He glances at the window next to him. He watched the neighborhood children running around playing each other.

Their laughter mocked him.

He slammed a hand on the window, furiously cursing at himself for the unprepared pain, before sinking to the floor and burying his head in his hands.

Why him?

He was an unlucky kid, without a childhood or a past. All he had was a broken heart. He had given up wishing, or even dreaming, because he realized, that no matter how hard he tried, dreams came crumbling down, and wishes never came true.

He didn't even have parents. He couldn't even remember them, let alone miss them. After all, you can't miss what you don't know.

His sister? Blue barely even noticed him. He didn't mind, but sometimes wished that she was around so he could share his losses with her. She had found her parents not long ago, and he was happy for her, but felt a tad jealous, because it was him who ended up with a psycho super villain, when she ended up with nice, normal parents.

Despite his father's evil doings, he still loved his dad. Blood is thicker than water, Green once said. Even if his father was crazy, he still appreciated him. Because Giovanni was his only relative, which was better than having none.

He had friends, from the annoying Gold to the friendly Crystal. They always seem to make him feel welcome, and always arranged for gatherings together. He hardly attended, because he knew they were doing it out of pity, not friendship.

Even in battles, he was always cast aside. Yellow, who had seemed so intent on saving him back then when he was being captured, had switched her intentions to Red, who already seemed capable of saving himself.

His juniors looked up to him, always quietly watching his battles with his seniors, or watching him train his pokemon. But he knew there was no respect in their eyes, he knew they were mocking him, and he barely spoke to them, not even when they invited him for battles.

Blue claimed he should stop thinking so negatively, and start trusting other people. He said his life was already shadowed, and pretty much screwed.

He had always grimaced at her comments, barely paying attention, but deep inside, he knew she was right.

He did have friends. Even when Gold annoyed him, he knew that the latter was doing it to make him "lighten up". Crystal always welcomed him to Elm's lab, and always tried to persuade him to come along when she went on research, or gathering new pokemon.

Even his dad had done something, to win his attention. Giovanni had shut down Team Rocket, for his own son. He couldn't help feeling a small smudge of pride as he announced the fact to his fellow friends.

After spending time with his juniors (a little reluctantly), he found that they were not as irritating as he thought, but almost easy to get along (except for the time Emerald threw a book in his face).

It was then that he finally realized that, perhaps he wasn't so unlucky at all.

"Yo! Emo-Boy! Are you in there?"

He grimaced, before picking up a few of his precious Pokemon's pokeballs. But he still couldn't wipe the smile off his face as he remembered what his senior had said.

Reminiscing could wait. He had a face to punch.

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