The wedding was as magical as it could be, at least for a non-fairytale world. The vows were similar to human vows, except altered to fit sharks (for example, instead of 'man and wife' it was 'shark and wife' know, since 'man' is part of 'human'). Since Carina moved in with Lenny as Donna of the South Side Mozart was to become the Don of the West Side. Ercole had stepped down a year after they got married, to allow them a honeymoon and a chance to settle in. For the honeymoon Lenny and Carina explored European reefs, mostly near Italy and France.

The following year, Oscar and Angie had a fry who they named Iris, which is the goddess name for rainbow (fitting, since Iris had a combination of her parents' colors). The year after, Lenny and Carina had a pup named Tulio, which means lively in Italian. This was because Tulio was very active not long after being born. Tulio later turned out to be a vegetarian like his parents, and became best friends with Iris. Interestingly, by the time he was a teenager Lenny and Carina realized that he wasn't going to be 'non-popular looking' like they were. Fortunately, he also had inherited their wisdom, preventing him from dating the wrong girls. Eventually, he too would become Don, and would turn out to be a Don that would make his parents and grandfathers proud.

Oh, and Adolfo and Benedetta? They had a daughter named Clara who tried to win Tulio, but had as much luck as her parents did with Lenny and Carina. Interestingly, by seeing Tulio's generous and kindhearted personality Clara ended up reforming, but still didn't end up with Tulio. Instead she found someone else, and the two of them eventually became good friends of Tulio. Clara's husband even became one of Tulio's hit-sharks.