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(Annabeths point of view)

''Annabeth, will you marry me?"
All I could do was stare at him. I wanted to shout yes but I was breathless so I just bombarded him with kisses so I could show him that I ment-
"YES! Of course yes!" I said without knowing. 'Huh?' I thought.
"Well well somebodys happy" He teased. "Come on lets get back to your cabin I have a suprise for you."
"Oh goodies is it candy?" He said pretending to be gay I could'nt help but laugh.

(Percys point of vi- aww screw it Percys P.O.V there)

She laughed and then snorted. I just burst into laughter. Annabeth snorting is the most funniest thing ive ever heard.
"Well there is something you can eat..." She wispered seducively in my ear. Okay. That gave me a boner. I then mist-traveled us to my cabin. As soon as we got there she tackled me onto the bed.
"Fistey eh?" I said.
"Suck" She ordered. I like this role play stuff. "I said suck!" She ordered again and shoved her breasts in my face. I did as I was told.
But what I didn't notice was while I was doing that she was tying my hands to the backboard of the bed. I just kept sucking and nibbling on her breasts while she moaned and tied my hands to the metal frame. Thats when I noticed it.
"Annabeth what the fuck?"
"Shhhhh..." She wisper-talked while pulling down my pants. When she took off my pants and boxers she looked at my rock hard 8''
cock with wide eyes.
"Like what you see?" I said teasingly "Then she took it in her mouth. Slowly inch by inch.
"Annabethhhh arauhhh..."
By the time she reached the bottom I had ripped the bonds open and pinned her down.
"Ohhh your gonna get punished so bad." I wispered in her ear.

(Annabeths P.O.V)

Well I thought he was gonna fuck me but then he turned me so I was on my belly and then he stuck his dick up my asshole.
"Holy shit!" I screamed in pleasure.
He started to pump faster and faster and a just moaned and moaned. Finally I reached my brink and cummed all over his dick.
Soon after he cummed in my ass.
"Wow" I said "I Love you Annabeth"
"I love you too Percy"

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