time to go through all his stuff. The first place I looked was his closet. I went through every article of clothing I could find, going through all his pockets, holes, sleeves and everywhere else information might be. I checked the tags on all his clothes, checked for any stitching of a unit name or number, but all his military outfits were bare. Even his beret was bare. Next I checked his stash of weapons. I looked at every piece of artillery. Nothing.

I sat on the floor of the closet, exhausted and disappointed. It had become cold while I was going through Flippy's clothes, so I had put on one of his army Jackets. I cuddled into it, and hugged it tight to me as I closed my eyes.

I didn't know what I was expecting though. If there was any hint of Flippy's past in his belongings, he would have found it by now. I felt useless and hopeless. How was I going to retrieve a person's past when not even he has had any luck in doing so? What If I could never help Flippy gain his memory back?

That could not happen. I needed to unlock Flippy's past. I needed to figure out the key to getting rid of Fliqpy. As long as he existed, Flippy and I could never be together happily. I mean, sure, we were happy now. Extremely happy. But I know we could be even happier without Fliqpy. We could have that happily ever after together. We could get married. That was my goal down the line. I wanted to marry Flippy. I loved him so much, and I wanted to be his wife, and I knew he wanted to be my husband. The problem was Fliqpy. It was always Fliqpy.

Because of that beast, I wasn't wearing a ring on my finger already. I had all this hopes and reams of my life together with JUST Flippy. Same house, same everything, except the guest bedroom was a real bedroom. With a crib and either red of green walls. There was a little baby inside the crib, wrapped in either, yet again, a red or green blanket. The baby would be the cutest little thing ever, and I would look at it, and hold it, as it would be mine. Flippy would be with me, looking at the baby and cooing at it too, as it would be his as well. We would be a family. A real family.

Like Pop and Mama, and Cub.

I wanted to have that life, but right now... It didn't seem possible.

I felt my eyes dampen as tears rose in them. The fact that I might never be that wife and mother broke my heart in two. I began to sob. I brought my knees up to my chest as I brought my hands up to my eyes. They were covered by Flippy's jacket's sleeves, making them super absorbent to my tears. I began gasping for air as my sobs made it hard to breathe. Flippy's jacket smelled like him and I kept inhaling his scent. It was somewhat calming, but every time It would calm me down, I would start sobbing again thinking of that broken idea of our family.

"Flaky?" I heard the front door to the house open and then I heard Flippy call me.

"I-I'm here" I said, failing miserably to try and conceal my sorrow.

"Flaky?!" I heard Flippy say in a panic. I heard his quick footsteps and a few minutes later he was holding me in the closet.

"Flaky, why are you wearing my jacket? I'm not complaining. You look really sexy in it. I'm just curious." He asked calmly. I laughed at that and cuddled up to him.

"I-I just... missed you I guess." I said quietly, sniffling. He gripped me harder and I held onto him. He just held me like that for a while before I completely calmed down, then we just sat there.

"So are you going to tell me what you were really doing?" He asked me, his hand stroking my hair. It was a very calming feeling, as well as a very submissive-inducing method.

"I was trying to figure out more information about the army unit you served in." I said sleepily against him. His hand stopped on my head and I stirred, my eyebrows crinkling together. A second later he began stroking again and I calmed down.

"Why would you want to know that, Flaky?" He asked calmly.

"Because I thought that maybe learning about your past would help with the present." I said. Flippy sighed.

"Flaky, if that were true, I would have figured it out already. And what do you mean by "the present?" I thought everything was great between us?" Flippy said, the pain evident in his voice. This statement caught my attention and I shot up in his grasp, looking into his eyes.

"Oh Flippy! Everything is amazing between us! Beyond amazing! I'm so happy with you Flippy, it's unbelievable, and I never want that to change." I said, the pain in his eyes receding, only to be replaced by confusion.

"There really is nothing about us that I would want to change... except for Fliqpy." I said, his confusion instantly being replaced with understanding. Flippy smiled before kissing my forehead and pulling me back to his chest, which I snuggled up to.

"Flaky, if there was any way to deal with him that was connected to my past, I would have found it by now. Believe me, after i was discharged from the army, I searched through every document there was in order to find my past, but a lot of what I had burned down in a fire soon after I came home. That was why I moved to Happy Tree Town. I used to mope over that fire, thinking the key to Fliqpy burned down in that fire. I hated my life, and then I realized that everything does happen for a reason when I met you. Then when you agreed to date me, it was the happiest day of my life." Flippy said with a chuckle. His confession made my heart swell and I looked up at him and brought my lips up to his. He smiled against my lips and put his hand on the side of my face, pulling me to him. I wrapped my arms around his neck and smiled, pulling away.

"I love you Flippy."

"I love you too Flaky. Don't worry. We'll get through this."

The next day I went shopping with Petunia and Giggles.

"Handy told Flippy to read WHAT?!" Petunia erupted in the middle of the store. I flinched, looking around.

"F-Fifty Shades of Grey." I said to her. She looked at me, shocked before she started laughing.

"And you read it with him?!" She asked, still laughing.

"Only one scene..." I said. Petunia laughed even harder, clutching her stomach with one hand and the clothes rack with the other.

"Petunia! What is the matter with you?!" Giggles said sternly as she came over to us from the dressing room. She had two pink dresses in her hands, which I assumed she was going to buy.

"Apparently Handy lent my copy of Fifty Shades to Flippy, and Flaky read it with him." Petunia said. Giggles looked from Petunia to me, and back to Petunia before joining her in her hysterics. I blushed angrily at the two and crossed my arms over my chest.

"Why is that so funny?!" I asked them.

"What happened after?" Giggles asked.

I looked at her and blushed more, looking down.

"AHH! Which one did you guys try?" Petunia asked. I gaped at we and turned out of the store.

"You two are bullies!" I said to them before walking out of the store.

"Flaky wait!" I heard Giggles call behind me. I heard quick footsteps behind me and felt Petunia wrap her arm around my shoulders.

"We're sorry Flaky, its just... We can't see you reading those kinds of things. You're just so... Innocent." Petunia said. I looked up at her and pouted before looking down at the ground.

"I'm not THAT innocent." I said, causing Petunia to chuckle.

"I'm sorry to break it to ya' hun, but you are. But hey, if it makes you feel any better, thats probably why Flippy wants you so badly. You two are like Yin and Yang." Petunia said. That comment did make me feel somewhat better.

"Really?" I asked her, looked up. Petunia smiled and nodded.

"Of course. That's why you and him work better then him and I ever did. I don't know what i was thinking that first time I saw him." Petunia said, rolling her eyes. I gaped at her.

"What do you mean?" I asked her. She looked at me, confused and then shocked.

"Oh... Oh my. You don't know?" She asked. I looked at her and shrugged her arm off me.

"Obviously!" I said.

"Oh... Well.. Don't get upset hun, but when Flippy first moved here, before I found out about Fliqpy... We sort of... had a thing together." She said. I gaped at her and took a few steps back.

"W-What?! W-Why did neither of you t-tell me this?!" I asked her. She shrugged her shoulders.

"It wasn't a big deal. It was a few fucks and thats it. Then he flipped, I was terrified and said 'bye!' It didn't mean anything, honestly Flaky. That's probably why he never told you. I just assumed you knew. Everyone knew." Petunia said.

"Knew what?" Giggles said, walking up to us. She was now holding one shopping bag.

"About Flippy and me." Petunia said. Giggles nodded.

"Oh yeah, everyone knows about that. That's way old. Why are you bringing it up now?" Giggles asked, looking at me.

I suddenly felt betrayed by my so called "best friends."

"I didn't know." I said to her. Her eyes widened and she looked at Petunia, then back to me.

"Well... Flaky, its not a big deal. It's not like it meant something." Giggles said. I looked at her then back at Petunia.

"If it didn't mean anything, why am I the only one who doesn't know?" I asked them. They both shrugged. I shook my head and turned around.

"Unbelievable. I'm going home." I said.

"Flaky! Stop walking away!" I heard Petunia shout behind me. Next thing I know, two arms were around my shoulders. Petunia was one one side, and Giggles was on the other.

"Flaky, I'm sorry! But honestly, why are you so mad?" Petunia said. I looked at the ground and stopped.

I hated to admit it, but the reason I was mad was obviously because I was jealous. I used to pride myself in the fact that Flippy had only ever wanted me, and not Petunia or Giggles. They were the golden girls. Every guy had wanted them at some point. I used to think Flippy was different and never did. Although Flippy was differet, and always would be different, he had wanted Petunia, and now my pride was switched with fear. Fear that an old flame might spark up and they might have more "flings" together.

"I'm mad... Because the man im in love with wanted my best friend at some point. You say it was before me... But that could change. It could happen again AFTER me." I said meekly.

"Oh Flaky!" Giggles and Petunia said together. They both wrapped their arms around me, and I was sandwhiched between them.

"Flaky thats not true! For one thing, everyone knows that there most likely won't be an "After Flaky" because we all know that if Flippy ever lost you, he'd die. There's only ever "Forever Flaky" in Flippy's mind. Secondly, I'm with Handy you idiot! I'm not leaving him for anyone! Flippy is a sexy beast, I'll give you that... But he's a beast! I prefer my prince, thank you very much!" Petunia said, making me laugh.

"Oh my gosh Petunia, I'm so sorry. I totally forgot about Handy!" I said. Giggles snorted and Petunia laughed.

"It's alright hun. Are we good now?" She asked. I smiled and nodded.

"We're good." I said. Petunia and Giggles let go and instead, the looped their arms around mine.

"But back to the other topic, I'm not that innocent!" I said. Petunia snorted and Giggles laughed.

"Yes you are Flaky. Deal with it." Giggles said as we walked.

"But... I don't want to be that innocent." I said, looking down.

"Hmmm... I've got an idea then." Petunia said, jerking us to the left. "Come on, there's a store I want to take Flaky to." Petunia said.

"Oh is it Kittens Playground?" Giggles asked.

"Yes!" Petunia said.

"What? I don't wanna go to a cat store. I hate cats!" I said, scrunching my nose.

Giggles laughed and Petunia chuckled.

"And you say you're not that innocent. It's not a cat store Flaky." Giggles said before Petunia pulled us into the store. My jaw dropped.

"It's a lingerie and accessory store." Petunia said. I looked around me and almost shook.

On the left side were racks and shelves of lingerie in all different colors and designs, from transparent lace, to nice silk.

I gulped as a girl with black hair and a white cotton dress walks up to us.

"Hi Petunia! Back for more?" The woman ask with a wink.

"Hey Kitty. No, we're here for our friend. It's her first time in one of these."

The sales lady smiled and looked at me.

"Well take your time. You're in good hands with her. One of my most loyal customers." Kitty said, gesturing towards Petunia. Giggles laughed and Petunia thanked Kitty before pulling me through the store.

"You don't want to be innocent anymore? Time for your first lesson." Petunia said.

"Where am I going to hide all of these?!" I exclaimed in the car.

Petunia an Giggles had convinced me to buy over ten pairs of lingerie, two toys, and a few accessories. One being a silver tie which was obviously inspired by my story and encounter with Flippy and that book.

Thank you E.L. James

"Just hide it under the bed or something." Giggles said. "I hide my toys in my bedside drawers for easy access, and put my lingerie with my bras and panties. Cuddles never goes in there, so he never finds them. Makes my surprises more.. Climactic." Giggles said, causing her and Petunia to erupt in laughter.

I blushed at that and sighed.

"Ok, so I bought all of this. Now how does this help me with my innocence problem?" I asked.

"Flaky, just buying the stuff doesn't make you less innocent. It's using the stuff. We'll help you out. The boys are still out and won't be back for another hour or so. We'll go to your place, hide the stuff and teach you all you have to know about seduction and your bad self." Petunia said.

My bad self...

That clicked in my head. Why had I not realized this before?

The key to getting to Fliqpy was obviously joining him!

When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer.

And all that. I had to get closer to Fliqpy. A lot about Flippy's past was with Fliqpy. I didn't know how I knew that, but Fliqpy had to know more about their past than Flippy. I had no idea why, but it was a strong feeling in my gut.

I was now right on path to getting closer to Flippy's past. I had to ditch the innocence and trade it for sin in order to save the man I loved and tame the beast within him.

But that was just the beginning.

Yes. This was only the beginning.

"Flaky! I'm home!" I heard Flippy shout from the entry way. I gasped as his voice brought me out of my trance. I looked myself over in the mirror and took a few deep breaths.

Petunia and Giggles left an hour ago, thinking the boys would be home in time, but Flippy was actually home pretty late. It was actually good for me. It gave me the chance to get used to my new look.

I was wearing a black silk lingerie piece. It was a spaghettie strap with laced cups that had extra padding, giving me a huge boob boost. Petunia said the black would be a great contrast to my skin color, and she was right. My skin popped against the cloth, and so did my curves. The lingerie was somewhat slimming, showing off whatever breasts I had. The piece was a little dress that fell to about mid thigh. It didn't come with matching bottoms (I assumed you weren't supposed to wear any) but I decided to wear a pair of black cotton panties to match.

"Flaky? Where are you?" I heard Flippy call from the bedroom.

"I'm in the bathroom! How was your night?" I called out. My heart started racing and I closed my eyes.

"It was great. The guys and I had fun at the bar. How about you?" He asked. I heard a drawer open and knew he was changing for bed.

"Fun. I bought some new things and we hung out at home for a bit before they left. They should have stayed longer if you boys were gonna be out so much later than expected." I said as I picked up my brush and started brushing my hair.

"That sounds fun. I want to see what you bought, and we lost track of time." Flippy said with a chuckle. I smiled at myself in the mirror.

Oh, you'll get to see them, allright.

I heard a knock on the door.

"May I come in?" I heard Flippy ask. I quickly looked around the room for my robe and grabbed it.

"Just a sec!" I said before throwing on the robe and securing it around me so my undergarment wasn't visible. I moved to open the bathroom door and Flippy smiled at me.

"Hello there. Finally get to see your face." Flippy said before leaning down and giving me a quick peck on my lips and then moving to his side of the vanity. He was only wearing a pair of dark green and red plaid pajama bottoms and I swooned.

We got ready for bed together and when we finished, Flippy moved to the bed. I closed the door behind him and hung my robe up on the hook behind the door. I stood there for a few seconds collecting myself before Flippy interrupted me.

"Flaky? Is everything alright?" I gulped and let out a breath before putting on my best seductive smile and opening the door.

Flippy was on his side of the bed, reclining back with one hand behind his head, making his biceps flex and the skin around them stretch taut to show it. His other arm was rested at his side drumming on the sheets. He was looking up at the ceiling with a small grin on his face. His hair was disheveled, probably from his fun with the boys. His chest and abs were as chiseled as usual, but in this pose, every accent of muscle was strong and sharp, and when he saw me his eyes widened and his jaw dropped.

"This is one of the things I bought. Do you like it?" I asked stepping out of the bathroom and twirling in front of the bed.

"Flaky..." I heard Flippy say, his voice dropping an octave. I giggled at that and sauntered over to the bed. Flippy followed me with his eyes and never took them off me.

I kneeled down on the bed and crawled over to him until I was leaning over him, far enough to not have my lips near his, but close enough to tease. My hair fell off to one side like a curtain and it brushed against the pillow and his cheek.

"Well?" I whispered to him. Flippy growled at me and in a flash his hand whipped out to my waist, pulled me towards him, and then rolled us over so he was right above me. His lips crushed mine with a feral hunger. I smiled against his lips as I brought my hands up to tangle in his hair as well as cradle his face. His tongue darted inside my mouth and caressed my own before moving around my mouth. He brought one hand up to cradle my face, mimicking my own, except holding me tightly and keeping me in place to I submitted to his ministrations. Our lips were melded together as our tongues battled. I sucked on his tongue gently, giving him a taste of what I really wanted to give him. I moaned, arching up against him to rub our pelvises together, earning a growl from Flippy.

"You're so sexy Flaky, you have to know that." He panted, pulling away from me. I smiled up at him and turned to kiss his palm before looking back at him and earning a light caress on my cheek.

"Was this what you and the girls were doing while the guys and I were out?" He asked with a chuckle. I smiled and squirmed under his gaze.

"Obviously." I said with a smirk. The adrenaline in my pulse was taking away my usual stutter I had under his gaze. Whenever I had Flippy looming over me like this, our bodies together and our sexual tension crackling, I couldn't help but feel intimidated. He was this amazing person, all around sexy and dominating, and I was just this meek little figure. But not any more. Oh no. From now on, I was going to try my hand at being "on top" so to speak.

I pulled Flippy back down to me and smashed my lips against him, girating my waist up to tease his member, which was getting very hard. I giggled at that and pulled away from him. He was looking down at me with curiosity and amusement.

"Woman... Just when I thought I knew every little thing about you... you surprise me in the best way possible." He said with a chuckle. I smiled and nodded, moving my leg from under him and bending it next to his waist. I pushed him down slightly, making him think I wanted him to be settled nicely against me, but once he shifted his weight, I shifted mine and for the first time ever, was able to flip us over.

I sat on him, pride and joy ripping my face apart in the form of a smile, shock breaking his and widening his eyes in a way I had never seen before. I laughed at that and bent down to kiss his jaw, lightly brushing my lips against his flesh as I made my way to his ear.

"Surprise" I whispered before licking his lobe and pulling on it. Flippy let out a ragged breath and I kissed my way down his neck, my hands moving up and down his chest, feeling the hardness of his body. I rocked my hips slightly over him and he groaned, bringing his hands to my waist. I smiled triumphantly at that before sucking on his neck. He groaned and I felt his waist jerk a bit. When I pulled back slightly, I nodded to myself victoriously. He was definitely going to have a hickey.

I moved down to his chest and when I landed at one of his nipples, I flicked my tongue against the perl-like little spot.

"Hmmm. Does it feel the same way for you, that it does for me?" I asked huskily as I sucked on the little nub.

"Fuck Flaky. What are you doing to me?" Flippy asked in a groaned. I smiled and released the nub, kissing it before making my way to the other one.

"It should be obvious love." I said before repeating the same taunting licks and flicks with this one.

I kissed my way down his stomach, making sure to pay extra attention to his solid eight pack which I loved so much.

"Hmmm. you're so strong Flippy. My strong man." I said with a giggle before making it to that dipping "V." Oh, how I loved that V. The way his pants hung so sexily off of it, teasing anyone who stared. It was an arrow at the end of a rainbow, pointing at the pot of gold.
And I was his leprechaun. But red, not green, and sexy, instead of creepy.

I shimmied down his body, tugging on his pants and tugging Flippy to come with me till he sat on the edge of the bed, me kneeling in front of him.

"Flaky! You don't have to-"

"Shut up Flippy!" I snapped, looking up into his eyes. He looked down at me, the shock in his eyes evident. My heart was racing at the outburst. It felt wrong, and terrible, and rude, and... invigorating. I felt terrible for snapping at him, but I felt elated at the fact that this whole method was working. I was starting to stand up for myself and take what I wanted.

I shoved Flippy's pants down and little Flippy popped out. Well, not little Flippy. Definitely not little. I gulped at the sight of him fully erect and "staring" at me.

"Flakey, love, you don't- Oh god. Flakey!"

I took Flippy into my mouth, not completely, but just enough to get him to stop negating me. He was soft and warm inside my mouth. I swirled my tongue along his head, tasting the moist, salty pre-cum, and spreading it around him. I took a breath in through my nose before pulling back and licking him from base to head, earning me a growl.

"What were you saying dear?" I asked Flippy innocently, moving my hands up and down his shaft.

"God Flakey. Don't stop." He moaned, his eyes glazing over with an intense hunger. I smiled.

"That's what I thought." I said and took another gulp and a deep breath before taking him back into my mouth, bobbing my head up and down while using my hands as well. I kept my hands moving until I was courageous enough to try and take all of him. I slowly moved my mouth down, trying to move and work my jaw to accommodate him. Before I knew it, I had fit his whole length inside my mouth, and I was actually quite proud of that. Proud of myself, more so, for taking this step.

"Fuck Flakey!" Flippy groaned, bringing one hand into my hair. He gripped it tightly, pulling my hair back. I smiled and began bobbing my head up and down his shaft, swirling my tongue whenever I could. I moved my hands to his ball sac and played with him, squeezing and pulling slightly. Flippy groaned and I could feel him tightening up and stiffening.

"Oh God, Flaky I'm right there baby! Don't stop!" He said. I smiled and removed my mouth from his cock, moving to lick him from base to head a couple of times, flattening my tongue on his shaft and over his head, swirling it over him for a bit before taking him into my mouth again. I hollowed out my cheeks when I was at his base, sucking him entirely into me before moving my head up slowly, allowing the pressure and compression to work some magic, hopefully. So far all my guesswork and gut feelings hadn't proven wrong, so when I had the idea to maybe change up how I sucked, I decided to go with it, and boy did it help. Flippy groaned, and when I started bobbing my head again, Flippy was thrusting with me. At first, it was frightening. I thought he was going to choke me. The way that he was holding my head to him and then way I had to work with his rhythm, but then I easily adjusted and in no time, he came right in my mouth with a loud growl. The salty liquid squirt into my mouth and hit the back of my throat. I almost gagged but I controlled it enough to swallow the liquid. After Flippy came, I let his cock out with a "pop" and licked around my lips and over his head. Flippy groaned at that and put his hands on my shoulders, bring me up. I smiled, looking up at his satisfied and bewildered face. He wrapped his arms around my waist before hoisting me up his body. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him on his mouth. He smiled, moving his tongue around my mouth and tasting himself.

"Flakey, that was the sexiest thing you've ever done." He whispered when he pulled back. I just hummed and smiled as I played with his hair, relishing in the feel of his already stiffening member against the cloth of my panties.

"Now to return the favor." He said before turning around and pinning me to the bed. In a short while, he had my lingerie off and his head between my legs. He didn't waste anytime before attaching his lips to my folds, making me moan and buck my hips up. His tongue licked up and down my folds hungrily. He pulled my legs up onto his shoulders and held them there as he pushed his face against me. I moved my hips against his mouth, feeling the way his rough tongue played with my soft folds, dipping between them and venturing inside of me. I groaned at the feel, moving my hands to twist in his hair and holding him to me as I arched my back up as he twisted and wiggled his tongue inside me. I squealed at the feeling before I felt his fingers move to my sensitive nub. His pushed at it, played with it, and at the last second, tugged on it, sending me over the edge.

"Flippy!" I screamed as I bucked against him, my orgasm coming with an immense force. Flippy licked up my folds, taking all the juice I could give him as he continued to massage my little nub with his fingers. I was on cloud nine, loving the intimacy and playfulness in the room. I groaned and moaned, writhing on the bed under the feel of his tongue and fingers on me. By the time my orgasm subsided, Flippy gave me one last, sparked lick before crawling up my body and kissing me. Both our juices were between us now, and It was intoxicating. The fact that we had both gone down on each other, the fact that I had finally given him the same pleasure he gave me with his mouth, it made this night even more euphoric.

Flippy pulled back and positioned us in a new way. I looked at him oddly as he pulled me down to the edge of the bed and put one of my legs on his shoulder.

"Trust me love." He said, sensing my curiosity. I smiled and nodded before feeling him thrust into me. My head snapped back as I moaned, his cock going further into me than ever before.

"Flippy!" I groaned as he began thrusting into me. The feel of him filling me up so perfectly, and going so deep into me was absolutely perfect. I felt connected to him more than ever before.

I lifted my head to look at the way his shaft disappeared inside me and I moaned. When I looked up at Flippy, his face was contorted with such an immense pleasure, it was totally swoon worthy. I couldn't help but just look at him. He noticed and leaned down to kiss me. When our lips met, Flipy pulled back almost until he was completely out of me, and then thrust in with so much force, I screamed his name, riding out yet another orgasm. Flippy's lips moved to my neck, teasing the moist and sensitive skin with his playful lips. The feel of his flesh against my sensitive skin was unbelievable, and as he thrust into me as I rode my orgasm, my head lolled back into the bed cushioning.

"Fuck! Flippy! Don't stop!" I moaned. Flippy just grunted in response, lifting his head up and continuing to thrust. Soon I felt the tightening feeling in my stomach that signified another orgasm, and I felt Flippy's stiffening and tightening tell-tale signs as well.

When we crested together, it was with screams of each other's name. Flippy loomed over me, panting, my leg still over his shoulder, allowing him to be closer and further into me. I rode my orgasm out with moans and when It was finally over, Flippy rolled off of me, panting. I stared up at the ceiling, my hair slick and hot against my neck. I was still relishing in the fireworks from my orgasm when Flippy wrapped his arm around me and pulled me into the nook of his arm. I smiled and snuggled up to him, laughing.

"God, Flippy. That was just... I can't..."

"I know." Flippy said, turning his head to look at me. I looked at his lips and smiled, moving up to kiss him.

"I love you." I whispered against his lips my eyes closed as I gave him an eskimo kiss as well. He smiled and chuckled, moving to kiss my forehead.

"You too Flakes." He said, holding me tightly to him.

My eyes shot open and I looked up at Fliqpy. He was staring down at me with those golden eyes and that mischievous grin.

"That mouth of yours Flakes. Good lord, I didn't know you gave such good head. I might actually want you to stay around for that. How do you feel about that?" He asked, moving down attempting to kiss me again. I gulped and turned my head slightly, his nose rubbing against my jaw, sending unwanted tingles down in my sex.

"Hmmmm. I can just imagine you as my little slave." He said before licking my ear. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, trying not to whimper.

"What's wrong Flakes? Cat got your tongue?" He asked. My eyes snapped open and I turned my head to look into his sneering eyes. I blinked a bit, trying to think of something to say.

"No Fliqpy. Your come does." I said before closing my eyes and snuggling into his side.

"Now shut up. I'm tired." I said with a sigh.

Fliqpy laughed at that, but that was the only thing he did in response.

That night I didn't sleep at all. I could only think about how I didn't cry, didn't flee, and didn't whimper.

I really was getting better already, but the things I had said that night; The things I had done, they weren't me.

I spent that whole night, wondering if that was good or bad, and after a whole night... I came up blank.

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