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The Land of Ooo does not exist. I thought you would like to know at this point. Finn Lancaster has been in a coma for 5 years. What caused it was a car accident at age 11. Now he is 16 and still stuck at Finnegan's Hospital. While Finn is in his coma he lives in an imaginary place called Ooo with his friend Jake the Dog. Jake in real life is a pit-bull he got when he was 5. He also fights the imaginary Ice King. Doctors all have no clue why he's been in his coma for so long, but Dr. Harden has an idea and this is where our story starts.

Mrs. Lancaster had a worried look on her face, "Do you think this will work?" she asked. Dr. Harden revealed the syringe, "It will work or either kill him." She started to cry. Mr. Lancaster wrapped his arms around his wife, "Whatever will work. Just do it doc." Dr. Harden nodded then proceeded into Finn's room. Time to come back Finn he thought. He picked up Finn's arm and jabbed the needle into his left triceps. Then he waited for about five minutes when Mrs. Lancaster burst into the room. She looked at the still motionless Finn, "Is he dead." Dr. Harden sighed, "No, but he's not awake either. Maybe it had no effect on him at all. I'm very sorry." She started cry as Mr. Lancaster came into the room. He looked at Finn then at the doctor, "Thanks for all your help." Then they left. Dr. Harden stared at Finn then left the room, feeling a little disappointed.

Finn lurched forward to see himself in a white, blank room. There were wires hooked up to him. "Where am I?" he said aloud. He unhooked himself and got up. "This must be the Ice King's trap. Hey, where's Jake?" He looked around then wandered into the bathroom. He looked into the mirror, "Where's my hat?" He checked himself out. He looked different then he remembered. He was taller, more muscular. He still had the same blonde hair and blue eyes as he remembered just more…real. He walked out of the bathroom and into the hallway.

Mr. Harden walked passed him, "Hello Finn." then he stopped, "Finn? Finn!" He turned and gave him a hug. "Whoa! Who are you?" asked Finn, pushing him off. "I'm Dr. Harden. Finn, you've been in a coma for 5 years, did you know that." All of a sudden Finn's world started to spin. He remembered the crash, the impact, the pain. He remembered his younger sister, Ashley. She was only 8 years old. She loved the color pink and bubblegum. Princess Bubblegum he'd call her. Princess Bubblegum? "I need to sit down." He murmured.

Dr. Haden helped him to a chair. "I'm going to get your parents. Stay here." He walked off. Finn put his head in his hands. This was all too much for him. One moment he was battling the Ice King the next he's waking up from a 5 year coma. The Land of Ooo seemed so real to him, for him it was reality. But now to find out it was just a dream? It was ground breaking news to him. And he has parents? Parents didn't exist in Ooo. And how old is he? In Ooo he was still the 11 year old he remembered. A nurse walked past him, "Excuse me?" she turned to him. "Yes?" He looked down, "Exactly, how old am I?" She looked at her clipboard, "You're Finn Lancaster, correct?" He nodded, "I guess so." "Well in a week you'll be 16." "Thank you." She walked off. 16 years old in one week. All the things he missed…

"Finn!" his mother ran to him and gave him a giant hug, "Oh Finn, pumpkin, I missed you so much! I never thought this day would come!" When she released him he got a good look at her, same blonde hair blue eyes as him. She looked older than he remembered. She had a couple of wrinkles but she still had the same dimples as he remembered. When Ashley would play around out back his mother would laugh and smile all the time. Next was his father. He still had brown hair and brown eyes as usual. But instead of the expected handshake he hugged him. "I missed you." He whispered. Once they chatted a bit Finn brought up the question, "Where's Ashley?"

Both of his parents got an empty look on their faces. They looked at each other. Then his mom spoke up, "Honey don't you remember? Ashley died."

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