Rachel parked her car in the school parking lot, checking her mirror to make sure her hair looked okay. She sat back in her seat and sighed, looking at McKinley High. It was her senior year and everything had changed. She was in love with the quarterback of the football team…and he actually loved her back. She had real friends. This year was going to be awesome.

Smiling to herself, Rachel grabbed her bag and got out of the car. The parking lot was almost deserted; school didn't start for another hour. Finn had to be at school early for a football meeting, so she'd decided to come early too, to meet him when he was done. He'd told her that he'd come pick her up after the meeting was over, but she hadn't wanted to put him out. They'd been on the phone until one last night and she knew he was going to be exhausted.

As she walked to the school, she thought about how crazy it probably was to have spent all day with him yesterday and still be so excited to see him this morning. The summer had been amazing; they'd both had part time jobs, but they'd spent all of the time off together. Rachel had been a frequent guest at the Hudson-Hummel home and her dads had started treating Finn like a part of the family.

Walking into the school, she took a deep breath. Last year she'd been excited about the new year too…and it hadn't gone at all like she'd planned. This year would be different, she knew, but she couldn't help the slight twinge of anxiety she felt. Karofsky had stopped bullying the Glee Club, but there were always more people prepared to take his place. Putting a clean set of clothes in her bag this morning, Rachel had sent up a silent prayer that this would be the year she wouldn't need them. She'd be fine with never having another slushie facial. More than fine. She knew her Glee Club friends felt the same.

Walking past the boy's bathroom, Rachel heard sounds of a struggle. Pausing, she closed her eyes. Had it already started? Walking closer to the bathroom door, she put her ear against it, trying to figure out what was going on. She couldn't understand everything the low voices were saying, but the words "lesbian" and "bitch" were clear. Before she thought about what she was doing, Rachel opened the door and ran into the bathroom.

Two large football players had Santana pushed against the wall. Tears streamed down the girls face and there was blood in the corner of her mouth. Rachel gasped. The larger football player looked back and her and yelled, "Grab her!"

"What are you doing?" Rachel screamed before the other boy got to her and covered her mouth with his hand. Fighting him, Rachel broke free and took a deep breath to scream again. Before she could, his large fist connected with the side of her face, causing her to drop to her knees and pass out for a brief moment.

"No!" Santana screamed, pulling away from the bigger bully and knocking over the boy that had hit Rachel.

"Run, Santana," Rachel told her, still dazed. "Get Finn."

Santana ran out of the room. "Get that bitch," the bigger bully told his friend, grabbing Rachel's hair and jerking her up. "I've got this one." The other boy ran out of the bathroom after Santana.

When Rachel was standing, she spit in the boys face. At any other time she would have been horrified by such an act, but she didn't even realize she was going to do it. The boy backhanded her, pushing her against the wall. Pain shot through Rachel's head and her knees went out. The boy held her up, not letting her fall. "Think you're brave, huh?" he said lowly. "I know who you are. You're Hudson's bitch."

Rachel shook her head to clear it, her eyes finding the bully's. "You're dead," she told him.

"I don't think so," the boy told her. Rachel heard an odd sound and then felt the cool edge of a blade against her neck. "Here's what I see happening," he said conversationally. "My buddy Zeke is going to bring that carpet munching bitch back here and he and I are going to have a good time showing her the error of her ways." He licked Rachel's face, causing her to shudder. "Or maybe I'll leave her to him and I'll spend my time showing you what a real man would feel like between your legs. You'd like that, wouldn't you?" Rachel closed her eyes. He pulled her head away from the wall, and then slammed it back into it. Rachel cried out and opened her eyes. "Look at me, bitch. You'd like to feel a real man between your legs, wouldn't you?"

Rachel shook her head and moaned. "Leave me alone," she told him, unable to stop a sob from escaping. She wanted Finn. She wanted Finn to come into the bathroom and save her, hold her, make her forget any of this had ever happened. She felt the boy's hands move roughly between her legs and she moaned, bile rising in her throat.

"And the best part is," he was saying, "if you say anything, I'll hurt your boyfriend. Hudson wouldn't be much of a quarterback if a knife found its way into his shoulder, would he?"

Rachel shook her head. "Don't you touch him," she told the boy, hating the way her voice shook. "Don't you ever touch him."

The boy bit Rachel's neck, his hand moving under her panties. "You high school girls are so easy," he told her. "Threaten the person you care about and you're willing to do anything."

"Stop," Rachel said, sobbing. "Stop."

The boys tongue plunged into her mouth as he roughly shoved his finger inside her. Rachel pushed at him frantically, but he was so large her efforts had no effect. "So tight," the boys said, rubbing himself against her. "So sweet. Does Hudson know how sweet his little Berry is?"

Rachel closed her eyes, thinking of Finn. She would just think of Finn. Not what was going on, not the pain this boy was inflicting on her, just Finn. She felt the buttons rip off of her shirt but kept her eyes closed. When the boy bit down on her breast she cried out, but didn't open her eyes. "When I'm through with you, you'll leave school and go home to get cleaned up," he told her. "Maybe I'll sit with you and Hudson at lunch. Would you like that? I bet you'd like that."

Rachel felt tears escaping from her closed eyelids but couldn't stop them. How could this be happening? She couldn't let this happen. Bringing her leg up, she felt it connect with his crotch. While he doubled over, she ran for the door. She thought she'd made it when his hand caught her hair, pulling her back. She fell on the floor, her head hitting it so hard she literally saw stars.

"I don't think Zeke is going to make it back," the boy said. He walked over to the door and turned the lock. "May as well make sure no one else bursts in."

Rachel cried harder as he walked back towards her.

In the hallway, Santana ran as fast as she could but Zeke caught up with her. Knocking her to the ground, he rolled her over and hit her. "Don't make a sound, bitch," he told her. "You're coming with me."

Santana's head rolled to the side, consciousness slipping away from her. The last thing she saw before she passed out was Finn and Puck running towards her.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Puck yelled, tackling Zeke. Finn kicked the other guy when he was on the ground, then ran to Santana. Puck's fist hit the other boys face repeatedly as Finn kneeled beside the unconscious girl.

"Santana," Finn said. "Santana, wake up." He noticed the bruises and bite marks on Santana's face and neck and felt sick. He looked over at Puck and saw that though the other boy was unconscious, Puck hadn't stopped hitting him. "Puck," he said, rushing over to his friend and pulling him back. "Puck, stop, he's out."

Puck swung wildly at Finn, then realized what he was doing. Looking over at Santana, he said, "Is she okay?"

"I don't know, man, she's out too."

The boys knelt next to the girl, trying to rouse her. When Mike and some of their other teammates came around the corner, Finn said, "Go get Coach Beiste!" Nodding, the boys ran back the way they came.

Santana's head rolled up slightly and her eyelids fluttered open. "Finn?"

"Yeah," he said. "You're going to be okay, Santana. Coach Beiste is on her way."

Puck held her hand and she squeezed it. "Rachel," she said, feeling the darkness creeping in on her again.

"She's not here yet," Finn told the other girl.

"He's got…Rachel," Santana said as the darkness took over again.

Finn felt the blood drain from his face. He stared at the unconscious girl as his heart stopped beating. "What?" he said. Shaking Santana's shoulder, he said again, "What?"

"Dude, let her go," Puck said, pulling Finn up.

"Rachel," Finn said desperately, looking at Puck. His friend looked sick. "We have to find her."

Puck nodded. "Stay with her," he told a girl who'd walked up. The girl nodded, sitting beside Santana. They began running down the hallway, Finn screaming Rachel's name. The students that were at school stood in the halls and watched, confused and frightened.

Rachel lay on the floor, arms pinned above her head as her attacker roughly squeezed her breasts. She stared at the wall, no longer crying out every time he bit or pinched her. Her tears had stopped as well. Some part of her realized that she was in shock. The boy rose, slapping her hard across the face. "Wake up, bitch," he told her. When that didn't work, he grabbed her chin with his fingers, forcing her to look at him. "I knew you would want it, baby," he told her. "You smell so good." He ran his tongue over her nipple to her jaw. He ripped away her panties, settling himself between her legs.

Unbuckling his pants, he paused, listening. "Fuck," he said, furious. He could hear Finn and Puck calling for Rachel. He looked around the bathroom, trying to figure out how he could get out. There wasn't any other way but the door. He maybe had time to get out of the bathroom before the other guys got down this far. He'd have to stop what he was doing, though, and he didn't want to. He wanted this bitch to scream. Stupid cunts, coming to school in short skirts and tight shirts, teasing him and then acting surprised when he grabbed their asses. This bitch was worse than most. She acted so innocent and sweet, but he knew she wanted to fuck. She wasn't fighting him, was she?

"Do you hear Hudson screaming for you?" he asked her. "I bet he doesn't know you're lying in the floor begging for some of my dick, does he?" He rubbed against her and she didn't move. "Rachel! Rachel!" he mocked quietly. "He hasn't been inside of you yet, has he, Berry?" He chuckled quietly. "Won't it break his heart to know that you gave it up to me first?" He kissed her. "Every time you're together he'll know that I was there first. I was inside you; I made you moan and scream." He released her hands and rose so that he could finish unbuckling his pants.

Finn and Puck ran through the hallways, opening doors and checking room. Coming up to the boy's bathroom, Finn pushed it but it wouldn't open. Pushing again, he realized it was locked. Pounding on the door, he screamed, "Rachel! Rachel, are you in there?" he didn't wait for an answer, using his shoulder as a ram to break the door. "Rachel!" Puck joined him.

Hearing Finn's voice, Rachel blinked. The bully was moving down on top of her. "No!" she screamed, kicking at him and moving backwards. "No!"

Finn heard Rachel screaming and almost fell down. Throwing himself harder against the door, he heard it begin to crack. Again and again he and Puck hit it, until finally it broke open. Finn ran into the bathroom, watching as a large boy hit Rachel in the face. A ringing started in his ears as he ran for the boy, knocking him over.

Quinn, having heard the commotion, had followed Puck and Finn. Seeing Rachel on the floor, bruised and bloody and exposed, she quickly turned towards Brittany. "Don't let any other kids in here," she told the girl, then ran to Rachel. "Rachel?" she said, kneeling beside the girl. "Oh God, Rachel." She took off her over shirt and laid it across Rachel's lap, pulling Rachel's shirt together as much as she could. Taking the girls hand, she looked in her eyes. "It's going to be okay, okay? Everything is going to be fine." She hoped the tears streaming down her face didn't belie her conviction in her words. She looked over to where Puck was trying to pull Finn back. Quinn barely recognized Rachel's attacker as Finn was pulled away from him. "Finn," Quinn said quietly.

Leaving the boy on the floor, Finn crawled to his girlfriend, gathering her in his arms and rocking her, whispering soothing words to her. Puck dragged the other boy, John, out of the bathroom. As he passed, he looked at Quinn and she saw the pain in his eyes.

Ms. Pillsbury and Mr. Schue ran into the bathroom, Ms. Pillsbury turning and putting her hand on Will's chest to stop him after seeing Rachel's condition. "I think you should wait outside, Will," she told him softly. "Or go try to find a blanket." Stricken, Will nodded.

"An ambulance is on the way," Emma told them. "Santana is still unconscious. Coach Beiste thinks she may have a concussion." Quinn nodded, but Finn didn't acknowledge that he'd heard her. He began singing, his voice thick with tears. Rachel hadn't moved, keeping her eyes closed. Emma was certain the poor girl was in shock.

They sat together, in the floor of the bathroom, until the paramedics came to get Rachel. Wrapping the blanket Will had brought around her, Finn looked up at the paramedic. "Can I carry her out?" he asked, his voice hoarse. "Can I just carry her?"

The paramedic cleared his throat and looked at the two women in the room. "We need to put a neck brace on her," he told them. Emma's eyes pleaded with him. "You can carry her to the ambulance," the man told Finn, looking back at him.

Finn nodded, standing with Rachel in his arms. Quinn tucked the blanket around Rachel tightly and followed behind Finn as he slowly walked towards the door. Will was waiting outside the door, where a small crowd had gathered. He'd tried to push them back, but they wouldn't move. "Her fathers will meet you at the hospital," Will told Finn. Finn nodded.

The other Glee Club kids were standing behind him, horrified looks on their faces. The hall was completely silent except for Finn's hushed words to Rachel. Finn kept his head low, his lips near Rachel's ear as he told her she was going to be okay; that he was there and everything was all right. Tears ran unchecked down his face as he walked to the ambulance, letting Rachel go long enough for them to put her on a stretcher and then climbing into the back with her, holding her hand.

Watching the ambulance leave, Quinn dissolved into tears, turning into Ms. Pillsbury's arms. Though she rubbed Quinn's back and told her that Rachel and Santana were going to be okay, she couldn't stop herself from crying along with the girl.

The Glee Clubbers came out to stand with Quinn, Will and Ms. Pillsbury. "I'm going to the hospital," Kurt told them. Blaine held his hand and nodded.

"We should all go," Mercedes said.

Principal Figgins walked up to Will. "The police have taken the attackers into custody," he told Will gravely. "I am cancelling school for today. I need to meet with all teachers as soon as possible. I realize that you and Ms. Pillsbury will probably go to the hospital, but as soon as you can I'd like you back here for the meeting. We'll postpone it until you can return." He shook his head. "This is a terrible thing, Will. A terrible, terrible thing."

Will nodded. "We'll be back as soon as we can be," he told Figgins.

"I'll go make the announcements," Figgins told him. "Please tell the girls parents that I will visit the hospital myself as soon as possible and how truly sorry we are that such a thing occurred in our school."

"I'll tell them," Will told the man. Figgins nodded, looking pained, and turned back towards the school.