Harry Potter & Fred Weasley & George Weasley

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Fred Just woke up to see his mates curled smiled as he remembered what happen last nite.(*wink wink* sorry i just had to do that).One of them was his twin brother George who was on the left side of his other mate who happened to be Harry Potter the Boy who lived.'They look so hot curled together like that' fred thought as he ran his fingers though george's hair trying to wake him up." wake up love.""what" george goaned but, didn't move because of sat up for 5 minutes before harry started to look up at them "Hello sweetheart" the twins said at the same time"hey"."Come on up you get" Molly weasley said as she came into their room to see a bunch of candy wrappers on the ground."what did you guys do last nite"She asked" we ate a lot of candy nothing else" george said. Molly pulled off the covers to see three teens in sleep pants with no shirts."IT'S COOLLDD" harry said moving closer to fred for warmth.


{for the people who thought they had sex then your Wrong}(HAHAHAHAHAHA I'M EVIL)