This is set in the episode from the anime where Yuki and then Yume, and finally, the Chief, get sick.

This is done from Kana's POV.

Japanese words used:

*Ano – means 'um', really. Kana uses it a lot.

*Hai – simply means 'yes', at least in this instance.

Dislaimer: I don't own Kanamemo.

I slid the door open, and something immediately brushed up against my leg. I almost screamed, but I glanced down and realized it was Bunta.

What was Bunta doing in the Chief's room? I wondered.

Brushing it off, I tiptoed into the room.

Spotting Saki sleeping under the covers, I crossed the room to where she was.

Very, very, very slowly lifting the covers, I began to slide in.

I thought back to what Hinata said. "Don't you feel somewhat relieved if something warm and fuzzy is with you when you're sick?"

Once carefully under, I lay back on the pillow Saki was using, gently settled down, and prepared to sleep.

I felt a hand grab my wrist. "What are you doing?"

It was Saki.

"Ano…ano…" I stuttered. "Hinata said that when you're sick, you feel better if something warm and fuzzy is with you….and, ano, I'm not fuzzy, but I'm warm and…ano…"

"I think Hinata was talking about Bunta, who she just let in a while ago," Saki told me monotonously.

"Oh, uh…ano…then, I'll just leave then," I said, lifting the covers slightly.

Saki's hand (that was still holding my wrist) tightened. "It's fine, just stay here. I was cold, anyways."

"Oh, okay." I lay back down, relaxing.

I paused, before asking, "Do you want me to get rid of your ice pillow, if you're cold then?"

"No," came Saki's reply.

"Should I get more ice to put in it?"


"Do you want me to bring Bunta back in?"


"Ano…do you—"



"Go to sleep," Saki said.

"Oh…okay." I was blushing slightly.

Taking a risk, I continued. "Ano…thank you." I leaned over and gave Saki a kiss on her cheek.

Even in the dark room, I could tell Saki was turning red.

It wasn't from her fever.