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This skips from 4x02 to 4x07.

don't panic

chapter two

"Well, then tell me what else it could have been!"

"Look, all I know is that I was not... groped by an angel."

Nan sighed and began to gnaw on the straw poking out of her lemonade, gazing out of the window from Bobby's couch as the Winchester brothers bickered in the kitchen. She was trying to stay out of this conversation; she knew what she had seen appear in those flashes of light. Still, it did nothing to change Dean's mind about the idea that there really had been an angel in that warehouse.

"Okay, look, Dean. Why do you think this Castiel would lie about it?"

"Maybe he's some kind of demon! Demons lie!" Dean yelled, frustration beginning to creep into his voice.

Nan glanced at Bobby, surprised he hadn't barked at them to shut up. She hopped off of the couch and shuffled into the kitchen, reaching into the fridge and starting to refill her glass. Turning around, she continued chewing on the straw and observing the argument like it was some sort of tennis match.

"A demon who's immune to salt rounds? And devil's traps? And Ruby's knife!" Sam shouted, "Dean, Lilith is scared of that thing!"

"Don't you think if angels were real, some hunter – somewhere – would have seen one? At some point, ever!"

"Yeah. You just did, Dean."

Unable to stay quiet any longer, Nan cleared her throat, gaining her the attention of the two brothers. "For the record, I saw-"

"Nan, you don't know what you saw! You passed out, damn it!"

"I pretended to pass out! I mean, okay, maybe I did pass out for real... but that was after I saw those wings!" She frowned, almost startled at the clarity with which she could recall that very image. "Wings, Dean. Wings!"

"You see? Even Nan saw it," Sam pointed out as Nan nodded fervently. "I'm sure she didn't imagine it."

"Thanks, Sam," She set her glass down on the counter. "But can't you tell? There was just something... weird about him."

"Weird?" Dean scoffed, "You know what else is weird? Demons. Ghosts. Vampires, werewolves – it doesn't mean anything!"

"I was just-" Dean glared at her, and she lowered her eyes and puffed out her cheeks. "Just... throwing that out there."

"I'm trying to come up with a theory here, okay?" Dean looked back and forth at the two of them, his brow furrowed. "Work with me!"

"Dean, we have a theory!"

"Yeah, one with a little less fairy dust on it, please!"

"Look, I'm not saying we know for sure, I'm just saying-"

"Okay, okay. That's the point. We don't know for sure, so I'm not gonna believe that this thing is a freaking angel of the Lord because it says so!"

"You chuckleheads want to keep arguing about religion, or do you want to come take a look at this?" Bobby finally interjected, to Nan's relief. The two brothers rolled their eyes at each other as she went over to Bobby's desk, peering over his shoulder.

"I've got stacks of lore – biblical, pre-biblical – some of it's in damn cuneiform." The picture the page was flipped to had an old drawing of what Nan used to think angels looked like – halo, wings, flowy white garb - grabbing a man with his hands raised towards the angel. "It all says an angel can snatch a soul from the pit." He looked pointedly at Dean.

"And what else?" Clearly, Dean wasn't satisfied with that answer, though his hand lifted to grip the handprint that was burned there as if subconsciously.

"What else what?"

"What else could do it?"

"Airlift your ass out of the hotbox? As far as I can tell, nothing." Bobby sat back in his chair.

"Is it really that difficult to believe angels are real? Demons, ghosts, vampires, werewolves," She listed off with her fingers, trying to throw his earlier statement towards her back at him. "They're all real. Why can't there be good weird things?"

"She's right," Sam said, "Dean, this is good news."


"Because, for once, this isn't just another round of demon crap! I mean, maybe you were saved by one of the good guys, you know?"

"Okay. Say it's true, say there are angels – then what, there's a," He raised his eyebrows, "A God?"

"At this point, Vegas money's on yeah," Bobby remarked.

"I don't know, guys," Dean held his hand up, turning to walk away.

"Listen, I'm not exactly a believer either, but stranger things have probably happened! … Probably." Nan shrugged.

"I know you're not all choir boy about this stuff, but this is becoming less and less about faith and more and more about proof."

"Proof?" Dean faced them again, and it seemed to her he was reaching the end of his rope.


"Proof that there's a God out there that actually gives a crap about me personally? I'm sorry," Dean's voice raised even higher, "But I'm not buying it!"

Sam stared at him as if he could will Dean to just believe that, yes, maybe there was. "Why not?"

"Because why me?" Dean looked to all their faces, and for the first time since she had met him, she saw something in his face that made him look both lost and a lot older than he really was. "If there is a God out there, then why would he give a crap about me?"

Sam made a face, but Dean went on. "I mean, I've saved some people, okay? I'm thinking maybe that makes up for the – the stealing, and the ditching chicks – but why do I deserve to get saved? I'm just a regular guy!"

"Apparently," Sam urged, obviously not ready to let this go, "You're a regular guy who's important to the man upstairs."

"Well, that creeps me out. I don't like getting singled out at birthday parties, much less by... God."

"Too bad, Dean," The younger Winchester crossed his arms, still giving Dean that look. "Because I think he wants you to strap on your party hat."

"Yeah," Nan sighed, biting her lip. "It could be worse."

Silence reigned over the room for a few moments, then: "Alright. What do we know about angels?"

In response to that, Bobby reached over and grabbed a stack of thick, musty looking books, dropping them in the middle of the desk. They looked as if they contained enough dust to make someone sneeze for a year straight. "Start reading."

"And it just did," She muttered.

"...You're gonna get me some pie," Dean shot at Sam, before they collectively grumbled and each took a book.

Time went by; time in which Nanette was still as virtually clueless about this Castiel as when she had first seen him. She was curious about him – how could she not be? A real, live angel – though from what Dean had told her, his personality needed some major work.

Even if that was true, she still felt a bit envious that Dean was the only one who had exchanged words with him. Nan thought that she might never meet him, at least not properly, considering she stayed at Bobby's almost all the time. Sam hadn't even seen him, and he and Dean were practically attached at the hip.

And speaking of the Winchesters, she found that she got along alright with them when they did show up at Bobby's. Dean was a bit abrasive and had a big taste for sarcasm, but when he wasn't giving some smart ass reply, she had been able to have a few good talks with him. That is, when he wasn't giving her a noogie or something else thoroughly embarassing.

Sam was nice, too – they could have a laugh (usually at Dean's expense), though she noticed that even when the Winchesters came back, he tended to dip off somewhere at strange times. Of course, she hadn't said anything to him or brought it up. It simply wasn't any of Nan's business, as curious as she was. Then again, this whole angel thing wasn't really her business either, but she had a feeling she'd nose her way into that when the chance arose.

Nan had been so bored recently that she prayed – no pun intended – for something to happen. A wendigo, angry spirit, anything. To pass the time, she would practice shooting, or cook and clean. She was actually in the middle of scrubbing out Bobby's oven with a pair of obnoxious yellow gloves on when Bobby finally snapped.

"Damn it, girl! You're making this place too clean, if there is such a thing!"

Oh, right; she'd also done a little re-organizing around the house, which Bobby didn't really appreciate - at least, when it meant he could barely find anything because she'd put tons of stuff in different, 'Nan-approved' places.

"Sorry, Mr. Singer – er, Bobby." She mostly had calling him by his first name down pat, but sometimes she slipped. Times like these when he was hooting and hollering, she almost felt like he was a principal. "I've just been bored! You won't let me go out for jobs on my own, and I don't have much else to do, and you've been researching stuff for the guys for a while now. If I read anymore of your books, the dust is gonna crawl inside my system and take over and-"

"Alright already," Bobby grumbled out, shocking her out of her rambling. "The boys are on their way to visit. I'll get them to take you out on a job with them," He swiped a hand across his nose and adjusted his cap before stomping out of the room. "Making me feel tired just lookin' at you."

Nan stared before letting out a whoop and excitedly taking off the gloves, starting to rummage through the cabinets for something to make for dinner. To sweeten the deal, so they say – until Bobby yelled again from his desk.

"And stop cooking! We're ordering a damn pizza!"

To be honest, she didn't really think they would let her come with them. Then again, Bobby had a ... certain way of making people do what he said; and with the forewarning that they were hunters, not bodyguards, they had set off. The job they were working involved a man choking to death on razorblades, and the brothers had found a hexbag at the scene of the crime. Unfortunately, she didn't have any fake IDs, and Dean wouldn't let her touch the Impala, so she stayed behind at the motel room.

Currently, Nan and Sam were researching while Dean was asking around about Luke Wallace – well, Sam was examining the contents of the hex bag while she was flipping through a Good Housekeeping magazine she'd gotten at the corner store nearby – when Dean strolled in.

"Really?" Sam chuckled disbelievingly at the sight of his brother's chipmunk cheeks, "After that guy choked down all those razor blades?" He asked, raising an incredulous brow at Dean.

"You're crazy," Nan agreed, intently studying a recipe for tiramisu cupcakes.

"It's Halloween, man," Dean said, then looked at her reading material and snorted. "And I'm crazy? Says the girl that's dying to go hunt supernatural creatures and be a housewife at the same time. That's crazy."

"You won't be saying that when I make this one pie recipe I saw," She sulked, though Dean shut his mouth about it.

"For us, every day is Halloween." Sam said as Dean tossed the candy wrapper to the side and took a seat on the arm of the couch he was sitting on.

"Don't be a downer. Anything interesting?"

"Well, we're on a witch hunt, that's for sure," Sam began, and Nan put the magazine down and walked over to sit on the other arm. "But this isn't your typical hex bag."

"What makes it so different?" She asked, looking closely at the items spread out on the tiny square of cloth.

"Goldthread. An herb that's been extinct for two hundred years," Sam explained, picking it up. Putting that down, he reached for something that looked like an old coin. "This is Celtic, and I don't mean some new-age knock off. Looks like the real deal – like 'six hundred years old' deal."

Dean was sniffing at something tiny and black, when Sam noticed. "And that is the charred metacarpal bone of a newborn baby."

Both her and Dean made disgruntled faces, and he set it down. "Oh, gross."

"Relax, man. It's at least a hundred years old," Sam replied, picking up the bone.

"That's still pretty disgusting," Nan agreed, wrinkling her nose at it.

"Witches, man," Dean shivered, "They're so freakin' skeevy."

"Yeah, well, it takes a powerful one to put a bag like this together. More juice than we've ever dealt with, that's for sure. What about you? Find anything on the victim?"

"This Luke Wallace?" The older man smirked, "He was so vanilla that he made vanilla look spicy." The smirk faded. "I can't find any reason why somebody would want this guy dead."

"I've never gone on a job like this with Bobby," Nan said, standing and giving the hex bag one last look before starting to pace around the room anxiously.

"Well, sister, looks like you'll be getting a front row seat to get this one."

The night before Halloween, there'd been another death. A high school girl had drowned in a tub of boiling water while bobbing for apples. The girl's friend, Tracy Davis, said she didn't know how it had happened – and she didn't know Luke Wallace, either. Another hex bag had been found, too, and with some more research, Sam had put out the theory that the deaths had nothing to do with a grudge at all.

His guess was a spell, with the description of "three blood sacrifices over three days, the last before midnight on the final day of the final harvest." It was to summon Samhain on Halloween – today. If that happened, Samhain would be able to raise up everything else unpleasant from Hell (which was pretty much everything). The only thing that could happen following that would be a massacre, she thought with a shiver.

The brothers were at the high school to look into Tracy, and so she had been left behind ... yet again. This hadn't been her exact idea of relieving her boredom; in fact, she felt pretty damn useless. She sighed and turned on her side, shutting off the television and nestling her head into the pillow. Maybe she'd just doze off for a little bit – there wasn't much else to do at this point but wait.

And she did manage to doze off; it was still light out when she awoke, so she couldn't have been sleeping that long. Letting out a yawn, she wiped the drool off of her face and rolled over to face the other side of the room – and let out a shriek when she saw two men standing there, staring at her.

"Holy shit!"

She placed a hand over her racing heart, skittering up from her position to sit far up against the headboard. Once the sleep faded a bit out of shock, she rubbed her eyes and realized it was Castiel – who the other man was, she had no idea.

"Um … uh …" She mumbled ever so eloquently before squeaking out, "Hi?"

"Hello," His deep voice greeted her back, and his companion shot her a dirty look.

"Y-you're... Castiel, r-right?" Those penetrating blue eyes of his continued to stare into hers, and she suddenly felt very naked despite the fact she was in her shorts and tee shirt.

"Yes." He observed her scrunched up position on the bed, where she had begun to clutch at a pillow without even realizing it. "Do not be frightened."

Her grip on the pillow relaxed, though she shot a wary look at the other man. Oh, who was she kidding; this was her chance – her chance to finally talk to the angel, something her mind had been consumed with ever since that one night. She gulped down her fear before getting up from the bed and straightening out her clothes, gingerly standing before him.

"Dean's out right now with Sam... they should be back soon," She offered. Up close and in proper lighting, she tried to study his face as nonchalantly as possible. He really did look like an ordinary man – complete with stubble and tired looking bags under his eyes, chapped lips - though the blueness of his irises were really nothing like she had ever seen before.

"I am aware," Castiel said. "We will wait."

"Oh, o-okay," She stuttered out, then internally yelled at herself for it. To make up for it, she thrust her hand out in front of him, but even that motion was too awkward and jerky for her liking. "Nanette Taylor."

He looked down at her hand, his head cocking slightly to the side before looking back up at her. Feeling a little bit bolder now that she was right in front of him, she impatiently grabbed his hand and shook it. "Nanette Taylor," She tried again, "It's nice to meet you! I mean ... just ... wow!"

She was looking at him with wonder in her eyes, so much that Castiel thought the right thing to say was to return the sentiment. "It is … nice to meet you, as well, though we have already met before. You are working with the Winchesters?"

"Well, ah, sort of. You see, I was really bored back at Bobby's, and … and … oh, I just can't believe you're actually here! This is really exciting, you know?" She gushed, her other hand coming to lay on top of their joined ones, still rapidly shaking his. "I mean, Dean told me a little bit about you, but-"

"Castiel," The larger man (though at this point, she figured he was probably an angel as well) cut in, giving her another look before turning to Castiel, "They are here."

Nanette dropped her hands just as Sam opened the door, and, seeing Castiel, immediately took his gun out of his jacket and aimed. "Who are you!" He shouted, just as Dean appeared at his side and caught sight of the angel.

"Sam! Sam, wait! It's Castiel," Dean put a hand on Sam's gun to lower it, "The angel." He saw the dark-skinned angel by the window, saying suspiciously, "Him, I don't know."

Sam turned to Castiel, a look of awe crossing his features as the angel approached him. "Hello, Sam."

"Oh, my God," Sam breathed out, then, "Er, uh, I didn't mean to – sorry," He stepped forward, "It's an honor. Really, I-I've heard a lot about you," He then stuck his hand out to shake the angel's.

There was only a small moment of hesitation before Castiel took his hand. "And I, you. Sam Winchester," He glanced at their hands, then at her; as if recalling when Nan shook his hand earlier, he had laid a hand on top of their hands. "The boy with the demon blood."

Demon blood? Sam? Nan didn't know what that was supposed to mean, but did not voice this and focused again on the conversation, though she promised herself she would ask about it at some point.

Castiel continued, "Glad to hear you've … ceased your extracurricular activities."

"Let's keep it that way," The man by the window added. His voice was extremely deep as well, but there was a tone to it that seemed ominous.

"Yeah, okay, chuckles," Dean threw back, and Nan was suddenly glad for Dean and his sarcasm, seeing as it made her feel a little less uncomfortable. "Who's your friend?" He directed at Castiel.

Castiel, for his part, ignored him. "This raising of Samhain – have you stopped it?"

"Why?" Dean asked, his eyes narrowing a bit.

"Dean, have you located the witch?"

"Yes, we've located the witch."

"And is the witch dead?" Castiel asked, and if she wasn't mistaken, there was urgency in his tone.

"No, but -" Sam spoke up, but Dean interrupted him.

"We know who it is."

"Apparently, the witch knows who you are, too." Castiel strode over to the bedside table, picking up a hex bag. She wondered when they had found it, and realized it had probably been when she was asleep.

"This was inside the walls of your room. If we hadn't found it, surely one, or two -" His eyes roamed over Nan as well, "Or all of you would be dead. Do you know where the witch is now?"

Nan glanced over at the brothers as they both looked at each other. "We're... working on it."

"That's unfortunate," Castiel said, now looking at none of them.

"What do you care?" Dean asked roughly, and Castiel looked towards the man by the window.

"The raising of Samhain is one of the sixty six seals." He said, and Nan furrowed her brows.

"So, this is about your buddy Lucifer," Dean said a bit snarkily.

Sixty six seals? Lucifer? Bobby had said that the whole 'witness' situation a couple weeks ago was something that foretold the coming of the apocolypse, but... Lucifer? She glanced at the Winchesters but neither were paying attention to her or seemed too keen on explaining anything to her right then and there. There was obviously some information that, Nan, as somewhat of an outsider, was not privvy to.

"Lucifer is no friend of ours," Baldy (as Nan had taken to mentally labelling him) said, still staring out of the window. That was starting to annoy her – it was as if they were lesser creatures that weren't even worth looking at.

Dean gave him a strange look. "It's just an expression."

"Lucifer cannot rise. The breaking of the seal must be prevented at all costs."

"Okay, great," Dean stared at Castiel, then to Baldy, "Well, now that you're here, why don't you tell us where the witch is? We'll gank her, and then everybody goes home."

"We are not omniscient. This witch is very powerful. She's cloaked, even to our methods."

"Okay, well," Sam replied, "We already know who she is. So, if we work together-"

"Enough of this." Baldy finally moved forward from the window, his eyes skimming over Nan and the brothers like they were rodents.

"Who are you, and why should I care?" Dean finally yelled out, saying out loud her own thoughts.

"This is Uriel. He's what you might call..." A strange expression flit over Castiel's face, but it was gone just as quick as it had appeared. "... a specialist."

"What kind of a specialist?" Dean asked.

Uriel did not answer him; instead, he looked towards Castiel, who wouldn't look at any of them. It couldn't be anything bad – at least, she hoped. They were angels, for crying out loud. But as Nan looked at Uriel's cold face and Castiel's slightly unsure one, she realized it might just be.

"What are you gonna do?" Dean asked, suspicion already rising in his voice.

"You... all of you need to leave this town immediately." Castiel said, looking each of them in the eye.


"Because we're about to destroy it." Castiel responded; Nan's mouth fell open at his statement.

Silence permeated the room for a good twenty seconds before she broke it. "D-destroy the town?" She sputtered, "But you can't do that! There's so many people that don't have anything to do with ... anything!"

Uriel turned towards her, looking down his nose as those cool black eyes stared down at her. "Yes, we can. We will do what we must to prevent this seal from being broken."

"You're gonna smite the whole fucking town?" Dean reiterated, looking at both of the angels.

Castiel frowned slightly. "We're out of time. This witch has to die. The seal must be saved."

"There are a thousand people here!" Sam cried out, desperate.

Uriel looked a bit smug with his next words. "One thousand, two hundred and fourteen."

"And you're willing to kill them all?"

"This isn't the first time I've ... purified a city." Uriel stated, and Nan wished she could do something – anything to stop them from wiping the town off of the face of the Earth. Maybe slap Uriel in the face, for one.

"Look, I understand this is regrettable." Castiel began, and Nan frowned.

"Regrettable?" Dean mocked him, eyebrow raised so high it might as well have been in his hair.

Nan shook her head in denial. "This has to be... more than regrettable to you! These people, they're – they're God's children, too, aren't they?"

Castiel looked at her. "We have to hold the line. Too many seals have been broken already."

"So you screwed the pooch on some seals, and now the whole town has to pay the price?" There they went again with the whole 'seal' thing – yes, she was definitely going to demand some information.

"It's the lives of one thousand against the lives of six billion. There's a bigger picture here." Castiel argued. Nan could almost see the logic in his statement – at least, she would be able to if she was an emotionless robot.

"Right. 'Cause, uh, you're bigger picture kind of guys."

"Lucifer cannot rise. He does, and Hell rises with him. Is that something that you're willing to risk?"

"We'll stop this witch before she summons anyone. Your seal won't be broken, and no one has to die!" Sam plead, his eyes searching theirs.

"We're wasting time with these mud-monkeys." Uriel practically curled his lip at them, and Nan straightened a bit.

"M-mud monkeys? Really?" She deadpanned, placing a hand on her hip and getting a glare from Uriel in return. Well, this whole conversation with angels was quickly turning around her previous opinion of them; now, she couldn't see why she had been so excited to meet one in the first place.

"I'm sorry, but we have our orders." There was an edge of finality to Castiel's words; however, she noticed that he seemed a hell of a lot more reluctant about their orders than Uriel did.

"No. you can't do this! You-you're angels! I mean, aren't you supposed to-" Uriel chuckled at Sam's words, "You're supposed to show mercy!"

"Says who?" Uriel belittled him, and Sam clenched his fist.

"We have no choice." It seemed that was all they could say for themselves, Nan thought despairingly – if they truly felt that way, was there really no way to stop them?

"Of course you have a choice." Dean stared Castiel straight in the eye, clearly intent on making whatever point he was about to say. "I mean, come on. What, you've never – never questioned a crap order? Huh? What are you both, just a couple of hammers?"

"Look, even if you can't understand it … have faith. The plan is just." Castiel tried to reason.

"How can you even say that?" Nan had the feeling Sam's thoughts on angels were swiftly becoming more and more like hers.

"Because it comes from Heaven. That makes it just." Castiel replied, then looked over at her when she stepped forward.

"I know God's the head honcho up there, but ... you can't think this is okay!" She flailed her arm around, hoping to make a point; at the very least, some reassurance that they really weren't so cruel. "Can you?" All Castiel did was look away from her.

"It must be nice to be so sure of yourselves." Dean said sarcastically, shaking his head.

"Tell me something, Dean." Castiel looked at the oldest Winchester. "When your father gave you an order, didn't you obey?"

Nan looked at Dean. She had no idea what kind of relationship the guys had with their father, but she assumed since Castiel was an angel, he had probably hit the nail on the head. He was quiet, as if thinking, then: "Sorry, boys. Looks like the plans have changed."

"You think you can stop us?" Uriel asked with a snort.

"No." Dean took a step towards Uriel. "But if you're gonna smite the whole town, then you're gonna have to smite us with it, because we are not leaving. You went to the trouble of busting me out of Hell, I figure I'm worth something to the man upstairs." Well, if there was one thing Nan admired Dean for, it was his bravery. "You want to waste me? Go ahead. See how he digs that."

"I will drag you out of here myself." Uriel snarled lowly.

"Yeah, but you'll have to kill me. Then we're back to the same problem. I mean, come on. You're gonna wipe out a whole town just for one little witch? Sounds to me like you're compensating for something. We can do this. We can find that witch. We will stop the summoning."

"Castiel!" Uriel roared, pointing a finger at all of them, "I will not let these-"

"Enough." Castiel held up a hand, effectively silencing Uriel. "I suggest you move quickly."

Nan and the boys looked at each other, and when they looked back, the angels were gone. She sighed, jabbed each of them in the chest, then crossed her arms. "You guys have some explaining to do."


Nan sighed, mulling over everything they'd explained to her as she sat in the backseat of the Impala. She'd demanded to know everything from the angels to Lucifer to the seals – and with a good amount of badgering, about the demon blood, too. It was all crazy, and hard to believe; but the only thing she could do was exactly that. Obviously, they weren't lying, and the angels hadn't been joking in the least.

She was brought out of her thoughts as Sam slid into the front seat, and Nan could see a troubled expression on his face in the side mirror. "Sam? What's wrong?" Nan asked, sliding to the middle of the backseat to look him in the eye. Dean got in right after, slamming the door behind him.

"Nothing. I thought they'd be … different."

"Who, the angels?"


"You and me both, Sam," Nan frowned. "I didn't think they'd be like that at all."

"I thought they'd be righteous," He muttered.

"Well, they are righteous. That's kind of the problem. There's nothing more dangerous than some asshole who thinks he's on a holy mission." Dean added in.

"But, Dean... they are on a holy mission," Nan sighed, slumping back down in the seat. "That makes it even worse."

Nan still couldn't shake the feeling, however, that Castiel was more against the idea than he seemed – then again, perhaps it was just wishful thinking. Maybe she just wanted to believe that they weren't like that, despite the conversation they'd just had with them that proved otherwise.

"So, this is God and Heaven – this is what I've been praying to?" Sam swallowed, so very obviously disheartened at the thought that God really wasn't merciful at all.

"I know you're on the whole God thing, and Jesus on a tortilla and stuff like that, but just because there's a couple of bad apples doesn't mean the whole barrel's rotten. For all we know, God hates these jerks."

"Dean's right, Sam. I mean, that Uriel called us mud-monkeys, for crying out loud! I'm sure God wouldn't be happy hearing about his... uh, creations being called that."

She wasn't too religious, and never really had been; she'd always believed in some sort of higher power, but to even say that was pushing it. But since angels were obviously real, God had to be to. And if God was real, then that meant that he really had created them, right?

Still, Sam had a downtrodden look on his face that neither of them could erase, and Dean tried to smile for him. "Don't give up on the stuff, is all I'm saying. Babe Ruth was a dick, but baseball's still a beautiful game."

A sort of sad quiet covered the car. "Are you gonna figure out a way to find this witch, or are you gonna sit there fingering your bone?"

Nan couldn't help but giggle at that, and she reached up and clapped his shoulder reassuringly with a smile. "Don't worry, Sam. We'll find the witch, beat the crap outta her, and then there will be no smiting of towns or anything!"

She settled down into the seat once more as they began talking about the bone in the hex bag, drowning them out with her own thoughts. And when they pulled out of the motel parking lot, she prayed to God (since, well, he was apparently out there) that her words to Sam wouldn't be just an empty reassurance.

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