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Down and Out by Tantric

Just when you think that you're down and out

Don't preconceive what I'm all about

Look for a reason that you have to start

Acting like a friend that you were not

Canada seizure right before my eyes, "Oh, no, no, no!" I whispered as she collapsed to the rocky ground. "Crap!" I shouted, "Why don't I have my phone!" I shrieked as I began to panic. I couldn't possibly be able to carry both of them out of here, not when Tony is unable to function.

"Elizabeth, a miracle would be extremely appreciated about now!" I hissed as I walked over to Canada's convulsing body. "Please don't bite off your tongue!" I whispered as I struggled to pull her away from the body of water.

I let out a deep breath before rushing back to Tony and patted him of the face, "Brother…" I whispered softly, his skin was turning blue and his teeth chattered. "Please, I need you to be awake for this…" I began to cry again as I patted harder against his clammy skin.

Tony stirred and his baby-blues looked up at me, "Leo…" He coughed.

"Hey booger!" I sniffed, "I need you to stay awake for a little, okay?" I begged.

"It's cold, Leo" Tony chattered with a croaked voiced. "I know." I sobbed, pulling him into my arms and made my way back to the pool of water, "I need you to take a deep breath, okay?"

I felt him lethargically nod his head, "I'll count to three and then we will take a deep breath, okay?" "I stepped into the water, "One" I whispered and walked in deeper, knee high. "Two" I said, my voice quivering, the water being waist high.

"Three!" I whimpered waiting for Tony to take his deep breath. He did. I quickly dived into the water and followed the narrow tunnel back up. When we broke the surface I pulled Tony out of the water and on to the dry ground.

"Wait here, Tony…okay?" I told him. Tony's soft crystal blue eyes opened and looked at me confused. "I'll be right back" I assured him before crawling back into the pool and made my way back to the other end of the cavern.

When I broke the surface again I looked towards Canada.

She was gone.

It wasn't possible for her to follow me through the tunnel…I had turned right back around to come get her!

"Why can't I have a normal life?" I grumbled through shattering teeth. I kicked the water around mumbling obscenities out of annoyance. Suddenly, I was underwater being attacked from behind. I clawed at my attacker, trying to force my head to the surface.

I could not breathe. I could feel the oceanic water make its way into my nose and mouth.

'I'm going to die…' I thought, as Canada's clammy hand wrapped around my face. I bit down on her fleshy palm. I felt her kick back off of me as I shot up out of the water, gasping for air.

I splashed around in the water looking for Canada. She came at me again with haunting, angry hazel eyes. "Canada, stop!" I shrieked as I braced for her impact.

'Was this girl dropped on her head as a child?' I thought bitterly as I slammed into the water. This was getting extremely ridiculous. We wrestled in the water for a few, then I kicked off and dived back down the under water tunnel.

Canada grabbed my ankle mid way through the tunnel, slamming me against the sharp rocks of the tunnel. I propelled myself forward by grabbing the rocks. I could feel the pumping of adrenaline pulsing through my veins and I broke the surface and swam to Tony.

I didn't bother looking back as I grabbed Tony's body and headed to the way to escape this dreadful stalagmite. I couldn't feel pain anymore. I couldn't feel the numbness that I knew my body was suffering under. I felt invincible.

I knew I had to get Tony out of here and quickly. I just knew Tony was getting sicker and sicker the longer we stayed in this cave. I had to get him out, now.

I had laid Tony on my back as I crawled back through the labyrinth. I just couldn't give up. I can't give up. Not for Tony. Never for Tony. The only thing on my mind was getting him out of here alive.

My body's pain started to come back but I kept moving. Tony is still young. He can't die yet.

I could feel the exhaustion attacking at my body.

I suddenly do not care about anyone else but Tony. I do not care about my family or even the love of my life.

Tony is the only thing that matters. And I refuse to let him die in the cold cavern.

I wasn't even aware that I had even made it to the opening of the cavern. I kept moving until I could get Tony away from the lapping waters of the sea.

I didn't have enough energy to pull myself up as well. I felt the water pull at my legs; bring me closer to the warming water. I didn't feel scared anymore, I felt calm. I felt like I was floating. I wasn't in any danger anymore.

"It's about time you showed up."

I was staring right into the beautiful pale face of Elizabeth McAhston. I stared dumb struck at her ruby-red lips, gorgeous blue eyes, clear-pale skin, and a simply stunning light green Victorian dress.

She smirked at me, "What? Bat got your tongue?"

"Uhm…"I hummed out with my mouth gaping, "Where am I?"

We were standing in a completely white open area with nothing surrounding us for miles and miles. It was almost too painful to look around.

"We are wherever you want to be, my dear!" She grinned a fangy grin, "Although, I thought you would have more imagination than this."

"Pardon?" I questioned her as I began looking around.

"Think of this as limbo, the plateau between worlds." She explained, "This divides the living world with that of the spiritual one."

"So…heaven?" I questioned.

"Not quite. Christians aren't even close!" She cackled, "It's like living in the living world but we are all dead. We still live under rules and limitations. We have a leader. We just don't have worldly needs such as eating or sleeping."

"Oh…" I stared at her, "Why am I here? How did I even get here?"

"You came willingly." She smiled, "But there is one exception for you."

"An exception?" I felt my head swell and my eyes blur as the white landscaped distorted into a beach with a boat docked at a pier.

"Yes." She hummed, smiling at the boat.

"Am I dead?" I whispered.

"Possibly." She began walking towards the boat.

"What do you mean? You are either dead or living!" I yelled as I trailed after her.

She giggled, "I thought meeting Gregory changed that whole theory."

"Greg…or…y?" I felt like I should know that name but I couldn't remember anything, "Who is that?"

Elizabeth smiled as she walked on the wooden pier, "You'll remember soon enough. You aren't dead, but you are dying."

Elizabeth turned and looked at me, "Regardless of that, if you get on this ship you will go anywhere your heart desires."

I looked at the boat that was filled with stranger's faces.

"Who are they?" I asked never taking my eyes off of the smiling faces.

"Generations of Sackville-baggs, my dear! Oh! Von!" Elizabeth cried, waving to a blonde haired man.

"Von…why does that sound familiar…" I looked at her.

"You know why." She said shortly.

"What if I don't want to leave on the ship." I continued to stare.

"Then you shall return."

"Return where?" I asked as a bell began to ring.

"It's time to go!" Elizabeth smiled and began running towards the ramp.

"Wait!" I cried and chased after her, "Where am I going?"

"Back!" She cried as she embraced Von.

I could feel the landscape swirling around me as the bell from the ship kept going off. I began floating with a burning sensation filling my lungs. Everything began to fill into black and began to get very heavy.

Beep…Beep… Beep… Beep... Beep... Beep.

"She's waking up!"

"She's awake!"

"Oh thank heavens!"

"Darling, look!"

"Everyone be queit!"


My eyes felt like someone had tied twenty-pound weights to each eyelash as I struggled to open my eyes. At first, I could only see blurs of figures surrounding me. Once my vision cleared up, my head felt like it was going to implode while my lungs felt like someone had poured gasoline down my throat and lit them on fire.

"Leonora?" A blonde woman whispered as she grasped my hand. Who was she…I know her. I know that I know her.

"Mom?" My voice felt dry and rough.

"Oh sweetheart!" She cried as she gripped my hang tighter.

I looked around the room and recognized my dad, "Where is Tony?" I asked, "How did I get here?"

"Oh sweetheart…"My mom whispered, "He's in the next room over."

"Why am I here?" I snapped, "Why is Tony in the here?"

Everyone looked at each other, "You don't remember, darling?" A woman with long beautiful red hair touched my leg.

"Who are you?" I snapped, pulling my leg back. Everyone gasped in shock, "Why are you guys here? I don't even know you."

"Leonora?" A low-bass voice came from next to me. He reached out to grab my hand, "Who are you?" I snapped and pulled my hand away before he could touch it. Pain filled his eyes as he stared back at me before storming out of the room.

"Gregory!" The red head women called after him before running to catch him.

'Why does that name sound familiar?' I thought.

"Oh, no…Leonora…" My mom started to cry, "oh, no!"

"Why am I here?" I yelled as I began to struggle to get out of bed, "Why am I here?" I yelled louder.

"Leonora, stop!" Dad yelled at me and tried to push me back into bed, "You can't leave yet."

"Why am I here!" I screamed at the top of my lungs and fought against my dad, "Where is Tony!?"

"Dottie, get the nurses!" Dad yelled as he struggled against me.

"I want to see Tony!" I shouted and kept fighting. I didn't even see my mom leave the room. I saw a swarm of nurses and a doctor circle in and hold me down as I kept fighting, ignoring their pleas for me to stop.

Then it went dark.

Well, what were you guys expecting?